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Annual Kusudama Ornament

Kusadama collection

Happy New Year! Matt and I sat down and made our annual kusudama Christmas ornament this weekend, just in time to pack away all the decorations. Actually, we made two because last year we never got one done. We have quite the collection now. I’m so glad that Matt enjoys making them as well.

In 2008 we started an annual tradition of making one of these #kusadama ornaments. Last year was the first year we didn't do one, so we made two this year to catch up. This one was made from a mylar coated wrapping paper which made it difficult to assembl

We made this mylar coated wrapping paper one. It made folding and creasing the paper a chore, but it looks very pretty on the tree.

And then here is the make-up #kusadama from last year. I don't know why it never occurred to me before, but I cut down an old 365 Met art calendar to make this one. It's especially fitting this year as my friend Fred that passed away a few months ago alwa

And this one is my new favorite. After piling up years and years of the 365 Metropolitan Museum of Art calendars, I had the idea to cut down some pages to make an ornament. It was actually perfect, because my coworker/friend Fred would always get this calendar for us. Every single day, the first thing he’d do is come and look at the new piece of artwork and then go look it up on google. He passed away a couple of months ago, and I wish I had thought to make him an ornament from a calendar years ago.

Below are the previous years’ ornaments.

Our annual #kusudama ornament. We've made one every year, starting in 2008. Our first one was an oops and ended up being about 10" in diameter, too big and heavy for the tree. #robayrekusudama

2011 ornament

Kusadama from 2012 (but made in 2013)

2010 kusudama ornament

2009 Kusudama ornament

kusadama recycled ornament

Just some facts about the ornaments if you are interested in making one for yourself:

Paper squares (64 pieces) should be no bigger than 3″ square for a resulting 4.5″ ornament. Trust me, our first “ornament” is about 12 inches in diameter! Next year if I remember, I’m going to try 2-2.5″ sized paper, but I’m not holding my breath, as I accidentally cut 4″ on one ornament again this year.

The instructions (if I remember correctly) say to use glue. There is no way you’d ever get this done if you were waiting for each piece of paper to glue together. The first year or two we used an adhesive tape, but that started acting funky over the years, so we have switched to glue gun and it speeds up the whole process and the pieces hold together SOLIDLY!

We follow this 2 step tutorial each year.



Project Life

Let me just preface this by saying I am not, nor am I bound to become a Project Lifer anytime soon. This is just the story of my one and only (so far) Project Life page.

When I first heard about and started seeing Project Life examples online I got REALLY EXCITED. I saw people using it in more of a creative art sense, rather than just regular photo album/scrapbooking style. I saw the divided panes as a opportunity to create quick and small individual compositions, and that it would make the act of filling pages much more loose and whimsical. I went crazy and bought all sorts of PL stuff and just as quickly realized it wasn’t at all like I had imagined. The small panes require pre thought out plans and ideas, printed photos have to be sized and printed ahead of time. I pretty much froze. I created two frames on the first 11 frame page. The end… for a while at least.

Fast forward to earlier this year. Kristi Prokopiak created a PDF “course” to raise funds for her dog Chloe’s surgery. The course is not for project life, but rather her own take on scrapbooking that she refers to as scrapling. Kristi has skillz and I could use some inspiration and instruction, plus I love animals and have enjoyed watching Chloe over the years, so I supported the cause.

It helped because I finally finished a whole page. I’m kind of embarrassed of it, but I have to remember it’s only my first page ever. It’s also kind of embarrassing because it is about our cat that we got last year. Yeah, I don’t want to be one of those types of people, but I do love cats and want to hug them all, soooooo….

Project Life Fionna

This picture is the better result after taking other pictures, and then deciding maybe I should google to see how other people do it properly. I still got reflective areas from the page divider, but this is still world’s better than my first pictures.

So, a breakdown of the page. I tried to be cohesive with colors and themes (stripes, chevron, sticks, washi tape, and my handlettering and colors black, gold and gray).

The top row: the first two boxes were what I started when I first attempted Project Life in 2013. I just added the washi tape element and the photograph of a stick across the top of the first box. The second box is the account of how we adopted her. The third picture is of her in the carrier when we were bringing her home.

