Stickers! Stickers! Stickers!

Stickers! Stickers! Stickers!

While I excitedly shared my Rainbow Sticker Sheet back in August, apparently I never posted about my next 3 vinyl stickers I’ve had made.

Since those first rainbow stickers were digitally inspired by my hand-carved stamp rainbow stickers, I thought I would recreate some more of my handcarved stamped stickers digitally. I LOVE the Mushroom and Ghost stickers I make so much, but they can be a bit more labor intensive than the others, so I thought they would be perfect to make digitally and get them printed. When I make them by hand, they are stamped and then individually watercolored. I add adhesive to the back and packing tape to the front for protection. All the same, those are not weatherproof, so it’s nice to offer stickers to people, knowing that if they get wet, they won’t fall apart.

I can never get enough of an adorable toadstool. When I made the handmade versions of these stickers, I’d sometimes make brown ones too.

These adorable mushroom vinyl stickers are diecut and weatherproof, and available in my shop here.

I really should have posted about these stickers earlier, as these ghost ones were so perfect for Halloween. In fact, I did include a couple of them in my trick or treat packs.

The original stamped version was fun to make because of the splattered paint, but cutting out the scalloped edge could be tricky. The vinyl version is so perfect! They can also be found in my shop here.

And the third of the single vinyl stickers, my moon painting! I’ve used this moon painting several times, from my stationery set, to patterns on my print on demand sites, but making it a sticker has to be the BEST! This sticker is kiss-cut and has the lovely watercolor star/space background. You can see the sticker by itself, below, on the little notebook.

It’s a biggin and pairs perfectly with my Watercolor Moon Stationery Set. Like the others, it is also weatherproof, and available in my shop here.

And last but not least,

I thought I should share that I made some little packs of my original watercolor, handmade stickers here.

These stickers are all one of a kind, and handmade using my handcarved stamp, individually watercolored. They have a plastic top, but are not water or weatherproof.






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