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Too Little, Too Late


Imma jerk and never got to posting about my Big Time sign (on my blog) before the owner of the shop had to call it quits. Above is the picture I shared on instagram last year. I’m so sad because I really wanted to share this with others and order another for myself. Waaaaaaah!

The story is that my friend Joon‘s husband opened up an etsy shop where he was creating all sorts of woodwork pieces and came up with this great design based on National Park signs. I ordered this one for our house that says Big Time because Matt and I use it all the time to mean “a lot” or “REALLY” (not that it is unique, but I’m just saying as opposed to us being big Peter Gabriel fans).

When my nephew (3y/o) was over last weekend we were teaching him how to incorporate the phrase BIG TIME into his everyday conversation. "Do you like the video game Spelunky?" "BIG TIME!"

For the longest time my sister, Matt and I tried to incorporate into my nephew’s dialogue, but he refused. Here’s the caption from the above picture, from over a year ago:

When my nephew (3y/o) was over last weekend we were teaching him how to incorporate the phrase BIG TIME into his everyday conversation. “Do you like the video game Spelunky?” “BIG TIME!”

Back to the signs. Mission Beach Woodwork shop had to close up recently (sadface) Joon recently shared some of the signs that Evan (her husband) made for their house, which reminded me of how I never shared my own sign.  It is so beautifully crafted.

#LOVEOURSWIRLINGBLUEPLANET above their headboard. I love this so much! The lettering is this beautiful pale blue color.

And of course one with her nickname, which makes me even more sad because I planned on ordering one with ROBAYRE for my studio.

Think of how much fun it would have been to even make some and place them on trails guerilla art style! Nobody would question it because they were so well made.

Strike Away Show

2.28 3636 Project

In 2014 I was invited to participate in a group show, curated by Courtney Cerruti, The 36/36 Project. I think this picture above was the one featured on Uppercase Magazine, and my spoon is the upside down, grass green one.

This year Courtney and Alicia Dornadic (AdornDesign) are curating a matchbook themed art show. If I am understanding it correctly, this show is open to ANYONE who wants to participate. Submissions are being accepted until April 15th and pieces must be in their hands by May 3rd, 2015. Like the 36/36 Project, this show will be up at Paxton Gate Curiosities in San Fransisco.

I was really excited to hear about it, but was also hesitant to take on another project, as I have so many unfinished already on my plate. The sign up date was a while away, so I decided to take some time to think about it. And then BAM! In that short time, all of a sudden, I just started seeing vintage matchbooks. First at a pop up show my friend Courtney (of larking.etsy.com)  was participating in. Then at my parents’ house. THEN while sorting my paper hoard I found a whole baggie full of beautiful vintage matchbooks that I had bought at a garage sale years ago, never knowing what I would use them for at the time. That was all it took, I figured these were the signs I was looking for and I signed up. But it hasn’t ended. Last week my SIL and I went to an estate sale and in the basement I found a mishmash box of unpriced items. Just in case there might be a treasure, I started rifling through it and pulled out a binder. It was a matchbook collectors folder, with slits in the pages to hold all your matchbook covers with several pages already filled. One, who knew such a thing even existed and two, how on earth did it come to me and three, now I have a place to store my baggie of beautiful matchbook covers.

Have you heard about @ccerruti's upcoming Strike Away matchbook themed show? While going through my paper stash I found a bag full of these vintage matchbooks and took it as a sign to participate. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do, but I have some i

I’m still trying to decide on what to do for my pieces. I’d really like to use some of my vintage matchbook covers (pictured above), but at the same time how do I make them into my own pieces of artwork without covering the already existing beautiful artwork on each one? I have some ideas and need to start playing!

Now, I’d really love to encourage everyone reading to participate as well! As Courtney said “The more the merrier.” More details and the submission page can be found here at ccerruti.com/strikeaway. AND if you are on instagram, check out the #StrikeAwayShow to see what types of things other people are working on and submitting.

Battling my Paper Demons

paper pieces


Hello, My name is Robyn, and I’m a paper addict.



Recently I decided to undertake the big project of destashing my paper collection. I’ve realized that I am just not using the decorative, art, and vintage papers that I have, like I used to. At least for my artwork, I’ve been choosing my own painted and printed papers more and more instead. I’ve also realized that it’s such a BIG PROJECT because I’ve have had no self control and have never tackled it before so the paper hoard just grew and Grew and GREW! A few people on instagram said that they destash every few months or when their collection STARTS getting out of control. How smart of them (pounding my head against a wall that I didn’t think to do this myself).

