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Autumn Leaves and New Jewelry

As typical for this time of year, I’ve been a little fall leaf obsessed. A few weeks back I was walking around my neighborhood when a mother, pushing a stroller turned onto the sidewalk headed towards me. Immediately I heard her say “honey, we can’t keep picking up every leaf” and I chuckled to myself because I’m sure she hadn’t yet seen me or the giant stack of colorful autumn leaves I had been picking up myself.

Anyone else having problems sharing from Instagram?

Naturally, I had the idea to use these beautiful leaves as props for some leaf jewelry for my shop.

robayre on etsy

Every fall I am so thankful for our neighbor's burning bush #fromwhereistand

Usually I feel Fall whips by so quickly 💨🍁🍂, but this year it's hanging on. Ive been able to ride my bike to work in November! I'm still adding new leaf jewelry to the shop, necklaces and rings (link in my profile)

Fall in northern Illinois

new pieces in the shop

Those teeny tiny bits of blue peeking through. In a couple days this tree will be naked 😔

robayre pendant peach leaf5

This one goes out to @bzedan and @atelier_mame. I went for a walk earlier today too and found this one red orange leaf on a pile of brown and yellow leaves. A week ago I was walking down my street when a mother pushing a stroller turned onto my sidewalk a

leaf green yellow front robayre

A favorite area in town to drive down during the fall

robayre necklace pink red leaf

Autumn Leaves

robayre green spots leaf pendant

It’s been a while since I’ve made any of these pieces, but I had a custom a little bit ago, so I made a whole batch. While there are elements of real leaves in each piece, the color you see is my own watercolor work. See more variety at robayre.etsy.com

Muro Jewelry

Muro Jewelry post under construction

I got a new necklace and I’m in LOVE! I’m so excited to add this original and one of a kind piece to my collection of wearable art. It just arrived and now I want to wear it every single day.

Muro Jewelry post under construction

It’s a new piece by my dear friend Rosa Murillo. If you’ve been around a while, I’m sure you are familiar with Rosa as she is the creator of Found Art Tuesday. I have to tell you guys, Rosa has really been killing it lately with Muro Jewelry, and I am so amazed and proud that I just had to share some of her pieces here.

These pieces are just so breathtaking. Not only that, they are crazy affordable, like to the point I that thought they were going to be double or triple their actual price. If you like her work you may want to snap something up before she realizes that.

She is actually an architect turned artist and metal smith (Brainy AND creative!) and a wife and a mother of 3 little ones.

She has been selling in shops, galleries and at shows a lot lately and after seeing her current work and with a little “insider information” I really do think she may explode soon.

Ahem, I do believe this piece might have originally debuted as the Robyn or Robayre necklace ;)

This mesmerizing piece makes me think of movies under water and how a light catches every single organism living in the water and makes it glow like glitter and confetti.

I remember when we were both first learning about resin. In the meantime she has taken that skill and run with it. All of her hard work is really showing.

You should most definitely follow her on instagram, and if you see anything you like I wouldn’t hesitate to message her directly because things seem to be moving fast.

Muro Jewelry on instagram


Picture via Charmsking on etsy

I’m getting old. You wanna know how I know this? I’m finding more and more of these things that I used to dismiss as “old-person stuff”, to be suddenly in my taste. Things like: Gold, or any warm toned jewelry for that matter, as opposed to “SILVER ONLY” of my youth. Thin, patterned scarves made from fabric that serve no purpose other than fashion, as opposed to chunky and thick knit scarves to keep me warm. And then the subject of this post, Brooches, as opposed to NO BROOCHES, because well, only grandmas wore pins and brooches. I remember looking at my grandma’s jewelry box, overflowing with gaudy brooches, enamel (probably on some brass or bronze) and floral and what have you, and thinking this “costume jewelry”  just screamed old lady.

Fast forward to today, brooches are the bees knees, the cat’s meow, just the ultimate. I’m an old 37 years! I have definitely found myself on etsy, window shopping brooches more than once, and my small personal collection is growing.