The middle row: I cut out the letters of her name from gold paper in the final box (3rd row) and liked the discard paper from which I cut it enough to also incorporate it. It says “we thought Bishop had a tiny meow” because people would always comment on how his meow is so cute and tiny but Fionna’s is even smaller and higher pitched, it’s almost inaudible. In the center I used a gold gel pen to share some of her unique characteristics, or at least unique compared to Bishop.

The bottom row: When we first brought her home our biggest concern was how Bishop can be such a jerk. We kept them separate for a few days, only feeding them on opposite sides of the door. This way they had to be right next to each other while they ate. It worked perfectly. And then the final pictures and frames, by accident we discovered that she loves sticks, she plays fetch with them and runs around the house with them in her mouth. The stick theme is shown in 3 places.

Some of the pictures were printed on my desktop printer (HP Photosmart 8150 that I bought like 6 or more years ago) and others were printed from my Polaroid Pogo.  I thought the pogo would be a great option for printing pictures for Project Life, but as it turns out the Pogo does not connect to the iphone, which is what I take most of my pictures on nowadays. Plus, my pogo is funky now and printing with stripes, so annoying.

Canon Selphy

Through the facebook group for Kristi’s PDF course I found someone that wanted to sell their Canon Selphy. A compact printer that allows you to print from the iphone! Imagine that! And using an app, I can print multiple pictures on one 4×6, perfect for printing pictures for Project Life. Granted, I got this after I created this page and then I haven’t really done any more PL since, but I think it will help with being able to print quicker in the future.

In the future I’d really would like to play around more with just doing art type stuff, collage, patterns and colors, sketchbook and art journaling in the project life pages. But for now I have one page under my belt. I think I might be putting too much pressure on myself with Project Life whole page layouts and maybe what I need to do is actually experiment more with just focusing here and there on single panels  and not worrying about the whole. A whole page would become cohesive naturally because each panel would be done by me.

Embroidery Hoop Knick Knack Shelf

knick knack mantle

I finally installed my knick knack shelf over the mantel in a proper way.

Back story: Shortly after we moved into our house in 2011 I put these shelves up over the mantel but Matt did not like how they were all just leaning there. He said if I wanted them up I need to attach them properly and it took me a couple years to finally get that done. Since I want to regularly rotate out our mantel, so the decor never gets stale, I just used LOTS of 3M velcro strips.

knick knack mantle 2014

There are two shelves that are deeper than the type case shelves so they are sitting on the mantel. The shelf on the bottom left is by my friend Ann of a A Beautiful Party and I bought it at a show but I think she needs to make and sell these online, they are so wonderful. Because that shelf is painted a very pale aqua or teal and a different color than the rest of the wooden shelves, and because I had an empty spot on the top right I had the idea of making my very own little knick knack shelf.

I first saw this shelf by etsy seller Senkki and thought it would be great to make a small, round knick knack shelf but from an embroidery hoop, to balance out my own shelf wall. Easy Peasy.

Embroidery Hoop Knick Knack Shelf supplies

A quick craft store run later and I was on my way. I just picked up an wooden embroidery hoop, and then went to the wood craft section and picked out some balsa wood that was the same thickness as the hoop’s depth. I grabbed a pencil, an X-acto pen knife, a glue gun (you could use wood glue if you want and have more time), and a cutting board.

Embroidery Hoop Knick Knack Shelf

I just eyeballed where I’d like a shelf to go and marked it with a pencil. Since the balsa wood is so thin and soft I was able to just cut it with the pen knife, no power tools necessary! Dabbing a bit of hot glue on each end, I then put it into the hoop and let the glue cool while I worked on the next piece.

Embroidery Hoop Knick Knack Shelf

The whole thing took less than a half an hour.

embroidery hoop Knick Knack Shelf up

Also, since the wood is so light I was able to put it up with more 3m strips, tada! I think the next size larger embroidery hoop might look better, filling the space, so I might try that next. You may want to stain or paint your embroidery hoop shelf. I’d recommend doing that before beginning.

Other Crafty DIYs and Tutorials by Robayre

Annual Kusadama 2013 edition

Happy New Year!

Our annual #kusudama ornament. We've made one every year, starting in 2008. Our first one was an oops and ended up being about 10" in diameter, too big and heavy for the tree. #robayrekusudama

I wanted to drop in and share our new kusudama ornament we made for 2013, above. We used a black and white patterned origami paper I picked up from Michael’s. Below is 2012’s ornament that never got shared on the blog.

