My Instagram pictures

I’m still at it, sharing an instagram picture every day. I don’t post them all to flickr, so if you follow there, some of these might be new. Here are 16 favorites of the last month or so.

The first pictures was from today. Matt and I cooked a turkey for the first time ever. We didn’t actually break the wishbone yet though. I remember my mom always saying you should let them dry out first. It will give me time to decide what I want to wish for.

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  1. 1 amanda*rose

    Well, your blog is just the cutest. I’m always excited to see how graphic designers “do” their blogs because, well, I assume they’ve got more tech-knowledge than us normal folk.
    Haa haa!
    I would love to read a day-in-the-life post about being a graphic designer…near future?? :)

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