My modest and humble paper collection originally started with a little accordion folder and the papers sorted inside. And then there were little ikea shelf of drawers that I had purchased to hold my entire collection, you can see them below my stereo in the picture below. The collection overflowed to the large flat shelves that stores magazines, calendars and old clipart books, and the book shelve in my studio that holds vintage books and old paper sample books. THEN when we moved to our house in 2011 I had something like 5 boxes of random papers that had no place to go, so they just sat on the floor of my studio. Over the years I was able to consolidate and get it down to just 3 boxes, but 3 boxes is still too much. I’d like to get it back down to a what’s on the flat shelves and then in the ikea drawers. Once it starts expanding, then I need to start making cuts again.

Studio getting unpacked
A picture of my studio when I first unpacked it in 2011, with the boxes of paper conveniently pushed out of the frame.

As I sort and get rid of paper I’m beginning to wonder if I don’t use any of it because it is just too overwhelming to even look at. I’ve offered paper packs of ephemera in the past. The first couple rounds were awesome and sold out quickly, but the last version I listed years ago, just sat in my shop.

It was distressing me to think of pitching my own paper collection, but I felt like the hoard was closing in on me and I know I work so much better with room to breath. I remembered when I was in college taking some fiber arts classes and the teacher had these boxes of random papers that we could sort through and use however we like. It was great! When I remembered those boxes and bins of paper in college I had the idea that I could just donate MY paper to the art school and I’m sure some college students would be SUPER HAPPY. Even if they are putting it in a blender to make recycled handpulled papers, it is being used, which is more than can be said for it on the floor of my studio.

My paper hoard - discard pile

Sadly, I’m at my end, so I’d really just love to take those boxes straight to the college but I can’t. The biggest problem is that I’ve been sloppy with my paper collection. Interspersed amongst beautiful art and fascinating vintage papers of all kinds are a variety of treasures that should not be donated. I’ve got three ongoing piles, one to donate, one to keep and one to pitch.

Found while going through my paper hoard

So far, I’ve found (I think) 6 Polaroid i-zone pics, and two photobooth strips. I have a whole container for photographs with specific individual bags for polaroids and photobooth strips, so these should not have been amongst the papers, but like I said, I’ve been sloppy.

Found while going through my paper hoard Found while going through my paper hoard

I’ve found COUNTLESS notes to myself, to-do lists, and grocery lists. As I mentioned in my last post, I used to write and draw on loose, quartered scrap papers all the time, and naturally many of those papers made their way into my stash. I’ve also found receipts, and paystubs, and bills, oi. Above I found a sketch and a letter from a friend.

One thing I wish I had started keeping were all the fortune cookies fortunes. There have been so many and they could have just been taped onto a sketchbook page.

Scrap pile

The piles of paper I plan on throwing away sometimes look so beautiful that I have to take a picture. I have a moment where I think I just want to keep it and start making stuff with it. When this happens, I’ve stepped away for a while. BUT THEN I found this box of the teensiest, tiniest, beautiful scraps. Everything is like 3 inches or smaller.


Crazy starts talking to me again and I think, I should start a photograph series documenting the piles because they are so beautiful! The paper may go in the garbage but the photographs are pieces of art on their own.

Ok, I have to admit. This box (the contents of which are in video and many pictures above) has been my brick wall. I might just make room for most of its contents in the Ikea shelf.


Cut and Paste Gelatin Print Flip Through

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

Earlier this year I was inspired by Creative Unblock Project #2 of the Creative Block by Danielle Krysa, in which artist Jessica Bell challenges readers to cut up something they love and are afraid to lose, and create a collage from it. Immediately I thought of the gelatin plate prints I had made and love, but didn’t quite know what to do with them. It was really freeing to just realize that they weren’t as precious as I had been making them in my mind and that they may have even more value if I take them to this next step by “destroying” them. I loved that it challenged me to take these “finished” pieces and keep going. I think I have a tendency to fall in the rut of having an idea, loving it, and then just stopping there because I’m afraid I might ruin it. Altering a piece might be the difference of a good piece and a GREAT piece of artwork.