Kusadama from 2012 (but made in 2013)

We didn’t get around to making it in time for Christmas 2012, so we went with all red colors for Valentine’s day instead.

When we made the first one in 2008 I had a vision of having a tree decorated entirely with these, but then we realized how labor intensive it is, so we just made the one, but now we have 6! Only 4 of them are small enough to actually fit on the tree, but still, it is cool to see the collection grow each year. I love this holiday tradition.

  2010 kusudama ornament cropped
2009 Kusudama ornament  recycled ornament

You can click on each picture above to read that year’s post.

Just some facts about the ornaments if you are interested in making one for yourself:

Paper squres (64 pieces) should be no bigger than 3″ square for a resulting 4.5″ ornament. Trust me, our first “ornament” is about 12 inches in diameter!

The instructions (if I remember correctly) say to use glue. There is no way you’d ever get this done if you were waiting for each piece of paper to glue together. The first year or two we used an adhesive tape, but that started acting funky over the years, so we have switched to glue gun and it speeds up the whole process and the pieces hold together SOLIDLY!

We follow this 2 step tutorial each year.

2 Years on Instagram

A treasure house

Today I received Christmas cards I ordered.  It inspired me to put together this little collection in my shelf by the wonderfully talented Ann of A Beautiful Party. I don’t think I’ve ever shared this shelf before, but I LOVE it!  I added a few little holiday knick knacks to the shelf. The sewn felt covered stones on pedestal are by Stephanie Barnes, the yarn ball is actually my very first handspun yarn on my spinning wheel, and the party popper is also by Ann of A Beautiful Party. It has goodies inside, but it is too pretty for me to open up. The picture on the Christmas cards is the picture below.

It was an instagram from late last year. I thought it was my sister pulling my nephew, but the caption says it was me pulling Doc. Either way, behind my nephew is my brother pulling the Christmas tree we just cut down at Camelot tree farm. It’s a beautiful tree farm out in the countryside. After tramping through the snow and freezing your tootsies, you head into a little shed to pay and warm up while enjoying hot chocolate and cookies while sitting in old classroom chairs.

While putting together this post I realized that it’s been over TWO WHOLE YEARS that I’ve posted daily to my instagram account! I’m pretty proud of that. I’m also continually inspired by the things my instagram friends share, and the wonderful and supportive community that it is. Go Instagram, High Five!

Edit: Just wanted to ad that I’ve actually been on instagram since 2010, but only have been posting daily for 2 years.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! #pumpkin

Happy Halloween! We waited until last minute to carve pumpkins this year, 10 p.m. on the eve of Halloween. I put on Nightmare Before Christmas and cleaned, carved and collected seeds. Matt came to join me but then promptly fell asleep on the couch so I cut his open and cleaned it out, he’ll have to carve it tomorrow. Every year at this time I think how people could make some decent money selling already cleaned out pumpkins. I know I’d pay $20 to not have to do that myself. The above pumpkin was just a bitty one that we grew in our garden, my other pumpkin was probably 4 times the size.

This is Halloween, This is Halloween! 12 pumpkins in the tree. Thank you @mypapercrane for the idea. I plan on putting some of those LED tealights inside of each one on #halloween.

I got the above idea from Heidi Kenney and bought 12 of those $1 trick or treat pumpkins to decorate our front tree. I also bought LED tealights and plan on putting some in each pumpkin so they are lit up for the evening on Halloween. I will hopefully get a good picture of that later. It’s supposed to rain so I doubt we will have lots of trick or treaters, which is a real bummer after the lead up to the holiday. Earlier this week we watched Hocus Pocus and I’ve had our holiday decorations up all month and have been listening to my Monster Mash pandora playlist since mid September.

My DIY Skeleton zipper hoodie

At the Craft Extravaganza, I made this skeleton zipper hoodie. I’ve had the idea for some time that I would like a skeleton top and leggings. I think I looked around a little bit but never found the simple style I was looking for. Sometimes I would see great ones but they would only be in kid’s sizes. Finally I had the idea that I could just make a hoodie easy enough and bought a solid black one at Target in the men’s department. I did google image search of skeletons and drew up a simple sketch and just painted it on with white fabric paint. I love how it came out and I’ve worn it so many times already since then. I’ve received some compliments on it too. I imagine it will be an all year hoodie, not just Halloween. Leggings will be up next.

