Gold Circle Garlands by Robayre in Action

Brooke Fitz Brookelynphotography 2
Picture by Brooke Fitts (Brookelyn Photography)

A couple of weeks ago I sold one of my gold circle garlands to photographer Brooke Fitts from Brooklyn, NY. She was very patient after I dropped the ball on putting it in the mail immediately and then the post office took their time to get it to her. For a while I was panicking that it was lost entirely. Fortunately, it arrived just in time and she used it (paired with these great, giant gold polka dots) as a photo background for portraits at a wedding. I was thrilled when she sent me the picture above showing my garland in action. Talk about warm fuzzies.

It is such a huge compliment to me when customers send me customer appreciation pictures, let me know their intentions with my products or in the case last week when artist Mim Golub Scalin sent me her mailartbook!

Brooke Fitz Brookelynphotography
Picture courtesy of Brooke Fitts

Check out Brooke’s beautiful website and blog. She is such an amazing photographer, I could really learn a thing or two, or three (you get the picture) from her.


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  1. 1 Brooke

    Thanks so much Robyn! Loved how your garland completed my photobooth setup! It was such a hit!


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