This is a big order of jewelry!

I’ve got a bunch of posts in the works, but I also have some big projects going on. One of those things is that I have been working on this large order for the Book Shack for the last week. It’s not the greatest picture above, but you can see there is a lot of work that went into the pieces above, right? They are my paper spiral jewelry pieces and there are 50 pieces total. Well, tonight I did the last step, which is the resin coating. As I began, I thought to myself “I have been very lucky to never have any flops with the resin“. I’ve heard where people had issues and the resin did not harden. Well, I was about halfway through applying the resin to the pieces when I looked down to the resin and saw all sorts of swirls. Immediately I was horrified. The swirls could mean the resin wasn’t properly stirred. I’ve always followed the instructions and stirred the resin for 2 minutes and tonight I completely forgot and basically just stirred it for only 45 seconds. I started out and then just got too anxious to begin and just skipped the step of stirring thoroughly. I’m kind of freaking out now.  If the resin doesn’t harden this could mean a weeks worth of hard work down the drain and with 50 pieces total, it could also mean quite a bit of money lost as well. Please, please, please let these pieces harden properly!

3 Responses to “Craftastrophe”

  1. 1 katie

    oh, yikes!! i hope everything works out okay.

  2. 2 Sharon, Book Shack

    Hi Robyn, now that would be “character building” !! My customers at Book shack, Brisbane, Australia just love your Paper spiral pendants and rings that they will happily wait, so send me however many that turned out, and I am sure you will fix the others with your creative skills – take as much time as you need, as they are worth waiting for! We are pretty laid back in the Land of Oz … :). Just so glad I found you, I wear my book ring with pride….take care..Sharon

  3. 3 courtney @ larking.

    So what happened with the resin? Inquiring and nosy minds want to know.

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