On a side note, I always remember this handout from my favorite college art teacher. At the beginning of each semester he had this list that fit tightly on an 8.5×11 that shared ways to change and develop a piece of artwork; things like stretch it, drill holes in it, paint it, mirror image it, and so on and on. He would challenge the students to think of new things that weren’t on the list, he would then add them to the list and make a copy for each student. I think of that list often and how I should still be referencing it and pushing myself to move forward and not just stop when I think it’s OK and safe. “Feel the fear and do it anyway”

For a long time I’ve been trying to move away from using purchased or found patterned papers (art, scrapbooking, wrapping, etc.) in my artwork, in place of my own patterns. (Vintage papers and photographs I still think of as OK.) I’ve made some (mostly drawn or water colored) patterns here and there, but once I made this connection of cutting up the gelatin prints, I instantly had an entirely new source or collection of new materials that weren’t what I thought of as “patterned” paper but were original and my very own.

I immediately got to work cutting up and collaging. I’d do a page here and a page there and after a few months I have a finished book. And I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE it. I just want to carry it with me everywhere and flip through it. I want to get cracking on making more prints to make more little books. I tried to stick with just the prints alone, but there are few pages here and there with added pencil or pen. Maybe other books might incorporate more drawing, or painting in addition?

So, without further ado, here is a video flip through, followed by unedited photographs of each page.

the song in the background is by Dar Williams, Closer to Me

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

LittleArtBook collage gelliprints

and then, just for fun the Hyperlapse video of the flip through



#sofa #chicago #art #2013

Today I had the fortune of joining my friend Bethany as she took a group of her high school art students to the SOFA show at Navy Pier in Chicago. If you aren’t familiar with SOFA, it stands for Sculptured Objects Functional Art. I’ve probably been to SOFA around 6 or 7 times and it is always an amazing show. Several times today I was just overwhelmed by the beauty of it all. It filled my well, and now I just want to MAKE MAKE MAKE! Also, I want a gallery to represent me. Any galleries looking? :D :D :D

When I saw this piece all I could say was "MY HEART". Too much beauty at #sofa chicago #art

The above thumbnail photograph shows my favorite piece. The whole piece actually goes ceiling to floor. It is by Tanya Lyons & Mathieu Grodet and is called called Strands of Time. It is a collection of 25 strands of flamework glass & found objects. I’m such a sucker for “collections” and this piece had me swooning from the get go. I think my exact words were “My HEART!” when I first saw it. If only I had $11, 250 just burning a hole in my pocket. I wanted to step inside it and wear it and wouldn’t ya know, they had necklaces in this same style! But for the more affordable price of $800.00. No problem, let me just get my billfold (if only). Each individual glass sphere held found ephemera, anything from thread to seeds, a rusty old bullet to egg shells, and antique paper to a dead bee. I would just love looking at this piece (in my home, cough) everyday.

This year I didn’t make the mistake of forgetting to purchase the catalog and I am very excited to go through it again and again and find out more about some of the artists I saw today.

One of my favorite things that happened today wasn’t even at the exhibit, but on the school bus as we rode to the show. One of the other chaperones is authoring a book on techniques that will help children learn to cope with anything from trauma to everyday emotions. It started a whole conversation about breathing techniques, meditation and rituals. It reminded me of many things I’ve learned in the past but then forgotten about. It got me really excited to try and use rituals to help my mind make the left to right brain switch and get into Flow when working on artwork. I’ve been really struggling lately with going into my studio and actually getting into “the zone”.

That being said…

11.1 NaBloPoMo
It’s November 1st. In October I kept seeing mention of NaNoWriMo, which reminded me of NaBloPoMo. It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve posted daily for a month, and I’ve been wanting to get back into posting more so here it goes. As usual, no promises, no jinxes. Hopefully this helps get the creative juices flowing and I can share some of them here.

Circle Series #22 and the Quilt

circle series #22

This piece, #22, marks the first in LARGER work for the circle series. This piece, on the inside of the matte, measures 12.5″ square, which is larger than the previous pieces in a frame. It’s currently listed for sale here and will be shipped in this larger gallery frame. I’m very proud of this piece.

A little back story; I had the idea for a piece with a paper pierced ring and started it as a smaller standard size, compared to previous pieces.
The beginning of a circle series piece
I spent so much time working on that paper piercing ring and then when that ring was done continued on with the next concentric circle. I had this vision of very translucent layers of watercolor rings, layered over each other and instead of the layers being as I envisioned, the colors just got muddy and absolutely ruined the piece. Fortunately, I took the opportunity to start over, work larger and learn my lesson that if one particular part takes a looooong time, best to do that LAST. The result, this lovely piece that I LOVE!

