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Lucky Winner of Loop Giveaway

A little somethin'-somethin' I've been working on

I have had incredibly good luck in Instagram Giveaways. Knock on wood. Side note: I was just saying that ever since I started the habit of flipping pennies (where I pick up pennies whenever I see one, and if it is tails up, I flip it and returning it for the next person to find it heads-up, and lucky) that almost all of the pennies I find are tails up. I rarely find heads up pennies on the ground. Maybe I’m building up a cache of good luck, or maybe this is why I have such good luck winning on instagram ;) Side-side note: My last Grass & Stars zine was luck themed. Well, and I’ve hosted a few giveaways on instagram myself, so maybe it’s just the cycle of good karma.

My friend Courtney and I both won this print from Pars Caeli.

My friend Anna and I both won a pin from Phrasing For Light.

I think I posted about it earlier on my blog, but I won the book How to Make It by Chronicle Books, and along with it a moon print by Sycamore Press.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book and highly recommend it. I have been very slowly going through it since I won it in late summer.

I won a $10 gift certificate from Lovely Somethings (a paper boutique in Ohio) and have been saving it until I find just the right thing.

Very recently I won a felted art piece by Woodland Tea Time.

My renegade giveaway haul

And FINALLY! the reason for this post was because of the HUGE Haul I won from a Renegade Chicago loop giveaway (not to be confused with a Chicago Loop giveaway, Chicago nerd humor, sorry). When Rosa (Muro Jewelry) was coming to town she promoted a loop giveaway of a collection of Chicago Renegade vendors. I had to follow each vendor, like and comment (probably, but can’t remember the exact details) on their pictures for the giveaway for a chance to win.

When we were leaving Renegade I got a message that I had WON! It was so much fun to open, everything was wrapped beautifully and I even recorded an unboxing of it, but the video was sooooo long, so instead I just did a flat lay to share all the goodies.

The box included pieces by:

1. Naturally dyed napkins by Khazanmsp

2. Earrings by Natalie Joy Jewelry

3. Toiletry bag by Gray Market Design

4. Candlestick holders by Willfull Goods

5. Little geometric porcelain bowls by Lauren hb Studio

6. 5 Free, Vegan nail polish by Claws Out

7. Notebook by Genna Cowsert Papergoods

8. 3 legged Jewelry Dish by Baronbi Studios

9. Little wood fired bowl by Buchenot Ceramics

10. Multipurpose craft tool (pompoms, weaving, bracelet making, etc.) by The Loome

11. And last but not least, my personal favorite, necklace by Muro Jewelry

Thank you to all the vendors for sending such wonderful treasures. I LOVE Handmade and all of these pieces will be cherished.

arm 3 -Found Art Tuesday

Now time to get back to entering more giveaways! Wish my luck! Fingers crossed!!

Keeping my

Journal Sparks Virtual Book Tour

The Giveaway is closed. Winner announced here.

Journal Sparks virtual book tour

In the beginning of 2016 I was contacted by author, artist and teacher Emily Neuburger to be included in her new book Journal Sparks. Fast forward through all the hard work Emily did to build this amazing book, and the book is FINALLY out by Storey Publishing this week. Now, not only was I invited to be included in this gorgeous book, but I get to be part of the virtual book tour, share a project, AND give a copy of the book away to a lucky reader!

To say that this book is stunning is an understatement. I got my contributor’s copy in the mail last week and then promptly purchased another to share with my family. It’s a book for all ages, so as I am digging into it, I am also excited to share it with my niece and nephew as well! I can honestly say that being included in a book like this is a long time dream come true. The book is packed full of inspiring projects, beautiful art papers, stickers and more.

While trying to decide which project to feature the book kept opening up to the Imperfect Paper Quilting project (pages 82-83) and I took it as a sign. Not only do I love quilting and quilts, but I love layering bits of paper and collage.

Journal Sparks virtual book tour

The Imperfect Paper Quilting project can be as simple or complex as you would like to make it, and I love that Emily encourages the reader to be loose and imperfect. Just as I like to work! I made the spread above first, using a more traditional quilt pattern theme and put it in one of my handmade 4.25×5.5″ jotters. The project calls for at least 3 different papers, but I found an ad in a newspaper that had a great color scheme, orange, turquoise, and mustard yellow, and cut out triangles to paste down. I left white space in between the “blocks” and sewed over one side to drive home the “quilting” theme. I love how the word MAKE was a happy accident.