My siblings and I went to #jonamac #cornmaze. It's been a few years since we've done it. My fitbit says it was about 4,000 some steps. Also of note, this maze (the night time haunted version) was recently featured on #theOnion

A couple of weekends ago my sister, brother, SIL, nephew, niece and I did the corn maze at Jonamac Orchard. When just went during the day and it had been years since I’ve done it before. The orchard recently hit the big time when The Onion did a story on the haunted version of the maze, here.

Tuesday’s Fall Color was Red. I had the idea of turning real leaves into buttons and pairing it with a cableknit scarf I knit.

What goes better with fall leaves than cozy knits. #fallcolors2013 @poppytalk

Unfortunately, I realized that it’s already that time of year when I get home from work and there is no more natural light left. This weekend is time saving so that’s that. The picture turned out crap, the detail on the knit is great but the leaves are FLAT and might as well have been drawings, you see no detail in their vein work, or that the thread is actual real thread, making each leaf a REAL BUTTON. I was on a rampage with how angry I was about there being no more daylight, cursing out stupid bloggers (generally, not anyone specifically) that don’t have to work a day job and get to stay home and can take perfectly lit pictures all day long. Yeah, pretty much. I might want to get myself one of those happy lamps just for the safety of successful lifestyle bloggers with pretty pictures. It would be for light therapy, not for taking pictures with.

Day 3 for @poppytalk #fallcolors2013 #brown

Day 3, was Brown. Once again my plans for a fall outdoor picture squashed because I have to work for a living. (Yeah, I’m angry, dramatic, and venting, but really the whole no daylight thing REALLY angers me every year). I remembered the felt I’ve been cutting out for my “someday” halloween monster costume. I picked out the browns, added a few other accent color pieces and snapped this picture. It doesn’t capture the outdoor fall, but I think the wools do a good job with fall mood.

I hope you have a happy Halloween with more treats than tricks.

Gnome Mantel

7.3.13 mantle

Just popping in to share the current mantel. I’ve had it up for month and it’s about time for a change so I wanted to document it here before dis(mantel)-ing it (ha!)


This mantel has a gnome/woodland/terrarium theme. I have a lot of gnomes. A lot. One time when I lived on my own I was getting a mattress delivered and there were two delivery guys. It’s been a while, but the story goes something like this. They were obviously not just coworkers but friends as well. Guy A noticed a gnome statue in my apartment and said “Hey, you like gnomes?” and pointed it out and I said “yep”. He went on to explain to me that Guy B also like gnomes and Guy B agreed. Then Guy A saw my Gnome book and said “Hey, Guy B has that same book!” and at that point Guy B got a bit embarrassed. They kept maneuvering the mattress through the apartment and Guy started noticing more and more gnomes. “Wow, you REALLY like gnomes!” and I said “yep” and at that point I think Guy B got a little weirded out and didn’t want to be associated with this crazy gnome lady, and just wanted to get the heck out of my apartment.

halloween 2009

Yep, I take it to extremes. I’ve even dressed up as a gnome for several years at Halloween.

More mantel posts

DIY Enlarged Photobooth Strip Print

Images above (left to right) Martha Stewart, Design Editor, and A Beautiful Mess

Well, another thing for the home, but I promise this is more of a designy-crafty-DIY type of a thing than home renovations. I’ve been seeing these large Debbie Carlos prints around for years, online and at renegade. I learned that blowing up your own pictures really big can make for some great artwork from all my years watching early Trading Spaces. A year or so ago people started posting about how you can get your own images blown up, in black and white, cheaply at copy stores, by just asking for blueprint or engineering copies. Brilliant!

Then a little bit ago I saw this great pin about making a life size photobooth strip from Today’s Creative Blog. I think that tutorial just pieced together 12×12 prints to look like they were all one strip, but I thought “why not take it a step further and just blow up a real photo booth strip?” I called up a local copy store and they said the largest size they print is 4’x3′ for only $5. The print is like a very large xerox and the paper is pretty similar weight to a nice copy machine paper. 4’x3′ is much wider than just one strip so I figured why not do a few strips side by side.

Working on a fun project idea. Some of my #photobooth strips from over the years.
just a few of my photo chemical photobooth pictures strips

While looking through my strips I realized I liked some pictures from a lot of the different strips and decided to piece together some of my favorites of Matt and I from over the years. I scanned 3 photobooth strips to get the background right, and then scanned all my strips for the individual pictures I wanted to place over the existing pictures. They are all real photobooth pictures, just not from the same strips. You could easily just scan complete strips and have them printed as is.