With the larger size and time invested in all of those tiny individual piercings, this piece is listed at a higher price than previous circle series pieces. There are other smaller pieces still available here as well.

And in more Circle Series news, I’ve mentioned before that my Aunt used my original circle series pieces printed onto fabric to make a quilt. Well, she entered that quilt into a juried show and won judges recognition on it! She’s very creative and has made many quilts, but this was her first piece entered into a juried show. That is quite the honor, don’t you think?

Art-o-mat at Kishwaukee College

Art-o-mat® machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art. There are over 100 active machines in various locations throughout the country.

9.9.13 Kishwaukee College

In the Spring I spoke with the college about trying to generate some interest in the Art-o-mat at Kish. The result so far… My collection of artwork purchased through Art-o-mat machines (by other artists) is on display in their beautiful new student center. Hopefully, I will also visit the school to talk to students about the machine and maybe even participate in some work sessions while a student group generates work to contribute as well.

A little shaky camera phone vine of the Art-o-mat at Kishwaukee college, in Malta, (Northern) Illinois. click on the image to see the 6 second video.

9.9.13 artomat collection

9.9.13 artomat collection2

If you are interested in seeing my collection, head into the student center through the south side entrance and the display is immediately to the right. From there you can walk ahead to the book store on the left.

If you’ve never visited an Art-o-mat and you live in the Northern Illinois area, you are in for a treat, as the machine at Kishwaukee College is quite the local treasure. As seen in the video above, you can purchase a token from the student book store, also in the student center, and then head across the hall and purchase an original piece of artwork. It’s that simple!

Read more here about my involvement with Art-o-mat


Also, while you are there, please visit their brand new art gallery. It is in the center of the school, where the old book store used to be located. They have a great show “Mesh” going on right now through September 25th.

Gelli Arts Plate and Printmaking

Last week on pinterest I found the above pin via Jodi Hurt for a blog post by JournalGirl about Gelli Art prints.

That pin was all it took. I have fallen down the Gelli Arts printing hole.

Monoprint/Monotype is a printmaking technique where (generally) only one (or at least one unique) print is pulled from a block or plate.  Gelatin printing is a monoprint/monotype technique where you use a gelatin plate (a printing plate basically made of gelatin). Because gelatin plates are biodegradable, animal and water based, they are only good for so long before they start to show wear and dry up. Gelli Arts brand designed and manufactured their product that mimics gelatin, but is mineral oil and polymer based and so it is long lasting.


One of my very first prints pulled from the Gelli Arts Plate.

Between high school and college I have taken tons of printmaking classes and used many techniques, but my experience with monoprints/monotypes were based on maybe a day or two of playing around, printing from a glass plate or gummed and inked up xyrox copy art. Previously, my thoughts on monoprint/monotype was that it was a lesser printmaking technique. “Meh. Should it even really be considered printmaking?” For a few months I’ve been hearing the name Gelli Art and gelli printing bandied about on the internet here and there. It wasn’t until I saw that pin that I thought “I should really look into this” By the end of the day I had literally read everything I could find and watched hours and hours of videos of people printing with their Gelli Arts plate. You can buy the Gelli Art plates online and from Dick Blick stores. They are relatively inexpensive, the medium sized plate is $30 and 8″x10″ in size. My sister was kind enough to pick up a plate for me from the Dick Blick near her and I had my plate in my greedy little fingers the very next day. I have been obsessed, spending hours every day working on it ever since. I love how it could be used for crafting or for fine art. As I said before, there are tons of videos online. I also signed up for the Carla Sonheim class (a week’s worth of private blog posts and videos for only $25). Spending so much time working on it I realized that it feels more like painting than printmaking and reminded me a lot of when I’ve done wheel thrown pottery because there are so many factors all needing to be juggled at once. With pottery it’s the composition (wet, dry, fiber, etc.) of the clay, the centering, the position and balance of your legs, arms, and hands as well as the motion you make with your hands dependent on the speed of the wheel. With the gelli prints it’s color, layers, composition (format), as well as texture and weight of paper, texture and fluidity of the paints, layers and transparencies of layers, speed in which you work (paint drying on plate), pressure you apply while transferring your image, ghosting from previous layers showing up on a second pull or even newly inked plate, not to forget textures added from other surfaces, or printing through stencils.
Today I worked on 8 pieces simultaneously according to the Carla Sonheim course. I think that was just too many for me. I should have only worried about 4 at a time. This is the only piece that I liked so far. The rest I can keep working on.
The lone print I liked from the series of 8

