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Summer 2017 Chalkboard list

Summer 2017 chalkboard

The summer was crazy! I almost ran out of room on the board.

Recently I listened to an episode of the Happier Podcast (episode 134) and a listener shared the idea of a “Ta-Da List”. Gretchen spoke about “monitoring” where you pay attention to your actions and this can aid you in regulating and modifying behavior as well as thought patterns. If you tend to beat yourself up about doing (or not doing things) you may be pleasantly (or not so pleasantly) surprised to see your actions when monitored. The idea of the ta-da list is that you write the things that you have done and accomplished after the fact, rather than things you need to do (like on a to-do list).

While I do love a to-do list, Gretchen said that a ta-da list might be especially helpful to Rebels (from her book The Four Tendencies) who might otherwise resist to-do lists. For the record when I took the four tendencies quiz I got Rebel, and as a true to Rebel I have doubted it but then refused to double confirm it, which pretty much solidifies my rebel status that much more (insert laugh cry emoji here). A quality of rebels is resisting internal and external expectations, and that is pretty much me in a nutshell.

If I remember correctly, I started doing these seasonal chalkboard lists for lack of any other chronicle of my life. I love a good scrapbook, but I had to admit to myself, it’s just not happening. I used to keep journals when I was younger, but at one point when I went back and started rereading, I realized that I had the tendency to only write when I was mad or upset and it gave a very skewed idea of what my life was like and it was REALLY depressing, so I stopped writing. These chalkboards help remind me of how productive I was, as well as bring back the memories of those events.

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Going to the Drive-In

A quick note, as it’s been weighing on my conscience that it’s halfway through the year and I haven’t posted about my yearly lists yet. I didn’t put together a list this year because I wanted to take time to finish the things on my previous lists. I’d rather work away at items that are important, rather pile on more obligations to the point that it is no longer enjoyable. That being said, earlier this week I was thrilled to cross off an item from last year’s to-do list. I went to the drive-in movies for the first time in my life. After driving past the Cascade Drive in (West Chicago) over 10 years ago now, I’ve known that was the drive-in I wanted to attend.

6.8 Drive In 8
Talking to people beforehand about the drive-in, I gathered that it was fun enough, but nothing amazing. I tried not to build myself up as much as one can, when they’ve been wishing to go to the Drive-In their entire life. Honestly, I’ve wanted to go for so long, but it had to be with just the right person, and for the right movie and at the right time of the season, etc. Matt and I have been together now for 10 years, so I think it was finally safe to say he was the right person, lol.
6.8 Drive In
Like I said, this item was on my to-do list from last year. I added myself to the Cascade Drive-In movie theatre email list and for over a year they’ve been sending me the movies they are playing each week. Last year, without fail, when a movie that I’d finally want to see came to the drive-in, it would turn out that I had already seen it in the regular theater weeks before. So this year, I told myself not to rush into the theaters to see everything and save it for the drive-in. When it came down to it, I finally said if I wait for the perfect day and the perfect movie, it will never happen so when I saw the new X Men movie was playing I thought it would be good enough.
6.8 Drive In 2

I think most drive-ins are usually double headers and this one was no different. Bridesmaids was the second movie, and although I wanted to see it, we ended up going on Wednesday, and we both had to work in the morning. We left it up to how we felt at the time to leave after the first movie or stay for the second feature. Also the movie theater was over an hour’s drive away from us.

6.8 Drive In 3

Keeping low expectations of the experience worked out because immediately driving in I knew it was going to be awesome and even better than imagined.  The lot was all gravel so you didn’t have to worry about mosquitos. They had the posts with speakers attached and before the movie began they were playing classic hits from the 50s. Both Matt and I really enjoyed that. The theater really made their best effort to make it like it had been back in the day. You could listen from your speaker on the post, put the speaker in your car or just tune to 88.5 on your radio and listen that way. We played the movie through our radio and had our windows open so we could hear from all the other speakers in the theater and it was almost like stereo coming from all directions.

6.8 Drive In 4

We got there about 20 minutes before the first show was supposed to begin (8:30 p.m.) and there were a few cars there before us. By the the time the movie began we heard an employee’s walkie-talkie announce that there were 110 vehicles and I saw more cars still pull in after that. So, they did decently for a midweek showing.  That day had been unusually hot, but by the evening it was so nice out. We were able to have the windows down and sunroof open and there was a cool breeze. If we go again I’ll try and remember to bring a blanket and pillows.

6.8 Drive In 5

They had a snack shop where you could buy all sorts of goodies, and they didn’t seem too expensive either. Popcorn for a dollar! Who’s heard of that at a movie in the last 50 years? But beforehand, heading to the movies Matt and I picked up some sandwiches to bring with us. It’s a perk you can’t enjoy at the regular movies. You can also bring your pets and lawn chairs. There were several groups laying in truck beds or SUVs to watch the movie. Before the movie began I even saw people that brought a baseball and mitts to play catch. They also had picnic tables in a grassy area and permanent BBQ grills for anyone to use.

6.8 Drive In 7

Probably because it wasn’t dark enough yet, the movie (or rather commercials) began about 20 minutes late. But once again to my enjoyment, they played all of these old classic commercials from long ago advertising things they carry in the snack shop. It filled in even more than in this picture above, but they kept all the cars in certain rows. I’m not sure, but I’d guess they could probably pack over a thousand cars in there. I can imagine how full it would be on a Friday or Saturday night.

