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Lucky Winner of Loop Giveaway

A little somethin'-somethin' I've been working on

I have had incredibly good luck in Instagram Giveaways. Knock on wood. Side note: I was just saying that ever since I started the habit of flipping pennies (where I pick up pennies whenever I see one, and if it is tails up, I flip it and returning it for the next person to find it heads-up, and lucky) that almost all of the pennies I find are tails up. I rarely find heads up pennies on the ground. Maybe I’m building up a cache of good luck, or maybe this is why I have such good luck winning on instagram ;) Side-side note: My last Grass & Stars zine was luck themed. Well, and I’ve hosted a few giveaways on instagram myself, so maybe it’s just the cycle of good karma.

My friend Courtney and I both won this print from Pars Caeli.

My friend Anna and I both won a pin from Phrasing For Light.

I think I posted about it earlier on my blog, but I won the book How to Make It by Chronicle Books, and along with it a moon print by Sycamore Press.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book and highly recommend it. I have been very slowly going through it since I won it in late summer.

I won a $10 gift certificate from Lovely Somethings (a paper boutique in Ohio) and have been saving it until I find just the right thing.

Very recently I won a felted art piece by Woodland Tea Time.

My renegade giveaway haul

And FINALLY! the reason for this post was because of the HUGE Haul I won from a Renegade Chicago loop giveaway (not to be confused with a Chicago Loop giveaway, Chicago nerd humor, sorry). When Rosa (Muro Jewelry) was coming to town she promoted a loop giveaway of a collection of Chicago Renegade vendors. I had to follow each vendor, like and comment (probably, but can’t remember the exact details) on their pictures for the giveaway for a chance to win.

When we were leaving Renegade I got a message that I had WON! It was so much fun to open, everything was wrapped beautifully and I even recorded an unboxing of it, but the video was sooooo long, so instead I just did a flat lay to share all the goodies.

The box included pieces by:

1. Naturally dyed napkins by Khazanmsp

2. Earrings by Natalie Joy Jewelry

3. Toiletry bag by Gray Market Design

4. Candlestick holders by Willfull Goods

5. Little geometric porcelain bowls by Lauren hb Studio

6. 5 Free, Vegan nail polish by Claws Out

7. Notebook by Genna Cowsert Papergoods

8. 3 legged Jewelry Dish by Baronbi Studios

9. Little wood fired bowl by Buchenot Ceramics

10. Multipurpose craft tool (pompoms, weaving, bracelet making, etc.) by The Loome

11. And last but not least, my personal favorite, necklace by Muro Jewelry

Thank you to all the vendors for sending such wonderful treasures. I LOVE Handmade and all of these pieces will be cherished.

arm 3 -Found Art Tuesday

Now time to get back to entering more giveaways! Wish my luck! Fingers crossed!!

Keeping my

2 Years on Instagram

A treasure house

Today I received Christmas cards I ordered.  It inspired me to put together this little collection in my shelf by the wonderfully talented Ann of A Beautiful Party. I don’t think I’ve ever shared this shelf before, but I LOVE it!  I added a few little holiday knick knacks to the shelf. The sewn felt covered stones on pedestal are by Stephanie Barnes, the yarn ball is actually my very first handspun yarn on my spinning wheel, and the party popper is also by Ann of A Beautiful Party. It has goodies inside, but it is too pretty for me to open up. The picture on the Christmas cards is the picture below.

It was an instagram from late last year. I thought it was my sister pulling my nephew, but the caption says it was me pulling Doc. Either way, behind my nephew is my brother pulling the Christmas tree we just cut down at Camelot tree farm. It’s a beautiful tree farm out in the countryside. After tramping through the snow and freezing your tootsies, you head into a little shed to pay and warm up while enjoying hot chocolate and cookies while sitting in old classroom chairs.

While putting together this post I realized that it’s been over TWO WHOLE YEARS that I’ve posted daily to my instagram account! I’m pretty proud of that. I’m also continually inspired by the things my instagram friends share, and the wonderful and supportive community that it is. Go Instagram, High Five!

Edit: Just wanted to ad that I’ve actually been on instagram since 2010, but only have been posting daily for 2 years.

Playing around in my studio tonight

Is it still considered blogging daily when you just post a 15 second long video? Yeah? I think so to.

August Break Week 3

Week 3 of the August Break 2013.

Day 16

We’ve been taking a lot of walks this summer, but since I got the fitbit we’ve been going out even more. Matt has been getting excited again about his camera so it’s been a good excuse to get out and take pictures. I’ve always wanted to take a picture of this huge wall downtown DeKalb, but it wasn’t until Matt stepped into the shot to take his own picture that I found some visual interest to balance out the wall.

Day 17

I finally got the covers for my little books printed and put some together. I will need to photograph them and add them to the shop soon. But, something I’ve suspected and learned in the last week is that people would like greeting cards, and I should offer some of these as just cards.