Journal Sparks virtual book tour

Next I decided to go bigger in my square sketchbook, and took a more loose interpretation. I looked through images of quilts I’ve pinned for inspiration, and found that the ones I’m drawn to are more modern and scrappy. I used scrap gelatin prints leftover from envelopes I’ve made. The “graph” style papers are what are printed inside the envelopes, as a security print.

Journal Sparks virtual book tour

And here’s the finished piece. I also fed it through the sewing machine and kept it very simple, so as not to compete with the already colorful and patterned papers.

Now, onto the giveaway! Here are the rules:
1. This giveaway will take place from now (Thursday, April 20, 2017) and will close in one week, and a winner will be announced on Thursday, April 27th.

2. Leave a comment on this post, the post on instagram, OR the post on Facebook. One entry per person.

3. Only open to US residents.

4. Don’t forget to follow Emily and myself on instagram

AND Guess What!? Storey is also hosting a giveaway, so visit this link for an extra chance at winning your own copy AS WELL AS an amazing artist’s kit from Dick Blick.

And then for those that aren’t interested in putting their luck in the hands of fate, my sister brought to my attention that while it is normally $16.95 (a super deal for the quality of the book in my opinion), it is a top seller at Amazon right now and is going for only $11.56, so you maywant to snap it up now while the getting’s good.





Discount and Giveaway Announcement

robayre.etsy.com is still celebrating 10 years!

The party isn't over yet! It's so late (for me at least 😂😴) but I finally listed two of the quilted journals in my shop. I have also created a coupon code for 10% off of everything in my shop for the month of May, 2016. Just enter ROBAYRE10YE

For the month of May, please use the code ROBAYRE10YEARS at checkout for an additional 10% off.

I've decided that I'm going to do a few things to celebrate my #etsyversary. To start out, I've been sewing up a storm and so Tomorrow (May 1st) I'm going to do a #giveaway of one of these quilted book covers with mini journals inside. I'll post a "giveaw

Today I gathered up all the entries from instagram and the blog post and drew Natalie of Cellowingnut on instagram for the quilted fauxdori giveaway. Congratulations Natalie! Thank you so-so much to everyone who entered, and to all the friends who shared and posted about it. It made me feel so special. The party isn’t over, and I have a few more things to look forward to this month while I celebrate my etsy shop’s 10 year anniversary.

I’ve also added a few more of these quilted doris to my shop, click image for link

and the following have already sold

10 Year Etsyversary

🎈🎉Today is the day!!🎉🎈Robayre.etsy.com is TEN YEARS OLD today. I can't believe it has been 10 years already. I will forever be grateful to the @etsy platform, for introducing me and allowing me to sell the precious things I make

Last fall I shared a post about Etsy over the last 10 years, but today (May First, 2016) is my shop’s actual 10 year anniversary. It has been 10 years since robayre.etsy.com was born! It’s almost impossible for me to fathom that my shop has been open that long. There have been ups and downs, droughts and floods of sales. It has not always been easy, but I can easily say that I am SO PROUD of myself for having opened the shop and sticking with it. In celebration of my shop turning 10, I am doing a giveaway! First a little back story. Last fall, via a facebook Midori Traveler’s Notebook group, I discovered that, in addition to other leatherbound fauxdoris, people make their own covers from fabrics as well. I come from a long family history of quilters, raised by a quilter, have made my own quilt as well and own an ever growing fabric hoard. I liked the idea of sewing my own fabric collection into book covers, as I am OBSESSED with always carrying the little books around with me everywhere, and piecing fabric together this size is SO do-able.

Last fall I made this #fauxdori for my friend @shealwayslovedlarking. Earlier this week my sister checked in on me to see what I had planned for my 10 year #etsyversary. What?! A whole month has passed already?! I know I would have completely forgotten it

Looking through my collection of fabrics, I was immediately inspired to make one for my friend Courtney. She loves yellow, and is working on her very own quilt made from vintage yellow fabrics. When I finally saw the quilt she was making, it was like this book couldn’t have been more perfect for her. I was so pumped at the result, that I started making more.

