Renegade Haul 2023

Renegade Haul 2023

If you’ve been around for a while you may recall that I have shared my Renegade Chicago Haul every year. I think I’d been to every one since the second annual Renegade, back when it was in the actual park and not on the street. The first year they had it I had actually gone to a similar but different, now defunct show. But I don’t know if they even had it in 2020? 2021? At any rate, the last show I had been to was in 2019, but I finally returned for 2023!
I went by myself which meant I probably got through it in record time, but which also means I probably missed tons of awesome stuff because I didn’t want to wait at crowded booths.

It was perfect weather, cool and sunny.

Some things I noticed this year – 

-Lots of jewelry booths, but from quick glances it looked like pretty basic metal jewelry. For example, there were a few booths doing that permanent jewelry trend, where they zap it closed on you. Not really my thing.

-Lots of ceramics, which I did love! Prices were wild, from $35 – $265 mugs!?! But also planters to tiny figurines.

-Which leads me to lots of tiny bud vases! I’m surprised I didn’t buy any because if you know me, you know I love making tiny posie bouquets. I’ve bought some before at Renegade but I think the variety and amazing pieces made it hard for me to choose. Plus, lately I’ve been seriously toying with making some of my own. Earlier this weekend I was at the Sandwich Fair and learned there is a judging category for miniature bouquets!

-Lots of glass drinking jars, wooden lids and glass straws. The kind with vinyl decals on the outside. I recently bought 2 glasses on Etsy like this, threw them into the dishwasher to clean before using and destroyed them. Not dishwasher safe? I immediately went to the listing and read that it was to be hand washed. I wish I had read that before buying.

-Lots of Stickers, which I would normally be excited about but I found most stickers felt disjointed from the rest of the shop. Or maybe they just weren’t my taste? I only ended up buying one.

-Several booths selling clothing made from (or made to look like they were made from) old quilts and parts of old quilts.

So now for the items I purchased

Being Myself frog shirt by Molly Anne Bishop. I was also VERY EXCITED that she had a promotional newsprint newsletter.

A moon phase calendar printed on wildflower seed paper by Jeremy Rendina. My sister usually gets this every year, so I got it for her.

Probably my absolute favorite purchases, the tiny cat and rabbit ceramic figurines by Starting Projects

A paint palette and cloud dish by Amber Frances

Cat eyes t-shirt by Baby Cats

A ceramic shrine/grotto/alter by Ruby Moon

As I said above, I only bought one sticker and it was my first purchase of the day. A pink ghost wearing heart sunglasses by Hard Pass Creative

I grabbed a lot of business cards as usual. There were artists I liked that I will keep an eye on later. I had a good time and was glad to return.


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