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Package from Rosa

Last week a special package arrived on my front step. My friend Rosa sent me a box filled with goodies. I got teary when I opened it. She is too good of a friend to me, I don’t really deserve all of this.

5.20.13 Package from Rosa
I may have kissed an item or two (or three) when opening everything up. She sent the package because I sent her one a while ago where we swapped ring blanks that we both use for our jewelry. My package to her was not nearly as awesome. Rosa’s daughter has learned to crochet and made some bath scrubbies and I wanted to buy one. When I opened up the package everything smelled so heavenly. It actually started giving me a complex, wondering what my packages smell like when I send them out. Then I realized her package smelled so great because of the bath scrubby. Now I want bath scrubbies to go in every package I send out so they can all smell so amazing. Her daughter then wrote thank you notes and heaven knows I love me some kid writing. I hold it right up there alongside kid’s drawings. Perfect.

In this package, Rosa included several items that she had made and shared on instagram. Pretty much everything Rosa makes is magic so you should follow her on instagram.

5.20.13 Ring by Rosa Murillo
Top picture by Rosa, bottom picture on my finger

The biggest prize had to be this house ring. I think Rosa could make fortunes from these new rings. Not only is Rosa an amazing artist, she is also a skilled architect! When she combines her loves for art with her passion for buildings something magical happens and these rings are a perfect example. Another example is

5.20.13 House by Rosa Murillo
This little house. I don’t know if she’s thought of it before, but this would be an amazing artomat piece.

Thank you so much for the wonderful package. I’ve listened to the mix CD many times now, and can’t wait to play with the rest of the treats.

Check out Rosa online

Rosa Murillo’s blog

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Rosa’s etsy – art

Rosa’s etsy – jewelry

31 Postcards 15-22

I’m getting a little ahead of myself. It’s only the 20th and here I am posting cards 15-22 of the 31 Postcards in 31 Days project.

After using my silk screens for week 2 of the 31 Postcards in 31 days, and then buying new drawing fluid that actually worked I wanted to keep going. This week after being inspired by the translucent look of washi tape I decided to do another series of silk screen postcards. I used my new screen and made little simple lines and shapes. Then I REALLY diluted my inks with translucent base to get the look I was going for. I’m really pleased with the outcome and will probably try more printing like this in the future. I think I might make more little screens as well, so I don’t have to wash it out as often, and I can keep certain patterns.
#31postcards 15/31

#31postcards 16/31

#31postcards 17/31

#31postcards 18/31

#31postcards 19/31

#31postcards 20/31

#31postcards 21/31

#31postcards 22/31

The print part has a more dappled texture than what I was aiming for. Unlike normal paper one would print on, these old pictures have a glossy finish, so instead of the ink soaking into the paper it just lays on top and sticks together.

Also, I just realized none of these pictures have my signature “place stamp here” stickers on them yet.

10.19. 31 postcards2
It kind of makes me laugh thinking about having this (or possibly more) super tiny screen. When I was college my serigraphy teacher was continually trying to make me go bigger, Bigger, BIGGER! Yet I grabbed and used the smallest frame I could find. Later when we had to build our own she insisted that I build a huge screen. I have it still but never use it. Instead I use the smaller ones I’ve built myself.
One last thing before I sign off for the weekend. Today isĀ  is the NaDa Farm Sale from 9-12. I’m not selling this time, I was just too busy, but I did go last night to shop. If you live in the northern Illinois area you should check it out. It’s $5 to get in. Pictured above is just one room from the sale, but there are 3 more rooms full of vendors and also plenty of booths outside as well, including Anne from abeautifulparty, who I got to meet for the first time.

Have a wonderful weekend!

31 Postcards in 31 Days – Week 2

I have finished another week of mailart postcards for 31 Postcards in 31 Days. I also finally finished addressing and writing the first week’s postcards and dropped them at the post office this weekend.


Postcards 7-14

These postcards are the result of my silk screening attempt, or should I say 3 attempts. Since then I have purchased a new bottle of drawing fluid and Tada, everything worked out perfectly. I tested out a little sample sketch and I only had to do one coat of the drawing fluid and the lines stayed crisp and didn’t dilute during the screen filler application. These postcards are still based on that former screen I did.

Below are a few details
10.14.12 31 postcards thumbnail 1

10.14.12 31 postcards thumbnail

10.14.12 31 postcards thumbnail 3

I have had a few ideas here and there for next weeks postcards, but nothing really set in stone yet. We will see what I come up with.