Tomorrow, May 1st, is my 10 year #etsyversary! Even with the accidental month warning (see April 1st), I still feel overwhelmed and lost at how exactly I want to celebrate this. I'm so thankful for the platform, which offered me a way to create and put my

I’ve been calling them fauxdori, as they are somewhat modeled after my leatherbound faudori, but actually they are 4.25×5.5″, rather than the standard passport size. I’ve always wondered why all these products, and even the moleskine cahiers that also fit inside standard midoris, are an odd size. Odd size meaning, you can’t replicate them easily without trimming away excess and wasting paper. I speculate that it is because they are based on (1/4) European letterhead size? I use 8.5×11″ and so these covers fit books that are 1/4 of that. These covers I made come with books inside, but once those are filled, it is just as easy as cutting letter sized paper in half, then folding the pages in half and stapling it together. Replacements fillers are easy peasy, and don’t rely on you purchasing from other people or businesses, and you can use the kind of paper you like, whether it is ruled writing paper or watercolor paper. Essentially, it is about the same height as a passport sized midori, but wider. You could still use the small moleskine cahiers inside, but the cover would just be wider. The inside has two elastics, that can hold one or two quarter sized books (it will come with two ruled and blank alternating paged books), a string that you can attach a bead, for a bookmark, and another elastic on the outside to keep the book shut.

I've been calling them #fauxdori, like a fake #midori travel journal, but actually they are 4.25x5.5", rather than the standard passport size. I've always wondered why all these products, and even the moleskine cahiers that also fit inside midoris, are an
With my 10 year Etsy anniversary on the horizon, I had the idea to finish the ones I started, make some more, and offer one as a giveaway.

From my instagram post:

Today is the day!! Robayre.etsy.com is TEN YEARS OLD today. I can’t believe it has been 10 years already. I will forever be grateful to the @etsy platform, for introducing me and allowing me to sell the precious things I make and love. I’m going to kick off the celebration by giving away this quilted fauxdori.

For a chance at winning, please feel free to leave a comment on this post, and then visit the instagram post for more chances there.

International entries are welcome.

On Friday, May 6th, 2016 at 3 pm CST, I will pick one winning entry at random and announce it on isntagram and then here on the blog. I will contact the winner, and request a mailing address at that point. If I do not hear back from the winner within 24 hours a new winner will be chosen

The remaining quilted faux-fauxdoris will be listed in my shop (hopefully) before the end of the day today.

Giveaway winner announced

So, it only took me a few additional days to getting around to the drawing, but here I am.

self mailing stationery by robayre

I wrote out all entries from the instagram post and comments on the blog and the winner is, drum roll please

And the winner of the much belated drawing for a set of my self mailer stationery is @alphabetpizza Congratulations! I know this prize will be put to great use with this snail mail enthusiast.

Jane of Alphabet Pizza!

Congratulations Jane, I know this set will be put to great use!

If you weren’t a winner but would still like a set, please feel free to hop on over to ye olde etsy shop and purchase a set (2) for only $5!

Na-Da Farm Event and a giveaway

NaDa Farm

If you are local, I’d like to invite to the Na-Da Farm sale. There will be plenty of booths with vintage treasures, flea market finds, creative handmade products and yummy baked goods. Of course I will be there with my own booth too, so I thought I’d invite you out to this fun event.


It’s a super fun event. The first time I went I was amazed that this sale was so beautifully assembled with treasures in every nook and cranny on a farm, in a barn in the middle of the countryside. Naturally, I wanted to be part of the event myself and now I am returning as a vendor for the second year. It will be a memorable occasion and I guarantee you will want to come back again year after year.

It’s on Friday May 17th (5-8 p.m.) and Saturday May 18th (9-3 p.m.) and costs $5 at the door (part of that will go to a local charity). It’s between DeKalb and Rochelle/Rockford in Edmond, off of Rt. 38.

5.21 booth

I’ll be located outside of the barn on the grass. Above is a photo of my booth from last year.

I’ll be right next to friend Ann from A Beautiful Party  who, I’m sure, will be selling her party in a jar pieces, as well as many more awesome items, ahem, house shaped shadow boxes (which I will be trying to snap my own up immediately). Enter Ann’s giveaway here.