Day 18

Blumen Gardens in Sycamore (an excellent little local nursery) holds an artist’s market once a month. Courtney has done the sale for a while and introduced me to it, and Ann did it last month for the first time. Sunday was my first show. It was so nice to do a local show show that was so laid back. Right across from my booth was a trickling pond and waterfall. And since it’s just a table they provide, I don’t have to worry about packing up, setting up and tearing down a whole tent.

Day 19

From another walk this week. My sister and I used to walk down these railroad tracks to the underpass, but I had not done it for probably 10 years. I’d never taken Matt before and since he’s been carrying his camera I thought I should take him. Here’s a picture he got of me, I’m mid talk so my mouth is kinda weird but it’s still a good shot. In his defense it’s probably pretty hard to capture me where I’m not talking.

Day 20

Our first New Year’s in our house I decided to make some confetti balloons. I filled the balloons and Matt was blowing one up and tying it closed when it got away from him and sprayed tiny silver star confetti ALL OVER our living room. It was actually pretty awesome and I said we’d probably be finding these stars for years and years and I kind of hoped we always will. Well, almost 2 years later and it is true. I’ve found 3 in the last month alone.

Day 21

So, in addition to the Blumen Gardens show, on Thursday I was selected to show at the Travel Media Showcase in Rockford Illinois as part of the Rockford Etsy Street Team. Rockford decided that instead of offering the journalists mass produced mugs or shirts from China, they would offer them a selection of handmade items from local makers. They liked two of my proposed items, so I made 7 of my paper stratum necklaces from vintage maps and 8 travel journals and a variety of other items that people could purchase if they choose. I was very proud of these journals I made. They are the largest spiral bound notebooks that  I’ve made and are like the tiny ones I have in my shop with lined paper, maps, graph paper and assortment of other papers inside. I made extra so I’ll have some to post to my shop.

Day 22

I’ve long admired Nancy‘s work (of Pretty Little Thieves) and finally purchased a little painting from her. It is the painting you can see here. I love miniature things and while I was opening it I thought it made perfect sense that with my little artomat paintings that I would love other artists that also work small. I have a collection of purchased work from artomat artists (that is currently on display at Kishwaukee College in their new Student Center) but I should collect and display more small artworks as well in my own home.

And that concludes week 3 of AugustBreak2013, if you would like to see previous posts click here. And follow me on instagram to see these pictures as I take them daily.

Week 1 of August Break 2013

It’s one week into August and so here I am ready to share my contributions to August Break 2013

August 1st: Ever since we discovered that one of our local mexican restaurants offers a veggie chicken option on their menu, we find ourselves there quite often. I’m not vegetarian but even I prefer it to the meat options. And while we’re there we can’t help but partake in bebidas.

August 2nd: I’ll have to do a more extensive post on this, but my friend Sheila came to visit me and we had 4 GREAT days of adventures. This is the photobooth at quimby’s in chicago.

August 3rd: On Saturday we went to the Kane County Flea Market. I’ve been going to this flea market since I was a little, little girl. We were there the whole time (4 hours) and didn’t even make it through half of it, BUT, we did find some great scores, including a vintage Fisher Price Little People Castle. I’ve been trolling etsy and ebay for years to get one of these and they can go anywhere for around $80 for a dirty, broken and worn one to $300 for a complete set in box. I had one as a kid and want to have it for my nephew and niece to place with at my house. I was able to score a complete set IN THE BOX for only $40! This has to be my best flea market score ever. It’s an investment and immediate return on investment, ha, I’ll consider it part of my retirement fund.

August 4th: Sheila had never been to lollapalooza before so she got tickets for us on Sunday. This shot was of some random girl in front of me taking a stage picture while Cat Power was performing.

August 5th: Some people checking out some American Gothic at the Art Institute in Chicago.

August 6th: Back to the real world. Returning to work is made easier by bike AND by wearing brand new orange, fringed, and bow-tied, Minnetonkas that I swooped up at TJ Max at discount.

August 7th: This is why we can’t have nice things. I need a one armed man to come teach Bishop a lesson “And that’s why we don’t pee outside of the litter box!”

August Break

Can you believe it is August already? Like it or not, here it is.

Not sure where I found out about it, but I decided to commit to the August Break this year.

I’ll be posting a picture everyday on instagram and then maybe once a week or so will share a week’s worth of pictures.

If you are interested in seeing my pictures daily, please follow me on Instagram.

Instagram Is

Yesterday I saw reference to a short documentary about Instagram via Xanthe Berkeley. Xanthe said that after watching Instagram Is she was inspired to initiate a London Instagram meetup, where she lives. I knew I had to watch it right then and there. It was beautiful and inspiring and as someone who has met a new friend introduced to me through instagram, hey Ann, I can definitely get behind this movie. It’s only 25 minutes and free to watch, so check it out!

Instagram Is from technopaul productions on Vimeo.