Day 6 – 31 Postcards in 31 Days

10.6 mailart

Postcard 5. Not a big leap, since I have a thing for Grass and Stars after all.

Day 5 – 31 Postcards in 31 Days

10.5 mailart

Day 5, a little different. Instead of space we have grass.

I’m going for a 3rd attempt at the silk screen this weekend. Doing prints should be much quicker for next week.

Have a good weekend!

Day 4 – 31 Postcards in 31 Days

Rather than waiting until the evening when I'm exhausted I did some painting this morning before work. It was great.

This morning I woke up at 5 am and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Instead I got up and actually started painting my mailart postcard for the day. It was such a nice start to the day. I was in such a good mood in the morning. I’d love to say that I should begin each morning this way, but I also know I’m one to love to sleep in. I know the moment I’d make such a commitment I would not be able to climb out of bed until 7:30 to be at work by 8. In an ideal world…

The top picture was an iphone macro lens shot of the painting this morning. Bright and cheerful.
10.4 mailart cropped
This is the finished piece. Day 4 of 31 Postcards in 31 days.

For over 200 more pieces of mailart I’ve created, see my flickr photo set here.

Day 3

10.3 mailart3

Day 3 of 31 Postcards in 31 Days. It’s been such a busy week. Every day this week I finish my postcard and then fall into bed and sleep like a brick.

Is anyone else participating in #31Postcards?

Day 2

Day 2 of 31 Postcards in 31 Days.

Well, it probably goes without saying, attempt 2 of my little silk screen didn’t work either.

I bought a couple of new books today, and wish I could just stay up all night reading them.

Book one is Heather Ross Prints. I read a review on Creature Comforts and picked it up after work at Barnes and Noble. I wanted to get it based on my interest in making my own patterns to be printed at Spoonflower, but while flipping pages I realized Heather is a designer who’s fabrics I’d already purchased (mushrooms, goldfish, bicycles, and gnomes).

The Second book I bought was Painted Pages by Sarah Ahearn . It’s been on my amazon wishlist for a while, but finally leafing through it at the bookstore I decided to buy after seeing 3 different prompts that I really wanted to try.

I also wanted to buy the Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman (I’ve been a long fan of his) reviewed here, but they didn’t have it at the bookstore. I will definitely add it to my amazon wishlist.

I can’t wait to read more of these books.

Day 1 of 31 Postcards in 31 Days

Day 1 of 31 Postcards in 31 Days
You may notice that this is not a screen print of my lily of the valley pattern.

The print was not a success. I am kicking myself for how much time I spent drawing that pattern on the silk (probably another hour or two after I took that picture yesterday). Then when I went to apply the screen filler I did this stupid thing that I have done more times than I’d like to admit. I think to myself, why draw up the fluid with a straight edge? Why not just apply it with a brush? It isn’t until I’m halfway through that I remember why. The drawing fluid is water soluble, so if the filler isn’t drawn thin and quick it causes the drawing fluid to start dissolving right into the filler and then you don’t get clear straight lines to wash out. Also, when you use a brush, the filler globs right through the screen, leaving thick areas even if you were able to do it quick enough. Lesson learned…. until next time.

So, in the meantime, I just painted this mailart postcard and I will try again tomorrow.

Count this as day 1 of 31 postcards in 31 Days.

iHanna mailart swap

It’s been a long, long, long time since I’ve had a mailart haul to share. For the iHanna Mailart Swap I created little books like I’ve done in the past. I picture them as a collaborative project. I create the cover and the recipient gets to fill the inside pages as they like. I think it’s fun to send a book, it’s just a bit different than your average mailart postcard.

4.2.12 10 books wafer sealed

The books get sent out sealed up like the picture above. The covers have been coated with a varnish first, to hopefully keep them together through the mail.
4.2.12 front of 6 books 4.2.12 back of 6 books
4.2.12 front of 4 books 4.2.12 back of 4 books

Above are the fronts and backs of each book. I include a rubberband mailed inside the front cover to keep the book closed like pictured above. Below are all of the books opened flat without the mailing addresses, of course.
4.2.12 book1
4.2.12 book2
4.2.12 book3
4.2.12 book4
4.2.12 book5
4.2.12 book6
4.2.12 book7
4.2.12 book8
4.2.12 book9
4.2.12 book10

The flickr pool with other postcards from Hanna’s swap can be found here.