Repurposing projects – Giant Record

Repurposing projects – Giant Record

Yesterday I shared this pic on ig. The top book spread is from a book I made probably a couple months ago. I made the little 4″ square book (youtube flip through of that little book below) with drawing paper and my own printed/patterned papers. The cover was made from some thin scrap cardboard paper from work. It’s the packaging wrapped around the huge web rolls of newsprint (below). I loved that finished book so much that I have been carrying it around with me in my bag ever since I finished it. I knew I had to make a few more.


I originally wanted to make the book with super quick simple patterned backgrounds and collages, and then add very quick and rough words over it. I tried doing that, but I loved the book too much the way it was, so I removed the text. Maybe I’ll make enough of these little books that I won’t be so precious with them, and can finally add text after all.

Speaking of repurposing the cardboard cover of that little book reminded me about how I’d also used the end circle of the same packaging to make an art piece for our living room.

I painted the cardboard circle black, and then made some areas extra thick with paint and ran a comb around it to give it the record groove texture. Same with white paint for “shiny” areas, but dipped the comb in white and brushed it on. I made a couple different labels in case we wanted to switch the record out

For the background of the label, I just squirt 3 colors of paint on some paper and then used a squeegee to drag it across, then I drew the record label info with black paint. 2020 for our wedding anniversary, Big Time because it’s something we always say, and then I chose a couple song names that seemed appropriate.

This giant record is roughly 3.5’ in diameter.


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