Found Art Tuesday is Back!

What are your plans for this weekend? Do you have some free time to create original artwork, just a little something for your own fun and pleasure? If so, then you may think about participating in Found Art Tuesday.  Imagine the thrill of covertly placing a piece of your art out in public, and then imagine the excitement, surprise and renewal of hope a stranger will have coming upon your work and realizing it was made for them, so unexpectedly.

Found Art Tuesday is back, but not that it was ever really gone. With renewed interest, Rosa (the founder of the Found Art Tuesday project) has started posting about it again and getting a great response from folks wanting to play and participate in the project. She’s inviting people to share their found art projects on the second Tuesday of each month. That’s this coming Tuesday, the 13th. The thing that’s great about Found Art Tuesday is that there’s no pressure, you can just create for fun. Create a piece to please yourself, but bring joy to others in the process!

If you’d like to participate, post about it on your blog, or flickr, facebook, etc., and then don’t forget to share it with the rest of the community. You can post links to it on the facebook page, flickr group, tag it on twitter #foundarttuesday, and if you leave a comment on Rosa’s blog post, or send her a message, she will share your links later on her blog.

For some additional inspiration, here are a few pieces I have done for Found Art Tuesday:
found art tuesday  balloon release
My first Found Art Tuesday piece that I released attached to a bunch of balloons in DeKalb, IL. Read more about it here.

arm 3 -Found Art Tuesday found art luck
This piece that I left on a lotto machine also in DeKalb, read more about it here.

found art painting in hand Found Art
This painting was left on a geographical marker in Door County, Wisconsin read more here.

carhenge pola 1 carhenge
And this Polaroid that I left at Carhenge in Nebraska, read about it here.

For more images and posts about Found Art Tuesday pieces I’ve done in the past, check out my flickr set here. And of course, the impressive collection of Rosa’s Found Art Tuesday pieces can be seen here.


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