3.28.13 photobooth prints

Once again, I’m not a home decor photographer, but COME ON! Look how I was able to get two adorable kitties in the shot AND both are looking at the camera! I may have missed my calling to be a pet photographer. It’s like a family portrait of sorts above. Matt and I in the print, and the cats below. I said “too bad I didn’t remove the laptop from next to the couch” and Matt said “well, that’s part of the family too!”

A few extra ideas I had while doing this project:

I scanned the photobooth strips in at resolution of 1200 so that when they were printed out that huge they would still look pretty crisp.

The print is just stuck to the wall using wall tacky, which I’m not crazy about for the long run. I doubt I’d just find any picture frame that large that is in range for a $5 print. I need to look online on sites like for some framing ideas.

Think about what else you could print large. What about a face, Chuck Close style?! You aren’t limited to enlarging photographs either. It would be really cool to scan an object (fern leaf, needlework, heirloom lace, seeds, sequins) or photograph a sentimental object (wedding rings, baseball, keys, handwriting) you have and then blow up those images really big to display in your home.

You could get an even bigger impact by dividing your image up into parts, getting each piece printed out on the largest size paper and then piecing all the prints together on the wall.

Many years ago I remember finding the site, and this project reminded me of that. I was glad to see the site is still up. Rasterbator allows you to upload a picture and then set the specifications (image dimension, as well as paper size) and the site will create a multi page PDF with your image blown up in half-tone. You can then print the pages from home and piece them together.

Last minute addition. I love this idea that MyCakies shared where she blew up a print of the Eiffel Tower and then let her children go to town painting it with watercolors. Instant Art!


I’m no decorator and this is no home decor blog

I’ll preface this blog post by saying I have a pet peeve when reading other people’s posts where they post a picture of something and then state “please disregard the mess”. Then, for the life of me, I’m looking at the picture and can’t see a single thing out of place or even a spec of dust. Those people will probably be repulsed by this post because, as the header states, I’m no home decorator and this is no home decor blog. I don’t have fancy wide angled lenses, professional lighting and a staged home. I have a (probably) decade old, used digital camera, minimal winter lighting and a very lived in home. So yeah, today I’m going to be one of those people… Please disregard the mess. Also, I just remembered about when I was renting and had no prospects of home buying it used to really annoy me when people would do these type of posts. I was reading their blogs for their craft or design or artwork, not junk about their house. I apologize to anyone that might feel like that, feel free to skip past this post and please return later to our (semi) regularly programmed material.

We bought our home in August 2011. I can’t believe it has been that long. We have been living here for over a year and a half and until recently have done very little to it, other then fresh coats of paint to a few of the rooms. Find best painting and design ideas at It takes me a long time to feel settled into a new place. I actually felt at home right away, but I’m realizing there is a difference between feeling at home and getting to the point where I feel like I can make adjustments to suit my own needs rather than just live with what I have. That being said, I’m still not even to the point where I feel like I can confidently drill holes in my own walls and hang things. 3M pull tabs, you’ve been a life saver!

In the last month or two we have made a few minor changes that have succeeded in making the house feel more and more like OURS. The before pictures are ones we took at the inspection or closing. I wish I had thought to take pictures right before we made these changes, so I didn’t have to use the closing pictures (all empty and well lit), but naturally, it wasn’t until each of the lights were down that I thought about it. Also, big props go out to Matt’s parents who helped us with each of these changes.

3.20.13 old dining room

The house originally had those brass and glass light fixtures, as seen above. I knew I wanted to put in lights of my own before we even settled on a house. I really had my heart set on the Ikea Maskros. It wasn’t until we bought the house and took a trip into Ikea that I saw them ALL.OVER.THE.STORE and immediately I got cold feet. I’m sure they knew they were a hot item and felt like they were trying to shove them down my throat. I didn’t want an item that would look super dated in 5 years and I started thinking that in 5 years that light would feel more like “oh yeah, I remember when those were super popular and everyone had one”. I still really love it, and props to those who have it, but I know myself and I wanted something I’d be keeping up for a longer time period.

So, this is finally happening.

