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36/36 Project opening and Uppercase Magazine

2.28 3636 Project
Picture by Courtney Cerruti (I believe)

The 36/36 Project opening was last Friday at Paxton Gate in San Fransisco.

2.28 3636 Project my spoon

Here are pictures I took of my spoon before sending it off. The center is what it looked like when it arrived, and then left and right are front and back of my spoon.

You can read a little bit more about the show in this previous post here. I’m so inspired by Courtney’s project and her inspiration behind organizing this show. She is such a do-er. She get’s it done! If you don’t already, you must follow her on instagram now!

While I couldn’t attend the opening, I LOVED seeing all the action on instagram and in my email as those in attendance shared pictures and updates from the event! First my friend Claire (bicoastally) was able to stop by and get pictures before the show even opened up.

2.28 3636 Project Paxton Gate 2.28 3636 Project Paxton Gate2
The picture on left was opposite where my spoon was displayed, and right is the grouping of spoons mine was in.

She also sent me a picture of this spoon she loved by Patrick Sean Gibson. It’s great, right? Even knowing nothing about the backstory I love it, but apparently it is a commentary on the outrageous cost of living in San Fransisco. Apparently it got plenty of reactions (positive and negative) which was excellent.

Next my friend Barbara (who just recently transplanted to SF from Chicago) was able to attend the opening and it sounds like it got crazy in there.

I don’t think she was able to even see all the spoons, but she got these pictures she shared on instagram. She shared that my piece got a good response and that sent me beyond the moon.

Yesterday I found out that my spoon was featured on the Uppercase Magazine Blog! And then I died.
2.28 Uppercase Magazine

That’s what you get for falling behind on your blog reading, and then missing important comments left on instagram. Fortunately I caught it after all.

And then I actually saw the post, and my spoon was one of two spoons that were fully featured! and then I died again.

For more or better images click on the pictures above or search #3636project on instagram. The show will be up at Paxton Gate for one month, so if you are in the area you still have time.

Cardboard creations

Product Picture Robayre book on table

Catherine Hollis of eauxencouleurs on etsy (Maignaut-Tauzia, Midi-Pyrénées, France) purchased one of my cardboard handbound books (pictured below). She is a talented painter, as you can see from her shop, but she also makes delightful furniture FROM CARDBOARD! Catherine was so kind as to send me a picture of one of cardboard pieces of furniture with my book sitting on top! Can you believe that table is made from cardboard?! I know, you’re all “WHAT?!” It is so amazing.

This spring I made a table display for craft shows out of cardboard

It was a BEAUTIFUL DAY at #blumengardens

It’s at the far end of the table so it may be hard to make out exactly, but trust me, I have a far way to go to get near Catherine’s talent.

Robayre, now at Food52

Food52 robayre

I am so proud to announce that I am working with Food52, selling my Gold & Silver Garlands in their Provisions shop. They just opened up their holiday decor line today.  I am so honored to be included amongst such stunning items. Check it out, right here.


I'm a machine. 15 orders in about a week. It must be the holidays. #robayre #etsy #handmade #indie

I am making all the garlands and shipping them myself, so if you order one through Food52 it will still come directly from me :)

Gold & Silver Garlands by Robayre at Food52  Food52 Robayre

Food52 is such a great site! I love all their articles and recipes and if they can inspire ME to get in the kitchen, well, you know that means something. I just look through their recipe pages and want to make everything! Drool. I will be pinning everything to my recipe pinterest board for later reference.

Robayre interview on A Beautiful Party

Robayre interview on A Beautiful Party

Ann of A Beautiful Party recently interviewed me for her Etsy Love series. Read the interview here, as usual I’m rather verbose.

And while we are talking about A Beautiful Party, I just wanted to take a moment to say how proud I am of Ann. She recently took the leap from a 9-5 to self employment. She continually inspires me with her “Say YES to everything” approach and constantly trying to learn and grow and improve herself. She is a real sweetheart, and is diversely creative and talented. Everyone should check out her shop of sweet home and party items, as well as her blog which has been brimming with good stuff lately.

Gold Circle Garlands by Robayre in Action

Brooke Fitz Brookelynphotography 2
Picture by Brooke Fitts (Brookelyn Photography)

A couple of weeks ago I sold one of my gold circle garlands to photographer Brooke Fitts from Brooklyn, NY. She was very patient after I dropped the ball on putting it in the mail immediately and then the post office took their time to get it to her. For a while I was panicking that it was lost entirely. Fortunately, it arrived just in time and she used it (paired with these great, giant gold polka dots) as a photo background for portraits at a wedding. I was thrilled when she sent me the picture above showing my garland in action. Talk about warm fuzzies.

