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Found Art Tuesday February 2012

As I mentioned last week, Found Art Tuesday is getting a revival. Rosa has declared the second Tuesday of each month to be Found Art Tuesday, and here I am on St. Valentine’s Day to present you with my first Found Art Tuesday in an eternity.

The front

and the back

Since I’ve been in Artomat mode, painting my mini canvases I thought I’d like to make a little painting for this Valentine’s Day Found Art Tuesday.

It took me a long time to think of where I should leave it. I wanted to get my mom a treat for Valentine’s Day, and I know she loves the cheese popcorn from the local candy store, The Confectionary. Then it hit me. What’s a better place to leave some love themed art, on Valentine’s Day, than in a candy store. Also fitting, as I am a candy addict. Once I decided, then I was nervous and worried about how I would leave it. It’s one thing to quickly ditch it somewhere, and another entirely to stick around and take photos.

Naturally, after we were already on our way I realized I forgot to bring my nice camera with me, so all my pictures are from my cruddy camera phone. The picture on the left above is taken from the Confectionary’s website.

I would have loved to leave the art taped to my favorite jar of candy, but when we got in there the employees were remarking how it was the first time it had slowed down all day, so their attention was entirely on us. Instead I realized they had a bulletin board, so I had Matt pay for the popcorn while I hung my artwork on the board.

It was such a relief to let it go and get out of there. I know Rosa feels like a super slueth or Ninja, but when I leave artwork behind I feel like a criminal. “they’re gonna catch me, they’re gonna catch me” like I could be taken away in cuffs and locked up forever.
My new favorite place in town - Aspen Leaf Yogurt
Afterwards, since it was Valentine’s Day, Matt and I went to the new Aspen Leaf Yogurt. I’ve been wanting to go to one of these new yogurt type places for a long time, and lo and behold, we suddenly have one in town. I have a feeling that it will be my go-to place during the dog days of summer.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Now I’m off to check and see what Rosa, and others might have contributed.  I’d love to hear if you played too.

Found Art Tuesday is Back!

What are your plans for this weekend? Do you have some free time to create original artwork, just a little something for your own fun and pleasure? If so, then you may think about participating in Found Art Tuesday.  Imagine the thrill of covertly placing a piece of your art out in public, and then imagine the excitement, surprise and renewal of hope a stranger will have coming upon your work and realizing it was made for them, so unexpectedly.

Found Art Tuesday is back, but not that it was ever really gone. With renewed interest, Rosa (the founder of the Found Art Tuesday project) has started posting about it again and getting a great response from folks wanting to play and participate in the project. She’s inviting people to share their found art projects on the second Tuesday of each month. That’s this coming Tuesday, the 13th. The thing that’s great about Found Art Tuesday is that there’s no pressure, you can just create for fun. Create a piece to please yourself, but bring joy to others in the process!

If you’d like to participate, post about it on your blog, or flickr, facebook, etc., and then don’t forget to share it with the rest of the community. You can post links to it on the facebook page, flickr group, tag it on twitter #foundarttuesday, and if you leave a comment on Rosa’s blog post, or send her a message, she will share your links later on her blog.

For some additional inspiration, here are a few pieces I have done for Found Art Tuesday:
found art tuesday  balloon release
My first Found Art Tuesday piece that I released attached to a bunch of balloons in DeKalb, IL. Read more about it here.

arm 3 -Found Art Tuesday found art luck
This piece that I left on a lotto machine also in DeKalb, read more about it here.

found art painting in hand Found Art
This painting was left on a geographical marker in Door County, Wisconsin read more here.

carhenge pola 1 carhenge
And this Polaroid that I left at Carhenge in Nebraska, read about it here.

For more images and posts about Found Art Tuesday pieces I’ve done in the past, check out my flickr set here. And of course, the impressive collection of Rosa’s Found Art Tuesday pieces can be seen here.

Day 18 – Mini Collages for paintings

Day 18 Thing-a-Day.

While I was working on these mini collages, I was struck with inspiration. See, I really want to do another series for artomat this year and so I need to crank out the collages before I can begin on the paintings. (I make little canvas paintings based on collages that then are sold in art vending machines, you can see more about it here).

The thing is, when making the collages I’m really limited to very simple and basic shapes and images because I know they will eventually be painted. It takes a lot of time to do those paintings, so a really complex collage = a lot of time spent. I love artomat, but it’s really all about promoting my work, and artomat, and not so much for any financial gain. I only make $2.50 on each piece sold. Yeah, a painting I would normally sell for around $30 is sold for $5 and my cut is half of that.

Back to the inspiration that hit me. As I riffled through bits of paper, I kept finding pieces I’d want to use, but then realize it was too complex of an image. I thought, I’d really love to just collage without the pressure of knowing I’ll need to paint it. I decided to allow myself to make some mini collages with no purpose other than for fun. I liked that idea, but it didn’t last long because then I had another idea that sounded like even more fun.

