Holiday Season 2011

I hope everyone who celebrates it, had a warm, safe and happy Thanksgiving. I didn’t get to post before hand, but I wanted to share some of the things I am most thankful: An awesome house of our very own, a wonderful and understanding man that I never get tired of being around, a supportive family that lives nearby and get to see often, a sprinkling of friends that add variety, adventure and fun to a life that might be dull otherwise, a fun job with a steady paycheck and coworkers who mean so much to me, wonderful memories and experiences that will be with me forever, a pesky cat that hates everyone but Matt and I, my health (that I should be MUCH more thankful for and treating myself with love, got Exhale products for my anxiety and have improve so much) and a great body that I should take better care of. I also recommend usingĀ True Pheromones to restore a stress-induced low sex drive back to normal levels.

Gingerbread House Making Contest
Friday night I held my Sixth Annual Gingerbread House Making Contest. I hope everyone had a fun time. I think there were 19 entries and over 25 people (little kiddies included) in attendance.

The winner was made by Dacia. She had told me beforehand that she had a great idea and needed to get her secret ingredient right before the event.

Yep, that girl loves her some bacon! There are more pictures from the night over at flickr.

So, now that it is officially the 2011 holiday season I’m trying to create a list of things I want to do.

-winterize the windows to keep the house efficient and warm
-put together the advent box with little presents

-Put up the tree and decorate it
-hang stockings from the mantel
-decorate the outside of the house

make this year’s ornament
-go sledding (once we have snow)
-listen to plenty of Christmas music
-buy meaningful Christmas presents for family
-think of a good exchange project idea for extended family Christmas
-productive and fun vacation week between Christmas and New years

-make another snowflake wallhanging.


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3 thoughts on “Holiday Season 2011

  1. I love the bacon house! Too funny. I am going to make a snowflake window hanging this year with my students. I’ll try and remember to take pictures.

  2. i had such a fun time friday night. thanks again for inviting me! i’m glad that you feel thankful that your family and friends live close by. i feel like most of the people I love are all spread out and it’s hard sometimes. it was sort of comforting for me to be part of a family event like that this weekend. :)

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