Fortunately, all hope need not be lost. With the DIY and Handmade movement, brooches and pins need not be your grandma’s jewelry. How often has your own grandma sported a denim jacket covered in pins from her favorite punk band? This reminds me, Matt was telling me recently about how there was a meet and greet for the new students at the college where he works. He and a coworker heard the Weezer’s Undone – The Sweater Song come up on the background music they were playing, and they both had a laugh that none of these college students would even know that song. When Matt recounted the story to me later, it dawned on me though, they may very well know that song because that’s the music of their parent’s generation. So, while I listened to (and my Dad even took me to concerts of) The Rolling Stones, the kids today may be jamming to golden oldies like Fiona Apple, Third Eye Blind and Sublime. Feeling old? Great, I have some jewelry for you to check out!

felt mushroom broochButton, button, where is the button. Making buttons, like a fool.Of course, in addition to any brooches or pins I’ve made myself, I have been acquiring some real lovelies. Georgia Perry Pin

My latest favorite has to be this Fingers Crossed enamel pin by Georgia Perry. To me, the most glaring omission of the emoji keyboard is the Fingers Crossed. I was constantly looking for it when I first downloaded the keyboard, and finally at one point I even made my own graphic to insert in text messaging.

Picture by Migration Goods

Yeah, I pretty much rocked it today.

I have a few felt brooches from Eling of Migration Goods


Here are 3 brooches I recently purchased from Katie Cowden, via instagram. She had shared these styles as earrings, but since I don’t have my ears pierced she customized them into brooches for me.

Are you keeeding me with this #pumpkinpie brooch, or wait, is it sweet potato pie? I don't want to take it off this whole month! #plushofthemonthclub @mypapercrane

Here’s a seasonal pin, that was part of Heidi Kenney’s Plush of the Month Club, a potato or pumpkin pie (with whip cream nose) face.


Here is another custom brooch. Last year at Renegade I Ooohed and Aaaahed at the Fox and Hammer booth. I searched and searched through soooo many animal brooches for one that really spoke to me. I loved all the pieces but I didn’t want to buy just any animal, so after the show I emailed them about a Bison (American buffalo). She said she’d been planning on making one and drew one up and emailed me to see if I liked it and then I got to choose the fabric as well!


I found out about these adorable cat badges via instagram as well, from illustrator Emma Carlisle. (The pictures above are from her Etsy shop)

A silk screened lion over crochet by Kim Smith of Art Equals Happy (picture by Kim Smith on Etsy)

from marta

Definitely one of my first and favorite Brooches (top Right, but the other pictures are of a necklace she made as well) by Marta Mendes. I’ve actually acquired a few more over the years through mail swaps with her. In addition to her blog link above, she can be found here and here

OK, so what do you think? Not grandma Jewelry, right? Let’s not talk about the frequency of cat brooches though.

Beaded necklaces in the shop

It’s been a while since I have listed any new beaded necklaces, but it’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Feeling spread so thin with to-do lists a mile long and then today I wake up with a sore throat and feel achey all over. Please just let me make it through the week.  Just painting beads at midnight the evening before a big sale because that's how I roll

I went a little wild and made tons of beads. Now is the fun part of decorating them and assembling.

I finished 5 to take to a craft show last week, but the show got rained out, so now I have just listed 4 new beaded necklaces in my etsy shop robayre! These all have simple leather cords that are adjustable, so if you like to wear them long or short you can do either.

turquoise red orange

A turquoise and red/orange little ditty

green leaf gold

This was my first time making beads in representational shapes. Of course I had to make a leaf!


Pinks, wood, and black and white


And last but not least, a peach necklace.

There are more to come so keep an eye on the shop! Have a great weekend.

Robayre Beaded Necklaces

I added some fun new beaded necklaces to the etsy shop. Click on the pictures to find out more.

DIY quick, cheap and easy fresh floral necklace

6.17.13 flowers5

The other day I quickly whipped together some fresh floral necklaces. I was sitting in the backseat of a car, as some friends and I headed out for an evening. I posted a couple pictures on instagram and they seemed to be a hit, so I decided to make a real post for the blog.

Summer is here and I’ve been noticing that floral crowns are really popular. When I initially saw this DIY for a floral headband on Natalie Creates I was excited for a moment because, even though it is beautiful 1. I thought it was actually a necklace and 2. I thought it was using fresh flowers.

Wearing fresh flowers just really appeals to me. BUT, I’m not really a headband/crown type person. Plus, they’d be above your eyes and nose, so you can’t really benefit from it yourself.  When I think of wearing fresh flowers though, I think of a corsage or brooch, which conjures the image of teenagers at prom, or grandma’s being honored. When I did a quick search for fresh flower necklaces it seemed that it was only mentioned in reference to weddings, or little kids making daisy chains. Why not wear a floral necklace to work, or for a night out on the town?