6.8 Drive In 6

Here is a picture I snapped of the moon as it was getting darker. By the end of the movie the wind had REALLY picked up and  it had been so hot and dry the last few days that dust from the gravel started picking up. A couple times I got stuff in my eyes, and that’s not good for this contact lens wearing girl. X Men was good and it ended a bit after 11, even though Bridesmaids was supposed to start at 10:30. We were more than content with our experience, so we decided we were fine leaving early. Good thing too because a few minutes after we left the sky opened up and rained and poured the whole way home.

I had such a good time and I’m so glad that it was just Matt and I, but I’d definitely want to go again. I think it would be fun to get a group of people in multiple vehicles.  Also, I think they open up a full 2.5 hours before the movies begin so you really could make an evening of it with BBQing and everything.

Day 2 – “To Do List” Notepad

2.2 to do pad
Today was a snowday, probably the only one I’ll ever experience as an adult. See, I live only 7 minutes away from work and it shouldn’t be that hard to get there. BUT, last night we got hit by SNOWPOCALYPSE 2011. The snow was so bad that last night, before it even got that horrible, we tried to go out and the car got stuck halfway in the driveway and halfway on the street. It took us an hour and half to undo that mess. Basically this morning I realized that if I was going into work, I’d need someone to come pick me up. When I called in, no one else was there. So, Matt and I got to enjoy the day off and even tackled the driveway and sidewalks. I think we might be able to get out now, but there’s no bets on getting back up our driveway. When we go to work tomorrow, we might never get to come home ever again… well, at least until spring.

2.2 to do pad5
Needless to say, today I had plenty of time to work on my Thing-a-Day. Ever since I designed my bunting notepads I’ve been wanting to make a long and skinny “to do list” notepad in a similar style, with a magnet on back so it can hang on a filing cabinet or refrigerator. I decided with the simple word “today” instead of “to do” so if you wanted to use it for something other than a to-do list you could. So, instead of reminding yourself that you need to twitter, or win the lotto today, you might list the things you are grateful for today, like snow days, and a neighbor that has a snow blower and does part of your sidewalk for you. Thanks, Dude! Here are some progress pictures. Above is the image, letters cut out by hand of random pretty papers, and ready to take a picture. Chances are, if you’ve received something in the mail from me, it was in this same font called robayre. Why robayre? Because I created it and I’m cool like that.

2.2 to do pad4

Next I edited the picture on the computer, designed the notepad and then printed out the sheets. Cut and padded them. I should have reversed that order, but they turned out fine anyway.

2.2 to do pad3

Voila! The finished product.

2.2 to do pad2

2010 Yearly List

It’s the last day of January and I think I’ve finally finished my 2010 to-do list. Of course, as soon as I hit publish I’m sure I’ll remember more things I wanted on the list. Here is last year’s list.

1. Buy a marble and start my glass marble collection  (received May 17, 2010)
2. Make 5 simple animated gifs to post on my blog one two three four Five and an extra
3. Buy a vintage globe and a huge map for the bedroom Globe Matt bought me this map for my birthday in 2011
4. Leave 100% tip at a restaurant
5. Leave change in coin machine 5 times one, two, three, four, five
6. Send a care package to a soldier overseas
7. Build a storytelling shadowbox diorama
8. Upload a youtube video with my face and voice
9. Participate in wardrobe remix photography 4 times
10. Visit a drive in movie theater (completed June 8, 2011)
11. Visit two photobooths one two
12. Old timey picture (kind of did this at MS&I)
13. Document a tree changing colors, start sept. 1st (Completed finally after so many attempts started)
14. Purchase wool and spin yarn and make vest
15. Buy tall boots complete
16. Eat falaful Completed 5.5.12
17. Visit the museum in sycamore went winter of 2018/2019 with Chris and kids
18. Fit into a size __ or reach __ lbs.
19. Create a paper moon photo set up to take portraits in
20. Publish second zine completed November
21. Go to teddywedgers for pasties Completed on March 27th
22. Go to the kane county flea market (completed July 2nd, 2011)
23. Record “storycorp” style interviews with family/friends (interviewed my sister at MS&I)
24. Rearrange furniture twice (1st time in July, second time in Nov)
25. Work in small scrapbook art/journal
26. Go to lothson’s chicken done 8.4.10
27. Pay off debt
28. Have a bonfire at the lagoon
29. Eat at two (new to me) truck stop diners (one completed on trip to KY 2014, where I got coin from gumball machine)
30. Organize a glue book week (revised idea, completed here 2014)
31. Go camping this summer completed in July 2010 (we went camping/floating with tom and nikki)
32. Finish my mom’s challenge book

Leftovers from 2009 list

1. Found Art balloon idea
2. Visit one  more photobooth 9.21.2012
3. Hot air balloon ride (already paid for) completed 10.9.10
4. Release art themed geocache
5. Complete C25K and run 5K
6. Work on and send in sketchbook for group project   Posted to my blog here
7. Go to a Hockey game (11.2.10)
8. redesign website (done February 2013)