For a long time, years maybe even, I’ve been wanting to create some collages that I’d turn into stickers and then post graffiti-style, out and about publicly. Shhhhh! I know graffiti is illegal, just don’t tell anyone, k? I thought this would be an awesome project for Found Art Tuesday and it’s been a while since I’ve participated in that. Sooo, check back here on Tuesday to see what I’ve created and where I’ve posted pieces.

Oh, and before I head off to start my graffiti-collage-sticker-art, I keep forgetting to mention the “Drawing THIS LOVE” project. My collage style contribution made it to their email and website as a Frame of the Week. Thank you everyone who sent me a heads up. I took that as a great sign that a bunch of you are also contributing. Yay!

2.18 Drawing THIS LOVE - Drawing of the Week

If you haven’t signed up to do a frame, I’m pretty sure there are still frames left so head on over and sign up. I can’t wait to see the finished video.

post-it note Found Art Tuesday

I was inspired by this post and video shared by Summer Pierre about creativity in the office space.  The video touches on the book she published and promotes leaving positive notes, spontaneous and anonymously in the office. I thought “why not art?”

So today, for Found Art Tuesday, I drew this fish on a post-it note and stuck it on the vending machine at work. Hopefully someone craving something was delighted, for at least a moment, to find more than they had planned on at the snack machines.

And, here’s a joke that a friend told me, and it really has to be said allowed to be appreciated because it deals with the oddities of our language.

Q:What do you call a fish without an eye (i)?

 A: Fsshhh

It’s Tuesday and that means…

FOUND ART TUESDAY! As usual, I wait until last moment and then frantically try to think of a place to leave my artwork. A place where it will be safe from the elements, not too populous so that I’m watched, and not too vacant so that the piece goes un-found.

Last week I was in Chicago, but could I be prepared enough to create a piece beforehand AND bring it along? Of course not. So, where did I leave today’s piece? Well, I had to run to the post office and drop off a package, so I figured I’d make it a two for one and leave my artwork in the lobby. As I left it I started worrying I could get in trouble for leaving my artwork. Hope not.

I hope the person who finds and keeps the painting enjoys it. As usual.

Join the Found Art Tuesday fun at facebook and flickr

Found Art Tuesday

Today I did a last minute Found Art Tuesday piece and I’m so proud of myself for starting and completing it all in one evening. It seems every Tuesday I always have these last minute ideas and then I get off of work and reality hits. The concept and estimated time are always much quicker than the actual execution. But tonight? Tonight I finally succeeded.

Last night I made this page spread in my little book. The cut pieces in the above page spread were originally part of another project that is still in the works. I finished using them for the other project and couldn’t just waste them, so I created the above Radiohead inspired piece. You can even see that I used the same idea with the shapes here as well.

Today I had the idea to use the same technique of pierced paper geometric shapes to make original wearable art pieces. Tada! I really liked how they came out. There are three buttons and each button is a layered piece with watercolors painted on the background paper, then a hand-cut geometric shape collaged on top, all sealed together and protected by clear plastic.


I made up a card on watercolor paper, decorated a frame to go around the “art pieces” and stuck it up on a local community bulletin board. My only regret was that I didn’t take better pictures. You can’t see from my quick snap shot of the bulletin board, but the “frame” on the watercolor card is glittery gold paint. It was supposed to be like a gilded frame, and would hopefully attract attention. I love-love-love how these buttons came out, and I thought I took suitable enough pictures, but they just don’t show how beautiful they really are. I think I’ll make some more.

FAT Fun Fact: Did you know that Found Art Tuesday, created by Rosa Murillo, has been around since 2006?

As usual, please take a look at the flickr and facebook groups for Found Art Tuesday. Join in on the fun by leaving artwork out in the world, and adding to the joy, excitement and unpredictability of life, or just stop by and enjoy the other participating artists.

Found Art Tuesday

I’m very excited to announce that the project, “Found Art Tuesday” is now on Facebook. Don’t forget Rosa’s font of Found Art Tuesday information, as well as the flickr group, but please, please, please join and support us in Found Art Tuesday on Facebook. You aren’t required to participate, but really, who doesn’t “like” finding free art? Give it a thumbs up, will ya?

It’s been a long time since I participated in Found Art Tuesday, but here I am with Blades of Grass No. 1. It’s a 6×6 inch acrylic on canvas piece. This is the first piece in the series. See this earlier post for the second piece. This series is still so new and very much close to my heart, perhaps that will explain my anxieties below.

I wanted to leave it at the lagoon in town and I asked Matt to join me in this covert operation. Once we got there and saw all the families with little kids throwing bread for the ducks I immediately had hesitations. This was my same fear when I left the painting at the riverwalk in Naperville. Sadly, I never found what came of that piece. I’m afraid that a child will see it first and the parent will see the bright colors and think it’s geared toward children, and let them keep it as a “toy”, and while most of my art is suitable for children, they are not toys. I guess I ask myself, “can a child really respect and appreciate a piece of artwork as I think it deserves to be treated?” I had this vision enter my head where a kid finds it and thinks it would be hilarious to just toss into the water. We continued to walk until I remembered a geocache at the kissing bench. The kissing bench is a perfect location, a little bit hidden, yet still pretty central to campus.