And another friend Courtney from Larking will be there selling her book inspired pieces. She will actually be located inside the barn. I have yet to encourage her to create me a Peter Pan inspired piece, (not so subtle) hint, hint, hint, Courtney ;) Enter Courtney’s giveaway here.


Now, if you’ve read this far I’d like to offer those attending the sale a chance at winning a single piece of jewelry from my booth. You can pick the piece out, at your own choosing, at the event. ALSO, Anne Marie of Na-Da Farm has been so kind to also offer 2 free tickets into the event to this winner, as well as a voucher for 2 free cupcakes! Just leave a comment below letting me know you will be attending. Leave a comment on/before Wednesday 15th, and on Thursday morning I will use a random number generator to pick the lucky winner and contact them via email, so don’t forget to leave that info.

Good luck and hope to see ya there!


Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day 2012

Let’s have a picnic!

Giveaway Day
I’ve participated in the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day before with great success. I think I’ve even met a few of my regular readers through taking part in the past.

Today I’d like offer one of my picnic pouches to one lucky reader. It’s a zipper pouch covered in “grass” with a picnic blanket lining with a mushroom and an ant (what picnic is complete without an ant or two). ALSO, I’m throwing in a grass journal and a scrappy leaf keychain.
Giveaway Day 2
This giveaway is open to everyone. To enter the giveaway just leave one comment on this post letting me know what item you would bring to our virtual picnic. Entries will be accepted until Friday, May 25th, at 7 p.m. CST. Thank you for participating.

Check out the SewMamSew Giveaway Day to enter other giveaways on other blogs.

winner and updates

4.1 giveaway
It’s April First, but no joke, Courtney you won the chalkboard giveaway. I’ll be sending you an email shortly.
4.1 society6

Friday night I decided to finally put together a Society6 site and offer some of my images for print. I’ve been wanting to make poster sized images for a while and this site makes it so easy to do that. I also love the idea of being able to make iphone cases and skins from my work. I have an image concept for a poster that I’ve been wanting to create for a couple of years and I finally was able to put it together last week. I’m not sure if I want to offer it on Society6 though because I’d like to get a print done for myself first to make sure that it looks good large.
blog banner

With Matt’s help, I widened my blog a bit to make it a bit more current. Of course all of my old images were fit for the smaller size so old posts might look a little odd, but I’m happy to move forward with  slightly larger images. Widening the blog meant widening the banner which led to Arrested Development jokes “Take a Look at Banner, Michael.”   Quick Robyn PSA, if you haven’t watched Arrested Development, what’s your problem? Watch it immediately and thank me later.

edit: it has been brought to my attention that my blog might look wonky, but I think if you delete your history or cache, and refresh my blog it should look better.

We went to see Hunger Games last week and I really liked it a lot, so I’ve officially jumped on the band wagon and am now reading the book on Kindle. Go see the movie, I recommend it. The book, well, I’m not done so I can’t recommend it yet, but I like it so far.

Check back tomorrow for a post on my mailart contributions for the ihanna swap.

DIY Custom Chalkboard Paint Color, Project and Giveaway

3.21 chalkboard paint tutorial4

If you’re like me, you’ve seen plenty of DIY tutorials out there to make your own chalkboard paint in any color you want. Those tutorial’s material list goes something like this: paint color of your choosing and then start listing things like grout… and that’s exactly when I stop reading. Who has grout on hand? And how does one buy grout? And even if I bought grout, I’m guessing it comes in some HUGE bag and all I need is a couple cups worth. The other day I was at home and had a project in mind but wanted to use a different color chalkboard paint than the standard black I had on hand. I know you need a grout type product, something that adds a chalky, toothy type texture to the acrylic paint and so I started hunting around the house. Then it hit me. I have that gritty product already, and it’s in my studio… GESSO! Gesso is a substance often used as a base for all types of painting and even other types of artwork. Its wikipedia page says it is actually a paint combined with chalk. I tried mixing it with a green acrylic paint and it worked perfectly, adding just the right amount of course texture to grab onto the chalk when applied later.

3.21 chalkboard paint tutorial
Materials: Paint, Gesso, Paint Brushes, and Cup

Here’s what you do: simply mix it 50-50, or up to 75% acrylic and 25% gesso mixture. Acrylic paint is naturally kind of glossy when dry, but you want your final product to be matte. Because gesso is white, it is going to lighten up your acrylic paint substantially, keep this in mind when choosing your paint color. You’ll want to pick an acrylic paint that is that much darker than what you want your final product to look like. I used a very dark green to get the desired chalkboard green I was going for.