I wasn’t sure what kind of light I wanted. I shopped online, in local hardware stores, and we checked out the habitat for humanity store, where we found a sea of our same style lights. Seems like everyone else wanted them out of their houses as well. One of the things I’ve tried to keep in mind for our house is “when in doubt go simple”. I have a tendency to get cluttered. I love collecting things and have tons of display type stuff. So when putting things in the house I’d rather go simple on the larger things while the other display items become the accents. This way everything isn’t overwhelming, cluttered, or competing for attention.

3.20.13 new dining room

I was tired of waiting for the just the right light to be placed in my arms. I hunted online and finally found the Crate and Barrel Large Finley pendant light in white. 1. Our walls are all painted bright white, despite what the pictures may look like. I liked that the Finley is also white, plain, and simple, and has a bottom, so that when you are sitting below it you can’t see up inside of it. 2. Picture disclaimer: Yeah, I know I said I’d like everything I put in the house to look SIMPLE, but this really only applies to things we buy new. Our house is currently such a mishmash of items. Pretty much everything is thrifted, handed down or picked up for free. Beggars can’t be choosers. The only things in this picture that don’t fit into that category are the two lights (the floor lamp, and the new pendant light) and the TV stand. The coffee table (which you can barely see), the couch, the other couch out of view, lazyboy, chairs, dining room table, and even the TV all fit into the first category of previously used items.

3.20.13 old foyer

One of the things I first loved about our house was that it had a foyer. My original idea for the space was that I wanted a bench, baskets for mail, mittens, etc., and a large mirror to check myself before heading out the door. We hunted and hunted for a bench before I just gave up and found a narrow table that worked just right. Sure enough, since then I’ve been seeing tons of foyer benches. We still have not hung a mirror (see above for fear of hanging things on the walls). Then, within the last couple of weeks we took down this brass and glass (complete with fake candlestick) light in the space and replaced it with the Ikea Knappa. Because it was hard to see how the displays were wired in the store and the packaging didn’t explain, we were a bit surprised to find that the light is actually just a plug light with hooks to hang it by. We ended up having to cut off the plug and strip the wires to have it hang like a true chandelier light.

3.20.13 new foyer
During my childhood we used to live in Perth and there it was quite easy removing dirt from Perth windows, as I used just to make a phone call to the best nearby agency to our place which was saswindowcleaning and they used to take care of all the work, but here as we stay a little out of the city, finding a good and trusted company like them is quite hard. I don’t think I previously really paid attention the light in this space. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t an eye sore either, maybe because it was high enough, out of sight out of mind. It wasn’t something that I was dying to change. What did that for me was one evening while walking down my street I happened to notice that I could see through my neighbor’s window transom, over their front door, and see their foyer light. I don’t even remember if it was anything special, but just that I realized If I could see theirs, then people could see ours that same way. We don’t really have front windows, but we do have this transom window. I thought it would be really cool if there was something interesting to see there. When hanging we took care to make sure that it was visible through that transom from outside. I am thrilled with the way it looks from the street and sidewalk. From the inside, the space doesn’t have too much going on, so I wasn’t worried about it looking too cluttered, by choosing a busy light. Also, it is something that might get boring soon, but for only $25 we can easily replace it with something different in a couple of years. Something also new, fun and interesting to look at.

3.20.13 old laundry

Definitely the most functional update are these shelves above the washer and dryer. There were some rickety shelves there when we bought the house but they were taken down when we were painting. For a Christmas present, Matt said he would get shelves and install them. Up until then I was frustrated, living with a laundry basket filled with soap, bleach, dryer balls, stain remover, tid bits from our pockets, what-have-you, and just moving that basket from top of the washer to top of the dryer to the floor and back again.

3.20.13 old laundry new

Now I have the shelves and I’m relieved that things in this space can finally be “put away”. Also, we don’t have a linen closet per se, so I am excited that I can get some baskets to go up on the top shelf and put things away in there.

My new air plant.

These are the major changes. We’ve done a few small things here and there that aren’t too much worth sharing. You don’t want to see replaced toilet seats, do you? hehe. One last thing though, something I wanted to do way before we bought the house and that was to get an air plant to hang in the kitchen. I bought the vase at Micheal’s for a couple dollars, and the air plant from Acorn Design Source at the Kane County Flea Market. I’d really like to add more greenery to the house, but I have to be creative with two cats that will destroy any living plants within reach.

Okay, that’s that. Since we are slow movers when it comes to home improvements this will probably be the last home post until next year.