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International Zine Month and Grass & Stars III

Zines for #littleartbook
Some of my zine collection
Apparently July is International Zine Month, so I figure no better time than now to announce that (after years’ long hiatus) I have finally created issue 3 of my zine, Grass & Stars.

Grass & Stars my first zineGrass & Stars No. 2

Props to any readers that remember my zine, or have even bought or swapped for one in the past. Here are the first two issues. The first zine I ever made was in a matchbox!

zine swap 2015

The new issue, like my very first one, was made for a swap. I was invited by Lelaina Lloyd late last year to participate in an art zine swap and it was exactly the push I needed to make my next issue. The swap was completed mid June (above) and so I am finally sharing it here. It had a size and page count requirement, and so I’m excited to say this is the largest zine I’ve made so far. At first I had no idea how I was going to fill 20 pages of content, let alone what it was going to be about. When the idea of luck came to me, it made perfect sense and everything else fell into place.

Grass & Stars III zine

I had so much fun working on the zine and it was hard not to spoil it all on instagram. I definitely did share lots of sneak peaks though, so I will share them here too. There are plenty of things that I LOVED SO MUCH that I still want to share pictures but I know it wouldn’t be much fun if someone got the zine and realized they’ve already seen it all on instagram.

A little somethin'-somethin' I've been working on

This is a little thumbnail of a coloring book page. I’ve been kinda obsessed with the idea of a fingers crossed emoji for a while, wishing there was such a thing, making my own fake ones and then this. Just last week I bought an enamel pin that also looks like this.

Here's a little peek of a fun grass brooch I've been working on today.

Yes, a set of felt brooches were made specifically to be featured in the zine.

It's totally a fake, held together with hot glue on the back, but ya know, you gotta make your own #luck sometimes 😉🍀

A four leaf clover of course, only, it’s fake. I hot glued the fourth petal, as I shared on instagram, sometimes you just have to make your own luck!

Forcing myself to sit here and do something. Working on a night version of the quilt field spread I did before. #LittleArtBook

Here’s another work in progress that made it into the zine.

Of course these are just snippets that I hope entice you into wanting to see more. This issue contains original artwork, articles, a comic, coloring book pages, a lucky penny pinback button and more!

Issue no. 3 is now available in my etsy shop, and as usual (and in the spirit of zine making) I’m always open to swaps! Just leave a comment or message me!

Beaded necklaces in the shop

It’s been a while since I have listed any new beaded necklaces, but it’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Feeling spread so thin with to-do lists a mile long and then today I wake up with a sore throat and feel achey all over. Please just let me make it through the week.  Just painting beads at midnight the evening before a big sale because that's how I roll

I went a little wild and made tons of beads. Now is the fun part of decorating them and assembling.

I finished 5 to take to a craft show last week, but the show got rained out, so now I have just listed 4 new beaded necklaces in my etsy shop robayre! These all have simple leather cords that are adjustable, so if you like to wear them long or short you can do either.

turquoise red orange

A turquoise and red/orange little ditty

green leaf gold

This was my first time making beads in representational shapes. Of course I had to make a leaf!


Pinks, wood, and black and white


And last but not least, a peach necklace.

There are more to come so keep an eye on the shop! Have a great weekend.

The Need for Green

I think, because this winter was sooooo harsh, our spring has been very, um, meh. Don’t blink because all of the magnolia blossoms have already fallen in a heartbeat. My forsythia had all of THREE yellow blossoms on it. Yes, three, and I’m not exaggerating. All the same, we’ve been taking lots of walks and the air everywhere just smells so AMAZING! Just because the forsythia and magnolias were a bust doesn’t mean other things haven’t been in blossom! BUT! if that winter wasn’t hard enough and we have tried to move past it, it snowed here yesterday (in Northern Illinois) for 3 hours! Yes, it is mid May, daffodils and tulips have already done their thing and it snowed.

While we are talking about that horrible winter, I think I’ve been very horrible and lax about sharing things on the blog lately, and realized I never posted about these buttons.

For those of you living elsewhere in the United States (instagramming your spring flowers and running around in sandals) The Chicagoland area is STILL suffering from the third snowiest winter in recorded history. @katielicht had the brilliant idea for us

My friend Katie (Who’s birthday it just happens to be today, happy birthday lady!) came up with this great idea to make some ribbon buttons (like I’ve made in the past as souvenirs for my gingerbread house making party) but to congratulate and honor all of us who have had to weather through (badum bum) the worst winter in the last 30 years or so. She came over one day and we made cutie pie buttons, examples as shown above.

My need for spring and green did not end there!