I had to chuckle about half way through, that they were making it seem that even though Instagram was this creative photo sharing community, that everyone just shoots jumping shots.  I’ve never taken or been in a jump shot, instagram or otherwise. Oh wait, I take that back, I’ve definitely shot my share of hotel bed jumping shots :) A little bit further in to the movie I think they were using jump shots as a cohesive theme throughout. All the same, one of my favorite things about instagram is that I don’t notice the snobbery that is present on other photo sharing sites. No one is critiquing others for gratuitous or cliche shots. Maybe I’ll try out some full body jump shots soon.

I don’t want to end on a negative note, but I would be remiss not to mention Flickr here. Instagram is all about community and it was a breath of fresh air when I joined in 2010 after Flickr’s community feeling had been waning dramatically. When flickr released their improved app I was so hopeful and things really did seem to shift and turn around for the better for a while. But just last week they announced and released a HUGE site redesign and policy changes. I know a lot of people are really happy and thrilled with the changes, but it was the last straw for many of my contacts. Pictures are priority now, which makes sense, but did it really have to come at the cost of the community feeling? The new layout is NOT encouraging to feedback, discussions or comments at all for me. The layout, as far as I can tell, is not customizable at all, like it had been since 2005 when I originally joined. Basically I just want to use the app and visit the actual site as little as possible now. I can no longer scan through images quickly or see my favorites in quick thumbnail form. I know flickr and instagram are two separate beasts, but I feel like flickr is ignoring that a good portion of their customers were there for the feedback and not just to share professional photography. They are removing the community feeling entirely.



Mosaic of my most recent instagrams
Another mosaic of my most recent instagrams. Other mosaics from instagram can be seen here.

My instagram obsession has been going on now for two years in December. It really kicked into full force a little over one year ago and NOW I can  proudly say that I have posted daily on instagram for over a year! Yes, I have finally finished a 365 project, but note that I never committed to it, because if I did, it would have gone the way of my 365 little book pages, my 365 self portrait, and my 365 mailart project. That is to say, it would have been abandoned. After posting about all the great people she was following, I started “hounding” Anika (from aisforanika) about composing a post about creative people she follows on instagram. I’m always looking for new talented folks. Then I realized I too could create my very own post about instagrammers to follow.

Instagram has really taken place of the social network image sharing site that flickr once held. I begrudgingly renewed my prime account a few days ago because I’m locked in after hosting my blog images there for years. People still use it to house their images, but no one really comments or interacts there anymore and it’s sad. That was a HUGE part of the appeal of flickr and now it’s gone. I stand by the idea that if they could just get a REALLY swanky free app people would be using it again. People don’t want to be limited to square format and have to see vintage filtered pics forever. The truth is, not everyone is at their computer 24/7, but they do have their ipods and phones with them all the time and they want to be able to upload pictures on a whim. What is flickr waiting for? End rant.

Okay, so here are 10 great instagrammers. I’m a big fan of all of these fabulous ladies.

Andrea (HulaSeventy)



Heidi Kenny (mypapercrane)

Barbara (bbphotogirl)

Anika (AisforAnika)

Jill Bliss

Tiel Seivl-Keevers (Tielsk)

Marta Mendes (martapoeiras)

Ashley Goldberg

edit: Katie’s comment reminded me of a way I’ve tracked down artists on instagram. Although instagram allows you to find contacts via facebook and your email, and they allow you to upload pictures directly from instagram to flickr and facebook, they don’t allow you to search for contacts via flickr. A way I found to get around this was by going to flickr, signing in and typing in “instagram” in the search field. When you do that a drop down window pops up and asks if you’d like to search “everyone’s photos” or “other search options”. If you select other search options one of those options is “your contacts’ photos”. When people upload pictures to flickr via instagram it automatically tags them with the word “instagram”. This way you can find pictures that your flickr contacts have uploaded from instagram and it will help you track down other artists.

Rules are meant to be broken

This post is a shout-out thank you to instagram for providing a space where all rules are thrown out and people can happily and unabashedly post pictures that might be taboo elsewhere. I’m looking at you, shots of feet and shoes, sunsets and clouds, Starbucks drinks, vanishing viewpoint streets and railroad tracks, cats and self portraits. Thank you @instagram for starting it all by breaking the square format rule. This also goes out to all my college teachers who discouraged square format.

Rules are meant to be broken!


My creation

Here are some highlights from the last few months on Instagram. You can see the rest here, on statigram.  Still going strong on 365 days of Instagram, but there was a slight hiccup at the beginning of June when the wifi on my phone died. Since the phone is not hooked up to actual phone service this hindered uploads to the instagram website.  For a while I was able to take the pictures and then upload them through my dad’s ipad, then fortunately Apple allowed me to exchange my ancient iphone for another equally (if not older) iphone.

Have I mentioned that I can’t wait until the new iphone5 comes out just because my coworker (who sold me my original one) will be upgrading me and has promised that I have first dibs on her iphone4. Hello Facetime, and video finally! I know, I know, I should just bite the bullet and move to a provider that has iphone, but data plans are so expensive, and nowadays you can find wifi just about everywhere.