2 Years on Instagram

A treasure house

Today I received Christmas cards I ordered.  It inspired me to put together this little collection in my shelf by the wonderfully talented Ann of A Beautiful Party. I don’t think I’ve ever shared this shelf before, but I LOVE it!  I added a few little holiday knick knacks to the shelf. The sewn felt covered stones on pedestal are by Stephanie Barnes, the yarn ball is actually my very first handspun yarn on my spinning wheel, and the party popper is also by Ann of A Beautiful Party. It has goodies inside, but it is too pretty for me to open up. The picture on the Christmas cards is the picture below.

It was an instagram from late last year. I thought it was my sister pulling my nephew, but the caption says it was me pulling Doc. Either way, behind my nephew is my brother pulling the Christmas tree we just cut down at Camelot tree farm. It’s a beautiful tree farm out in the countryside. After tramping through the snow and freezing your tootsies, you head into a little shed to pay and warm up while enjoying hot chocolate and cookies while sitting in old classroom chairs.

While putting together this post I realized that it’s been over TWO WHOLE YEARS that I’ve posted daily to my instagram account! I’m pretty proud of that. I’m also continually inspired by the things my instagram friends share, and the wonderful and supportive community that it is. Go Instagram, High Five!

Edit: Just wanted to ad that I’ve actually been on instagram since 2010, but only have been posting daily for 2 years.

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  1. 1 Jeannine

    Your Christmas card photo is just perfect! It is simultaneously modern and nostalgic. Love. Love. Love!

    I always enjoy reading about traditions in the Midwest (or other places that get very cold). How fun to cut down your own tree and eat cookies and hot chocolate! I’ve only ever bought an already cut tree from a parking lot. I’ll have to put this on my list of things to do. When we went to Michigan the first time last year, I finally got to go to a cider mill in the fall, with that lovely crisp air, and eat a cider donut. (I did go on, there a bit, didn’t I? Sorry).

    Anyway, great photo!

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