My friend Rosa posted a display picture of a ring she made and it made me think of my leaf rings, but instead of just using a solid green piece of paper, I should try to watercolor some paper first.  So, this (above) became this (below)

I'm working on some new leaf rings and necklaces, perfect for spring. Now if I could just fast forward past the resin stage, right @rmurillo ? #robayre

Which, became…

5.16 leaf jewelry

These! This is just a portion of the pieces, but I am starting to slowly add the finished leaf rings and necklaces to my etsy shop.

necklace with clasp

They came out beautifully! I'm trying to slowly add these new pieces (rings and necklaces) to my shop

Speaking of green, tomorrow (Sunday, May 18th) I will be at Blumen Gardens selling my items alongside friends Ann (of A Beautiful Party) , and Michaela (of Naturally Mod). Some of these rings and necklaces will be available there too!

Circle Series #22 and the Quilt

circle series #22

This piece, #22, marks the first in LARGER work for the circle series. This piece, on the inside of the matte, measures 12.5″ square, which is larger than the previous pieces in a frame. It’s currently listed for sale here and will be shipped in this larger gallery frame. I’m very proud of this piece.

A little back story; I had the idea for a piece with a paper pierced ring and started it as a smaller standard size, compared to previous pieces.
The beginning of a circle series piece
I spent so much time working on that paper piercing ring and then when that ring was done continued on with the next concentric circle. I had this vision of very translucent layers of watercolor rings, layered over each other and instead of the layers being as I envisioned, the colors just got muddy and absolutely ruined the piece. Fortunately, I took the opportunity to start over, work larger and learn my lesson that if one particular part takes a looooong time, best to do that LAST. The result, this lovely piece that I LOVE!

With the larger size and time invested in all of those tiny individual piercings, this piece is listed at a higher price than previous circle series pieces. There are other smaller pieces still available here as well.

And in more Circle Series news, I’ve mentioned before that my Aunt used my original circle series pieces printed onto fabric to make a quilt. Well, she entered that quilt into a juried show and won judges recognition on it! She’s very creative and has made many quilts, but this was her first piece entered into a juried show. That is quite the honor, don’t you think?

Week two of shop updates

I’m still on track with listing a new item everyday. I did miss a day during the week, but I’ve made it up and have 5 new items in the shop to share with you today.

First off is this pretty lady, a yellow themed pinwheel painting.


Two new rings, made from paintings. This pink one is from abstract mixed media pieces and the purple one is watercolored ombre.

I listed 4 of these fun spiralbound ephemera notebooks. They have a variety of papers including vintage maps, patterned scrapbook paper, music paper, graph paper and more.

And last but not least…

I have listed this red, orange and gray chunky beaded necklace.

I hope you are having a relaxed and happy weekend.

Gold Circle Garlands by Robayre in Action

Brooke Fitz Brookelynphotography 2
Picture by Brooke Fitts (Brookelyn Photography)

A couple of weeks ago I sold one of my gold circle garlands to photographer Brooke Fitts from Brooklyn, NY. She was very patient after I dropped the ball on putting it in the mail immediately and then the post office took their time to get it to her. For a while I was panicking that it was lost entirely. Fortunately, it arrived just in time and she used it (paired with these great, giant gold polka dots) as a photo background for portraits at a wedding. I was thrilled when she sent me the picture above showing my garland in action. Talk about warm fuzzies.

It is such a huge compliment to me when customers send me customer appreciation pictures, let me know their intentions with my products or in the case last week when artist Mim Golub Scalin sent me her mailartbook!

Brooke Fitz Brookelynphotography
Picture courtesy of Brooke Fitts

Check out Brooke’s beautiful website and blog. She is such an amazing photographer, I could really learn a thing or two, or three (you get the picture) from her.


helloooooo there – shop updates

Happy Friday! Weekend is here.

So, as I mentioned before I have plenty of stuff that I’ve made but that needs to be photographed and listed for sale in my shop. I’ve aimed my goal at listing a new item every day, M-F. Not too hard. I can photograph a bunch over the weekend and then adjust the pictures and write up a description daily.

So far so good. This week I’ve uploaded a little leather handbound book, a paper stratum ring made from abstract paintings I did, a recycled cardboard book, a leaf ring and a paper stratum ring made from security envelopes. Click on the images above to view their listing page.

Earlier today I looked down at the necklace I am wearing. I posted a picture of it to instagram (btw, I will have similar styled pieces listed eventually, see above paragraphs, or you could make your own following my DIY here). I was looking at the black and white striped bead and thinking to myself “hehehe, it’s obvious which bead in this necklace would be my favorite” but I began really looking at it and thinking to myself how perfect it was. So perfect in fact, it looked like someone else made it. I stopped and realized that kind of thinking has some real deep rooted psychological negativity. But it’s not an uncommon thought process for me. That’s how I measure my success. Does anyone else feel that way? You think that something you did is so good that you couldn’t have possibly made it yourself. I think that is how I think about all the things I make. If it looks like Robyn made it then it must be junk. A lot of people feel like if they can make something themselves than the fruits of their labor are that much sweeter, but not me.


