New Stationery Set – Paper Moon

New Stationery Set – Paper Moon

I have a brand new stationery set that is available in my Etsy Shop here. It is a 4 page printable PDF only, for now, and it was made entirely on my iPad Pro. There are few ways and sizes to print out the letter writing paper, as well as an envelope (my first time offering an accompanying envelope for a printable stationery set!). Then as a little bonus I put together a few fake washi tape and sticker designs to put in the extra space on the 8.5×11” (also a first). Not to mention this is my first stationery set designed entirely on the iPad for my stationery shop (so many firsts!)


This stationery set was inspired by vintage paper moon photo sets and a touch by the silent film A Trip to the Moon.

This is the first time one of the printable sets in my shop has an accompanying envelope and I’m really excited about it.

It’s really easy to use, just print it out, cut along the outer light gray line, fold on the inner gray lines, and glue the flaps in place. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

It was so much fun to design. The whole set design was actually super quick and easy, where I just sat down with my ipad, without a single idea for what I was going to make and next thing I knew I had the letter writing paper sheet designed. Sometimes I can have an idea and it’s a struggle to make it actually work, or I have the idea but not the time to execute it, and by the time I can, the passion is gone. Sometimes I want to make something and don’t have any ideas and it feels like I’m trying to tap ideas from my inspirational muses that are on vacation. I wish I could harness that effortless creation that happened with this design more often. And I’m definitely excited to design more full stationery sets (letter writing paper, and envelopes) soon.

Once again, this 4 page printable PDF stationery set is available in my shop. You can snap it up right now for $6, print it out, cut it out, fold it up and be writing your penpals in only a few minutes.



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