The other night I was watching the movie The Details on netflix streaming. It’s kinda good, (comparitively speaking to the rest of the streaming movies that I haven’t seen or heard of before that Netflix recommends to me) so yeah, go watch it. Anyway, Laura Linney plays this kookie, neighbor and she goes on this little mini rant and in it she mentions wearing a basil leaf pinned on her lapel to purify the air. We’ve all heard that keeping plants in the home helps to purify the air and it got me thinking that there might really be something more to wearing a necklace of fresh flowers. I always wondered if that “purify the air” thing was really just a myth based on the fact that plants “breathe” carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, while humans breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. But, apparently NASA spearheaded a study in the 80s and found it to be true. Plants actually remove poisonous contaminates from our air, other than just CO2.

Here are some different sites that offer different plants that help purify your air. 15 houseplants for improving indoor air quality, Breathe Easier: 12 Houseplants to Purify Indoor Air, and NASA Study House Plants Clean Air. Some of these plants are ones you can find in inexpensive floral bouquets from the store.

Now, this might all be for nothing because what I’m about to do with these plants and flowers is cut their heads off. We will all agree that flowers are pretty, and they smell great. Whether or not these blossoms continue to purify the air around you after they’ve been cut from the stem is beyond me, but I think you will still continue to enjoy their fragrance and appearance all the same.

Bought a bunch of flowers and made some fresh flower necklaces for myself and some lady friends.  Easy as cutting the stem off, threading florist wire through the base and then wrapping the two ends together, wide enough to fit over your head. #diy #flowe

It can really be as easy as this:


For $10 or less I went to the grocery store and picked out a bouquet with a wide variety of flowers. Some of the plants mentioned in the above articles include daisies and chrysanthemums, which may or may not purify the air around you while wearing this necklace.

For $2 at Michael’s I bought a little bit of florist wire.

With these 2 items you could probably end up making a dozen necklaces.

6.17.13 flowers

Cut off the heads of the flowers where the stem meets the base. Once you have all the blossoms you can organize and decide what flowers you want and in what order you want them on your necklace.

Using a pair of craft scissors cut a length of wire about 3 feet in length. This will allow for extra length to be trimmed away later.

6.17.13 flowers2

The end of the wire will be stiff enough (like a needle) to feed through the base of the flower.
6.17.13 flowers3

You can just thread them on, or loop the wire around like pictured above. I looped the wire and was able to play around with the placement a bit more than if the flowers were just threaded on.

fresh flower necklace

You can create extra loops to create rows and give the piece some depth. The wires on the back can be messy, no one will see it.

6.17.13 flowers7

Once the arrangement is complete you may decide to loop the wire around to make it into a necklace, or maybe you’d like to attach a ribbon to wear around your neck.

I wore my necklace out for an evening and it looked beautiful and smelled great all night long. If you end up making any fresh flower necklaces, I’d love to see your arrangement.

Read more tutorials on Inspiration Junkie

Package from Rosa

Last week a special package arrived on my front step. My friend Rosa sent me a box filled with goodies. I got teary when I opened it. She is too good of a friend to me, I don’t really deserve all of this.

5.20.13 Package from Rosa
I may have kissed an item or two (or three) when opening everything up. She sent the package because I sent her one a while ago where we swapped ring blanks that we both use for our jewelry. My package to her was not nearly as awesome. Rosa’s daughter has learned to crochet and made some bath scrubbies and I wanted to buy one. When I opened up the package everything smelled so heavenly. It actually started giving me a complex, wondering what my packages smell like when I send them out. Then I realized her package smelled so great because of the bath scrubby. Now I want bath scrubbies to go in every package I send out so they can all smell so amazing. Her daughter then wrote thank you notes and heaven knows I love me some kid writing. I hold it right up there alongside kid’s drawings. Perfect.

In this package, Rosa included several items that she had made and shared on instagram. Pretty much everything Rosa makes is magic so you should follow her on instagram.

5.20.13 Ring by Rosa Murillo
Top picture by Rosa, bottom picture on my finger

The biggest prize had to be this house ring. I think Rosa could make fortunes from these new rings. Not only is Rosa an amazing artist, she is also a skilled architect! When she combines her loves for art with her passion for buildings something magical happens and these rings are a perfect example. Another example is

5.20.13 House by Rosa Murillo
This little house. I don’t know if she’s thought of it before, but this would be an amazing artomat piece.

