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Happy Friday! Weekend is here.

So, as I mentioned before I have plenty of stuff that I’ve made but that needs to be photographed and listed for sale in my shop. I’ve aimed my goal at listing a new item every day, M-F. Not too hard. I can photograph a bunch over the weekend and then adjust the pictures and write up a description daily.

So far so good. This week I’ve uploaded a little leather handbound book, a paper stratum ring made from abstract paintings I did, a recycled cardboard book, a leaf ring and a paper stratum ring made from security envelopes. Click on the images above to view their listing page.

Earlier today I looked down at the necklace I am wearing. I posted a picture of it to instagram (btw, I will have similar styled pieces listed eventually, see above paragraphs, or you could make your own following my DIY here). I was looking at the black and white striped bead and thinking to myself “hehehe, it’s obvious which bead in this necklace would be my favorite” but I began really looking at it and thinking to myself how perfect it was. So perfect in fact, it looked like someone else made it. I stopped and realized that kind of thinking has some real deep rooted psychological negativity. But it’s not an uncommon thought process for me. That’s how I measure my success. Does anyone else feel that way? You think that something you did is so good that you couldn’t have possibly made it yourself. I think that is how I think about all the things I make. If it looks like Robyn made it then it must be junk. A lot of people feel like if they can make something themselves than the fruits of their labor are that much sweeter, but not me.


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  1. 1 Chris

    You are goofy. And there are people out there that wish they were half as talented as you. Myself included! ;)

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