Little Patterned Journals

Robayre Patterned Books

I feel like it’s been forever that I’ve had this idea in my head, but I finally have something to show for it. I’ve been making these patterns and sharing sneak peeks on instagram for a while with a larger project in mind. I would make a line of little journals, similar to the journals already in my shop, but these would have covers from the original patterns that I created from paintings, drawings, mixed media, etc.

scallop / scales

Painting a pattern for a project I have in mind

An idea I had in my head

Another pattern.

#wip #pattern for more book covers. I'm going to add more detail with colored pencil to the #flowers #leaves

I finally put together some prototypes of what I’d like the finished journals to look like. They are only prototypes because I still need to do some editing on the computer, but I also need to find a place to get the covers printed.

Robayre Patterned Books
They’re approximately 4.25×5.5″, have rounded corners and lined paper inside. I’ve been toying with the idea of offering some books with inside plain white pages and others lined, but I guess I think they would generally sell better for people that want to write in them, as opposed to sketch or create art inside.

I really love how they came out, but as a cohesive line of journals, I’m not so sure yet. Should they have a name? I’ve really had so much fun creating patterns, knowing that they would become little books. A dream for me would be getting to paint and create original patterns to make into little books like these all day, every day. Maybe as the patterns grow in quantity the cohesiveness will pull together? It’s like I was talking about with Rosa a while ago, it’s that perfect intersection of your passions, where I get to create original artwork and design printed work from it. The artist AND the designer in me is giddy.

I also had the idea of selling them in a two pack and that is how they are photographed above, but I’m not married to that yet. Once I have worked out the printing kinks expect these to be added to my shop robayre.

So, whaddaya think?

New Abstract Painting Based Paper Stratum pieces

I’m just popping in real quick to share another new design that will be debuting at the Na-Da Farm Sale this Friday and Saturday.

5.14 paintings

On a whim (and isn’t that the best way ideas play out, as opposed to thinking about it forever before you have a chance to act) I just made a mess, and painted randomly with watercolors, gouache and inks and then came back in with pencil and pen and drew in details. Some of those papers are shown above. Then, even though I was slightly in love with the color and mess, I cut the papers up into strips to use in my Paper Stratum jewelry.

I am absolutely in love with the resulting pieces. Here is a quick sneak peek.

Paper stratum jewelry Paper stratum jewelry

These, as well as a handful more (rings and necklaces) will be available at the show on Friday. Leftovers will be added to my etsy shop, but even if I were to sell out (haha, fingers crossed) I know I will be making more of these. I kind of only want to make more and more of these at this point.

Don’t forget, there’s still time to enter the giveaway on the post from last Friday. You can win a piece of jewelry (of your choosing) as well tickets into the show AND cupcakes!

New product – Vintage Photograph Garlands

BW chalkboard

It has been way-way too long since I’ve added a brand new product to my online shop. If you follow me on instagram or flickr you may have seen some sneak peeks of this new product, vintage photograph circle-cut garlands.

Vintage color photography garland BW vintage photography garland

I’ve had this idea in my head for so long and I’m so thrilled with how they came out. I went into my studio earlier this week with the intentions of working on something else, but next thing I know I’m whipping up these pretty babies. These garlands (color, or black and white) are made from actual, real vintage photographs. I know, gasp! Rosa ;) The pictures in these garlands came from a HUGE bag of pictures I scored at a flea market a couple of years ago. As beautiful as these pieces are though, I do believe future garlands will be made from prints made from the collection, rather than actual vintage pictures.

2.20 garland

Reaching into the bag while I worked, I kept pulling out pictures that I just couldn’t bring myself to cut up. Here are a few, and you will see what I am talking about.

2.21 vintage photograph family

That girl in the middle saved this picture with her adorable hat alone!

2.21 vintage photograph school children

I couldn’t cut apart this grade school picture, but it did inspire me to make future garlands from vintage year books, which I have a good collection of as well.

2.21 vintage photograph angel

That face. Really? Heart melting.

2.21 vintage photograph bathing beauty

And last but not least, this bathing beauty. A stunner, right? There are actually A LOT of pictures of her in the bag so I wasn’t so protective of each. Good news, that means she’s featured in some of the garlands.

These garlands are now available in my etsy shop. Please stop by to see them and many other pages of my handmade products. Thank you!