Thank you so much for the wonderful package. I’ve listened to the mix CD many times now, and can’t wait to play with the rest of the treats.

Check out Rosa online

Rosa Murillo’s blog

Rosa’s flickr

Rosa’s Instagram

Rosa’s etsy – art

Rosa’s etsy – jewelry

Security Envelope Jewelry

I’m finally back with that post I promised about my idea for using the security envelopes. I’ve been in major production mode preparing for the Na-Da Farm sale and finally finished these pieces to share here.

5.8.13 jewelry3
I used them to make my paper spiral stratum jewelry pieces. Some rings and some pendants that will be turned into necklaces. I made a variety so I will be able to add some to my etsy shop soon.
5.8.13 jewelry2
I made some using manilla envelopes as a contrasting color.
5.8.13 jewelry
Fun eh? They would be fun for anyone, just to explain that the paper is actually the inside of security envelopes, but I kind of like to picture that book-keepers, accountants, and postal workers would really love them.
5.8.13 jewelry4

I hope to be back with another post in a day or two. Hopefully more about some of the other projects I’ve got going on for the sale. I have all these posts in the works, but just no time to actually publish them. It’s that pesky 9-5 job that always gets in the way. Right now I’m off to a hopefully productive work session with Courtney and Ann.

Breaking the Ice

I haven’t posted in so long, I have that feeling like “where do I even begin?” Not that soooo much has happened, quite the opposite in fact (at least in the studio). I feel like I might be stuck in this rut where I have all sorts of things I want to do, but I can’t get myself to do anything.

I know I just need to get the ball rolling again. This is my attempt at that. Just get the ball rolling.

road map

I actually have been adding plenty of jewelry to my etsy store. I think I’ve added over 16 pieces, and still have a dozen or two MORE to add! Now, if I can just find the daylight hours to photograph all the pieces.

Since I’ve been gone I got a treadmill, and have been using it daily. It’s something I’ve wanted for years and years. With the cash gifts I’ve received over the year, along with a very generous house warming gift from my sister, we were able to find a machine we liked in a great price range. Fortunately because we were dilly dallying so long, we were able to even score an amazing black Friday deal on the machine we already wanted, and that saved us around $300! Tuesday I will be doing week 3, day 1, of the Couch To 5K workout. Cool Running’s C25K is something I was first introduced to back in 2007. I’ve even had it as a link on my sidebar that long, but as long as I’ve attempted it, I’ve never completed it. I think the furthest I got was the 20 minute brick wall. I’m hoping with the treadmill I’ll finally finish it and actually run in a real 5K this upcoming spring.

mushroom house

Right after Thanksgiving I also held my 7th annual Gingerbread House Making Party. This was the winning entry, a mushroom house by Sister-in-law’s sister, Alyssa. Adorable, right?

white house Disney Castle
There were a lot of really amazing pieces this year including the white house and Disney Castle!

Okay, so this is all I have for now. It always seems like feast or famine here. When I get in the zone I have to fight the urge to post multiple times in one day, and then other times I won’t post for weeks. Hopefully the inspiration to post will strike again very soon. Oh yeah, and speaking of posting, my blog was down for a couple days with problems on the backend of the website. When I got it back up I did a wordpress update (which hadn’t been done in years) and now things are all new and different. For example it took me a minute or two to figure out how to add pictures to my posts.



This is a big order of jewelry!

I’ve got a bunch of posts in the works, but I also have some big projects going on. One of those things is that I have been working on this large order for the Book Shack for the last week. It’s not the greatest picture above, but you can see there is a lot of work that went into the pieces above, right? They are my paper spiral jewelry pieces and there are 50 pieces total. Well, tonight I did the last step, which is the resin coating. As I began, I thought to myself “I have been very lucky to never have any flops with the resin“. I’ve heard where people had issues and the resin did not harden. Well, I was about halfway through applying the resin to the pieces when I looked down to the resin and saw all sorts of swirls. Immediately I was horrified. The swirls could mean the resin wasn’t properly stirred. I’ve always followed the instructions and stirred the resin for 2 minutes and tonight I completely forgot and basically just stirred it for only 45 seconds. I started out and then just got too anxious to begin and just skipped the step of stirring thoroughly. I’m kind of freaking out now.  If the resin doesn’t harden this could mean a weeks worth of hard work down the drain and with 50 pieces total, it could also mean quite a bit of money lost as well. Please, please, please let these pieces harden properly!