mini catch up dump and an award

I never got around to posting the last 3 postcards from last weeks mailart365, so I’m doing a little mini dump today. I’ll post this weeks cards tomorrow.

I created 3 little stamps for the background pattern. BTW, is there a name for that scallop-like pattern? Anyway, I stamped the background of all three postcards at once.

I gave this first one a very light gesso wash to make the background more pale. It looked very Eastery, so I painted an egg shape in the center and then drew a girl with bunny ears inside that. I love drawing on gesso. If you haven’t tried it before, I highly recommend it.

It’s card #38/365 and the list that was written on this postcard is something like My favorite people.

4.8 postcard 39 things I hope to happen in the next year

The next card I put the mixed stamp stamp over it and called it a day.  The card is #39/365 and the list on the back is things I hope happen in the next year.

4.8 postcard 40 things that hsould happen on road trips

Postcard #40/365, I did a dry horizontal brush in gesso and then another vertical to give it a hopefully textile like texture, then I stamped my polaroid hand carved stamp on it. The list on back is a list I really liked that I came up with, Things that should happen on road trips. I wish all lists were so easy to come up with.

This morning I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by Joyce at Young By Design. Thank you Joyce! I will return soon to share my fun facts and share the award with some of my favorite stylish bloggers.


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