36/36 Project opening and Uppercase Magazine

2.28 3636 Project
Picture by Courtney Cerruti (I believe)

The 36/36 Project opening was last Friday at Paxton Gate in San Fransisco.

2.28 3636 Project my spoon

Here are pictures I took of my spoon before sending it off. The center is what it looked like when it arrived, and then left and right are front and back of my spoon.

You can read a little bit more about the show in this previous post here. I’m so inspired by Courtney’s project and her inspiration behind organizing this show. She is such a do-er. She get’s it done! If you don’t already, you must follow her on instagram now!

While I couldn’t attend the opening, I LOVED seeing all the action on instagram and in my email as those in attendance shared pictures and updates from the event! First my friend Claire (bicoastally) was able to stop by and get pictures before the show even opened up.

2.28 3636 Project Paxton Gate 2.28 3636 Project Paxton Gate2
The picture on left was opposite where my spoon was displayed, and right is the grouping of spoons mine was in.

She also sent me a picture of this spoon she loved by Patrick Sean Gibson. It’s great, right? Even knowing nothing about the backstory I love it, but apparently it is a commentary on the outrageous cost of living in San Fransisco. Apparently it got plenty of reactions (positive and negative) which was excellent.

Next my friend Barbara (who just recently transplanted to SF from Chicago) was able to attend the opening and it sounds like it got crazy in there.

I don’t think she was able to even see all the spoons, but she got these pictures she shared on instagram. She shared that my piece got a good response and that sent me beyond the moon.

Yesterday I found out that my spoon was featured on the Uppercase Magazine Blog! And then I died.
2.28 Uppercase Magazine

That’s what you get for falling behind on your blog reading, and then missing important comments left on instagram. Fortunately I caught it after all.

And then I actually saw the post, and my spoon was one of two spoons that were fully featured! and then I died again.

For more or better images click on the pictures above or search #3636project on instagram. The show will be up at Paxton Gate for one month, so if you are in the area you still have time.


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3 thoughts on “36/36 Project opening and Uppercase Magazine

  1. Congrats on the show! I love your spoon; the grassy pattern is so “you” and the speech bubble is such a great use of the shape. I’m also beyond excited for you about the Uppercase feature! Go Robyn!

  2. This is beyond amazing!! I’m so happy for you! I agree with Anika, even if I hadn’t known beforehand which one was yours, if I had seen the group picture, I totally would have been able to spot it. Awesome work!

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