Apply your  new chalkboard paint to your project surface. You may want to apply a second coat depending on how evenly your first application was.

After it is dry you will want to treat your new board with chalk. Scribble, or scrape your chalk all over the board and rub it around evenly. Now your chalkboard is ready!

3.21 chalkboard paint tutorial2
A fun and easy project to use your new chalkboard paint on would be making a customizable ring, as seen at the top of this post. Other than the paint you just created, all the materials can be found at your local craft store for under $5: New chalkboard paint, little round discs, inexpensive  adjustable ring blanks, super glue or gluegun glue, paint brush and chalk.

You can buy these round wood blanks at most craft stores in the wood isles. You can also find other shapes that would work as well, like stars or hearts, or if you are super crafty you might choose to cut out your own shape using a small saw. Using super glue or a hot glue gun attach the adjustable ring blank to the back of the ring. Once it is dry and solidly attached you can paint the top of your ring with the chalkboard paint.

3.21 chalkboard paint tutorial3
And if you like the project, but aren’t interested in making one for yourself, I have created a small handful of rings and little treasure boxes with chalkboard paints (my own and the black is store bought).  Leave a comment on this post and enter a chance to win one of the pieces of your choosing. Let me know which one you’d like if you won or just say hello. Like me on facebook for an extra chance, don’t forget to come back here and leave an additional comment and let me know that you did. I will select one lucky winner on April 1st.

And the winner is…

But wait, before I announce who won the mixtape bag, let’s talk a bit about music and what I did this weekend. Some of you might have heard that Saturday was Record Store Day. Sadly the closest music store is about 25 miles away. It’s sad because I live in a university town where culture and the support of our local economy should be thriving. We used to have a whole handful of record stores, but then Borders and Barnes and Noble moved into town and not only did we lose our local bookstores, but we lost all of our music stores too.

On Saturday Matt, Tom and I drove to downtown Geneva, and went to Kiss the Sky in support of Record Store day. Around the corner from the shop there was a trash bin covered in CD labels. When I still lived with my parents I had a dresser that had one side completely covered in CD labels, but they were more organized than this. Still, I liked it.

CD Labels

The store was hopping. It was quite crowded and hard to maneuver your way through the narrow isles with so many other customers.Record Store Day

Despite going with two music enthusiasts I was saddened by their lack of support. Tom said “When was the last time you actually bought a CD, I can’t even remember myself.” I responded “last month” and he was shocked. I have only once ever PURCHASED and downloaded an entire album online and that was because I thought the artist was only doing digital and later I found out they had CDs and I was fairly disappointed that I had done that. This does not account for a rare download ahem, of music online, ahem, without financial transactions. More frequently, I’ll buy a track here and a track there online for guilty pleasure songs, when I know I won’t ever buy the rest of the album. But for an album I love, I want to hold it in my hands and open it up and smell the printing of the booklet and the ogle the design, artwork and notes.

Yes, I still buy CDs

After our trip I have come to the sad conclusion that I think I’m in the minority of people who still buy CDs. It makes me so sad that someday there will no such thing as album artwork and liner notes. Truthfully, I don’t buy CDs as frequently as I did when I was in high school and college. This reminds me of something my friend Margaret told me when I was just a young thing. She said there will come a time when you look at your music collection and the majority of it will be from a certain era, specifically, a time when you were young and had tons of money to burn frivolously.  I thought that was the worst thing imaginable. So here I am 10-15 years later, still listening and buying music so that I never become that person. Coming home on Saturday I was inspired to create the above image. Do you still buy CDs? Feel free to gank the image and use it anywhere you like. Wave your CD-buying-flag HIGH!

The mixed tape is an obsolete art, replaced by mixed CDs, only to be replaced now by playlists.

giveaway announced
Okay, drumrolllllllllll. The winner of the mix tape bag is Mindy Heindl. Congratulations Mindy, I sent you a facebook message. Send me your address and the bag will be on its way to you soon. If Mindy decides to opt out for any reason, I will draw another name and post it here. I liked this giveaway and think I’ll do more over at the facebook page.