I left it protected in plastic, visible and hopefully secure, but still I worried about its outcome. Would it get blown down into the branches? Would it be rained on overnight? I don’t know why I get so worried and protective. It’s similar to my mail art pieces. I send a little piece of myself out into the world, hoping-hoping-hoping that it brings a little bit of happiness to someone out there and when it never gets registered I worry that it got lost, stolen or destroyed in the post. Should I mourn for a piece that never fulfilled its only purpose?

For this piece I wouldn’t need to wonder long. I just visited the Found Art Tuesday Facebook page to get the links and I’m ECSTATIC! The recipient already posted on the Found Art Tuesday page stating the title and saying “it’s lovely”. Thank you, Addison, for stopping by facebook! I’m so glad you liked the piece :D

Now, I implore you all, spread the love and beauty. Make something and leave it out to brighten someone else’s day. Join the facebook group in support of the project. It’s a beautiful world.

ahem, facebook, cough. My work here is done!

Day Two – I LOSTed

No Spoilers!

So, today is election day in Illinois. Also, it is LOST DAY (season premiere of the last season of LOST). I got the idea today for my thing-a-day when I was thinking about those little oval stickers they give out at the polls that say “I voted”. We were going to a Lost party and so I thought it would be fun to make some “I LOSTed” stickers to give out to everyone in attendance.

I designed them in photoshop, inkjet printed them out on regular copy paper, covered them in packing tape for a glossy finish, ran them through the xyron machine and voila! I LOSTed.

Then for fun when I went to vote I made up this post-it to leave in the voting booth. I chickened out though, so before I left I stuck it in a stack of papers that were left in each booth informing voters about how to vote.

The note says “You’ve voted, Now don’t forget to watch LOST. Take this sticker to let others know you voted then you LOSTed.”

Yeah, I’m a nerd. A nerd for LOST. And by the way, the episode was AWESOME!

Polaroid Week / Found Art Tuesday

Today I had the brilliant (patting myself on back) idea to kill two birds with one stone. Day two of Polaroid Week would also be a great day for a Found Art Tuesday piece.

I remembered the other Found Art Tuesday Polaroid piece I did around this time last year at Carhenge. That piece was a failed picture that I drew on, so I was inspired to look through my bag of old Polaroid pictures and find an old one I’ve never posted before and then leave it somewhere for another person to pick up and keep.

The picture is from 2003, as it was written on the back. I like all of the white/neutral colors and textures.

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone but….tonight I had my ceramics class at the community college and I decided beforehand I’d leave the Polaroid in the Art wing somewhere. When we got to class I remembered how many bulletin boards are covered with all sorts of artwork and decided to sneak my picture in on one of them. As it turns out one of the boards was filled with art cards with different subject matters, portraits being one of them. Perfect. My piece fit in wonderfully.

Found Art Tuesday

Doh, I thought I was going to actually post a Found Art Tuesday piece on Tuesday. The holiday on Monday threw me off, so here it is on Wednesday :) It’s been ages since I’ve participated in Found Art Tuesday.

I made another miniature painting, based on a collage, on a handbuilt canvas. I made this piece specifically to use in participating in Found Art Tuesday. This weekend my sister, Matt and I went geocaching, 7 in one day. It was all great until there was a tick found on one of the microcahes :( For those who don’t know, I am absolutely terrified of ticks (I have an irrational fear of getting lymes disease), so it kind of killed a bit of the joy. I had this painting I wanted to leave behind for someone, but just about every cache was a microcache (meaning, a film roll can, a magnetic key box, or pill box).

Since we were in the Aurora area, out by my sister, we got the idea of going to the Naperville Riverwalk. It was hard to be stealthy because the place was packed. The walk next to the river, as well as the regular paths were a steady stream of families, couples and friends all out enjoying the lovely weather on the holiday weekend. Finally I found a group of trees that was situated between the two paths, waited for a gap of people and ran up to place it facing oncoming traffic.

I realized that this is actually my fourth mini painting that I’ve left for Found Art and right now I’m batting 1 for 4. The first painting was my very first Found Art piece which I let go of on a group of balloons, never heard back, the second was in a lockbox geocache on campus, no one mentioned taking the painting from the cache log online, and then a month later the river flooded and the box disappeared :( Then the third was last year, when I left a painting on a geographical marker in Door County. I received the nicest email ever, from the man who found that painting. I couldn’t have hoped for a better person, he was an artist as well, and said that it gave him more hope for people, to find my piece. Now I’ve left this piece, in a high traffic location, so fingers crossed that it made it’s way to just the right person who needs it :)

Please check out my flickr set of all the other Found Art Tuesday pieces I’ve done, and here is the flickr group pool for other people’s Found Art as well :)

One last thing, I’m participating in the May Giveaway Day, where I am giving away not one, but TWO of my Recycled Envelope and Stationery Sets. Leave a comment on this post from yesterday and be entered to win, and then please feel free to browse around the rest of my blog, I like to meet new people :)