It is such a huge compliment to me when customers send me customer appreciation pictures, let me know their intentions with my products or in the case last week when artist Mim Golub Scalin sent me her mailartbook!

Brooke Fitz Brookelynphotography
Picture courtesy of Brooke Fitts

Check out Brooke’s beautiful website and blog. She is such an amazing photographer, I could really learn a thing or two, or three (you get the picture) from her.


Good Things Come in Threes


3.12.12 Hus & Hem
Recently I was thrilled to see I sold one of my alphabet posters. Glancing at my stats I noticed views up on that poster. I did a bit of sleuthing and discovered that my poster was featured on the blog for Swedish magazine Hus & Hem! I’ve been thinking that I should make some more pieces like these, maybe one with numbers and some with phrases. You might remember this piece stemmed from the series of Polaroid Pogo prints I did in 2009. I can’t wait for spring to arrive so I can scout out some moss and get going on more posters.


About a third of my #artomat collection

I love Art-o-mat. It’s no secret. I’m thrilled to announce that my collection of Art-o-mat artwork (pieces that I have purchased by other artists at various Art-o-mat machines) will be on display at Kishwaukee College. Once I get them out to the school, they will be in a display case in the brand new Student Center through the end of the semester, near Kish’s Art-0-mat machine. Once they are at the school I hope to get some pictures and will share them here.  I also hope that this display may spark an interest in art collectors from the community to visit this very special diamond that we are so lucky to have nearby. Who knows, maybe this post will inspire you to check and see where your nearest Art-o-mat is and visit it. Did I mention that it is also a great time to be a contributing Art-o-mat artist? Artwork to fill the machines is in high demand!


5.21 booth Nada farm
Dacia at the na-da farm barn sale yoyos and chalkboard sign

I will be selling again at the Na-Da Farm Spring Sale this year. I’m especially excited this year, having one year under my belt and knowing a bit more of what to expect. I’m also REALLY excited because my friends Courtney of She Always Loved Larking (Etsy) and Ann of A Beautiful Party (Etsy) will also be selling at the event. We are going to have so much fun! If you like fun (and who doesn’t?) then you should come to the event as well.

Featured on Craft Magazine’s blog

I was thrilled to discover that I was featured on Craft Magazine’s blog, earlier this week. If you have a moment, hop on over and check it out:


Something Monumental

Thank you Mandy for featuring robayre on Something Monumental.

I love Mandy’s blog and I always look forward to her updates. I especially enjoy our shared love for roadside attractions and unique touristy stops which she features frequently.

Mailart 365 153-159

I present more of my mailart postcards for the mailart365 project. Notice how I’m only posting 7 postcards each week. This is not going to help me get caught up, but at least I’m not falling further behind.

9.26.11 158 365

When I was little my godmother gave me a little pin that said “Robyn, strength of character”. As a child it didn’t really mean much to me, but as I’ve gotten older it became more and more important. Unfortunately, I have no idea where that pin went, but I’ll always remember those words

9.26.11 159 365  9.26.11 157 365 9.26.11 156 365

9.26.11 155 365  9.26.11 154 365  9.26.11 153 365

Click on any of the pictures to view them larger.

Earlier today I was catching up on my blog subscriptions and was delighted to discover that Shannon of Happiness Is had featured my chalkboard mailart postcards. I did a double take “wait, did I click on my own blog?” Thank you so much Shannon, it made my day :D


I’m dropping in to share some GREAT news today :D

1.Claire from Bicoastally is going to be giving away one of my Bunting Stationery Sets (pictured above) AND a reproduction print to one person through her blog. Visit this post to enter (it’s really simple, and you have 3 chances to enter. Subscribe to her blog, add my facebook fanpage, AND/OR tweet or blog about the giveaway to promote it, then comment about how you entered, on her post here.) Claire is such a sweet-heart and was the person who brilliantly gave me the idea to turn my bunting notepads into a stationery set. So hop on over to her blog and enter to win!

2. Last week was a trip. First my bunting notepads were featured in an Etsy article by themogulmom. That was pretty exciting, and garnered lots of hearts and attention to my shop. After being open for 4 years, my Etsy shop finally reached 1000 shop hearts. This was a goal of mine from the beginning of the year. Then that same article was used in an Etsy Sellers email, where my notepads were featured top and center. Woah! This was my first time being featured in an Etsy email and I was so honored and so excited. That feature resulted in a handful of sales! I had over 10 sales in one week, and that is HUGE for someone who usually averages 1-2 sales per week. I got a mini taste of what it would be like to run Robayre as a full time business, and that was a delicious taste, mmm.

Thank you for letting me dork out about my good news.