The second and third day I was working I got a little frustrated with how many pieces I was working on that I did not like. I had to remind myself that I was just starting out and learning a lot. Ideally, I’d want every piece to be perfect and amazing and in general I feel like I have a very high percentage of success with artwork. But with these gelli prints, I did 8 pieces and only liked 1. I was really disappointed, but was glad for the Carla Sonheim class because she really emphasized that you can keep adding layers and adjusting pieces until you like them or offered up a whole slew of alternative options for your failed prints. My favorite was to make them into art journals. There’s a little video you can see here with another artist doing the exact same thing. Right away I was almost more excited about turning those 7 failed prints into a book, than I was into reworking them.

I'm learning a lot and figuring out what works for me with #gelliarts.

I was finally getting into the swing of things

The next day I started working on 4 new pieces, as well as adding to the back sides of the previous 7 pieces. I don’t know if I had a breakthrough, started learning more what worked for me and/or switched to right brain thinking/art flow, but I suddenly got in the groove and was really pleased with more and more of the pieces I was working on. I think I had watched too many videos and had so many techniques, styles and ideas from other artists swimming through my head. I just needed to experiment on my own and break away from those to think creatively for my own work, rather than thinking “try this like so and so did”.

7.22.13 monoprint

Loving more and more of my pieces, the more I work with this technique.

All the same I do recommend looking at the videos online if you are interested in monoprinting/monotyping with a gelatin plate. So many techniques never would have occurred to me if I hadn’t seen it online first. Doing a simple youtube search for gelatin or gelli prints will provide plenty of results. I also highly recommend checking out Jodi’s pinterest board for Monoprinting, there are tons of great articles, videos and resources. edit to add another great pinterest board by Lelainia Lloyd (tattered Edge) Pinterest I love you!

Working on a stencil that will take a while

A lot of the videos use stencils for texture and I don’t have any so I’ve been enjoying cutting out paper stencils and masks.

I know I need one more art medium to work in, like I need a hole in my head, but I’m really enjoying monoprinting/monotyping. Any time I brush off a certain medium, it’s almost guaranteed that down the road I’m going to eat crow about it. Mixed media was for chumps, collage was a joke and monoprinting/monotyping was a waste of time, now I love all three. I’m sure I will be back with more pieces to share soon.

Edit to add links to two other posts:

A Little Art Book I made from collaged gelli prints

Paper Stencil Stacks

Around Robayre

Summer has finally hit us here in Northern Illinois. That means the heat, humidity and of course the mosquitoes finally decided to show up. I’ve been very busy socially, packing overnight bags for the last 3 or 4 weekends. I feel like my studio has been neglected. It’s been almost 2 years since we moved into this house and I sometimes feel that I still haven’t really embraced my new studio space, but that is another post for another day. In the meantime I need to remind myself that I am productive even when I’m feeling like a slug. Here are some things that I have been working on lately.

7.15.13 circle series

Months ago I had the idea for a circle series piece with a ring of pierced paper. I spent many hours working on it. When I finished the ring, I went on to add the next layers and COMPLETELY RUINED the whole thing. Here it is below, in all of its beauty and glory, before I ruined it.

The beginning of a circle series piece
I feel like I rarely ruin artwork, and even if something looks like it is bad, if I keep working on it, it will come back around, but this was un-salvageable. Lesson learned, work on quicker layers first, to make sure everything is to satisfaction before investing hours of work on piercing. I scratched the piece and started a newer and larger piece. Most of my circle series pieces have been 9 inches square. This new one is 13 inches, so the piercing ring is even larger. I feel like I’ve been working on it forever, but I know it will be worth it because it is so beautiful.

Next up we have books for sending out as mailart.

A base coat on some mailart books. I kind of love it and am afraid to keep going, add layers and then ruin it. The story of almost every piece of artwork I every work on.

I was refreshed and inspired by the book I got back from Mim and made a ton of (20) new books to create artwork on the covers and then send out. Previously I have just collaged on the covers, but I decided to try painting and messing about first, before applying any paper layers.

7.15.13 books

I painted with gouaches, acrylics and used dry pastels. I kind of loved the abstract layers and the colors and now I’m afraid to cover it up. You can see the one in the bottom right corner I applied washi tape. I wasn’t crazy about it, but when I tried to pull it back off it started pulling the paint and paper up with it.

I finally learned how to do this V technique on friendship bracelets, only 25 years after I first started making friendship bracelets. When I was a kid I could just do the single sided slant, or a finger wearing loop style. A year or two ago I tried figuring it out with tutorials online, but would only end up with a mess and two separate slanted bracelets, not connecting in the middle. A few weeks ago we had a teenager temping at work, picking up the phones for us, and she was making this style and showed me how. I’ve made several ever since. It seems like a very summer thing to do, right?

And then, last night I started on this:

7.15.13 mushroom

I was inspired by a felt brooch mushroom I saw on etsy. It was a bit more cartoony, and I thought it was nice, but that I would like to try and make my very own with my very own spin to it. I google image searched the Fly Agaric mushroom and came up with this design using a few threads of embroidery floss and some vintage felt from my stash. The original idea was that I was going to use that off white felt in the background as the background for the mushroom, but now I’m kind of liking the dark green. Maybe I’ll make it into a patch, rather than a brooch? It was kind of funny because I posted the progress picture of the mushroom to instagram last night and when I did, I all of a sudden had a flashback of about 5-7 years ago I had the idea to make a mushroom brooch for myself. It also was this kind of mushroom, but it was more cartoony, like the one I recently saw on etsy. I worked on it for several hours before I decided I hated the color combinations of felt I had used and just couldn’t progress. For years I used it to hold my needles, but I think I might have just thrown it out recently when I found it again and still hated the fabric colors. I love this one, so hopefully I don’t ruin it. I want to anchor it down on a circle background and I’m afraid that once I do that it will look stupid and I will have wished I just kept it in it’s mushroom shape. I’m crossing my fingers it keeps its awesomosity.


My plan to unofficially post a new item everyday fell apart when I went to access the memory card on my camera (with hours worth of product pictures stored) and the disc was somehow corrupted. Yeah, I could have bitten the bullet and took new pictures, but we had a few weeks of dark and rainy days. Then a bunch of my shop items started expiring and need to be relisted. For the last year or so I’ve been trying to limited renewing or adding brand new to one a day. So, whether I have new items or renewed items, there is still a new listing M-F.

I still am working towards getting my patterned book covers printed. When I put together the mock ups I noticed some thing that I had missed during the initial round of cleaning up the images in photoshop, ahem, stray cat hairs on the scanner. The files look good, now I just need to find a place to get them printed, as the last place I used has closed. I don’t want to order prints online, and would prefer to find a printer nearby. We will see how it goes.

Little Patterned Journals

Robayre Patterned Books

I feel like it’s been forever that I’ve had this idea in my head, but I finally have something to show for it. I’ve been making these patterns and sharing sneak peeks on instagram for a while with a larger project in mind. I would make a line of little journals, similar to the journals already in my shop, but these would have covers from the original patterns that I created from paintings, drawings, mixed media, etc.

scallop / scales

Painting a pattern for a project I have in mind

An idea I had in my head

Another pattern.

#wip #pattern for more book covers. I'm going to add more detail with colored pencil to the #flowers #leaves

I finally put together some prototypes of what I’d like the finished journals to look like. They are only prototypes because I still need to do some editing on the computer, but I also need to find a place to get the covers printed.

Robayre Patterned Books
They’re approximately 4.25×5.5″, have rounded corners and lined paper inside. I’ve been toying with the idea of offering some books with inside plain white pages and others lined, but I guess I think they would generally sell better for people that want to write in them, as opposed to sketch or create art inside.

I really love how they came out, but as a cohesive line of journals, I’m not so sure yet. Should they have a name? I’ve really had so much fun creating patterns, knowing that they would become little books. A dream for me would be getting to paint and create original patterns to make into little books like these all day, every day. Maybe as the patterns grow in quantity the cohesiveness will pull together? It’s like I was talking about with Rosa a while ago, it’s that perfect intersection of your passions, where I get to create original artwork and design printed work from it. The artist AND the designer in me is giddy.

I also had the idea of selling them in a two pack and that is how they are photographed above, but I’m not married to that yet. Once I have worked out the printing kinks expect these to be added to my shop robayre.

So, whaddaya think?