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#Robayre100Days 2017 Edition and More News

I’m doing the 100 day project again this year. Last year during the project I focused on finishing up a lot of already started stationery projects and getting them listed in my shop.  Here is a link to 2016’s 100 days. It kept me very productive and I enjoyed being part of the community of other creative and prolific makers, so naturally I’m going to participate again.

This year for the 100 days project (starting on April 4th, 2017), I am focusing on getting already existing work (especially patterns) up on POD (Print on Demand sites). Last year I closely followed and was SO INSPIRED by my friend Julie’s posts about artist’s making passive income. I’ve had a Society6 shop (where I upload images and customers can get art prints, or products with my images printed on them)for years, but it is pretty neglected. I also want to finally get some of the patterns I designed printed onto fabric using Spoonflower. I’ve had an account with Spoonflower since they first opened up and I had to be put on a waiting list and be invited to join. And then… nothing. I NEVER actually printed anything. Fast forward to present day and I am using the 100 Day Project to remedy this quandary. I have 2 kind of selfish goals 1. to get a cell phone case of my own artwork for my own phone and 2. order fabric of my own artwork to sew a bunch of things.

On the first day I posted this over on Instagram: I’m laying down some groundwork to help me stick it out. 1. My main focus will be to get my work ready and up on POD sites. I’ve had a society6 shop for years but have not kept it up at all, and I want to finally get a lot of my favorite patterns up on spoonflower, and explore other options as well. 2. If it takes longer than 100 days, so be it 3. If I want to switch up focus on things for a while, so be it. 4. If I only work on something for 15 minutes a day, so be it. 5. Most importantly I want to work on something creative and productive each day. 6. I’m gonna stick with my general #robayre100days hashtag. Here we go!

Mail themed #robayrepatterns in progress, I want to add a few more things like a stack of letters wrapped in twine and maybe more packages.

I immediately dove in and worked on this vintage mail pattern. Cleaning it up, making it a repeatable pattern, etc. Untitled

I made it with 4 different backgrounds, pink, blue, gray and white and uploaded it to Spoonflower.

Happy Friday! Yesterday I did more #spoonflower research and listed all three color ways of the fabric pattern from the other day (I couldn't decide, so they all went up). My research inspired me to work in collections, so today I made a watercolor stripeFor days 8 & 9 of #robayre100days I figured, if I have these elements together already, I might as well make into a printable stationery set. Yesterday I put it together, printed it and used it to send some #30lettersin30days (image 2), and then today I p

While I had it so close, I figured I might as well set it up as a digital (printable) pdf stationery set and painted a striped watercolor piece in the style of many of my other stationery sets, and uploaded it to etsy.

This #robayrepatterns (my favorite from 2017#patternjanuary ) was what I intended to work on during the first week of #robayre100days but I hadn't saved the right file to my jump drive. Now it's time to get to business.

Next I wanted to work on my barn quilts pattern but before I got too far I realized I should have taken the vintage mail pattern and uploaded it to Society6. That opened a whole new can of worms because it had been so long since I had really dealt with Society6, that I had some learning curves. One thing that was GREAT to discover, was that if you upload original art files that are HUGE, it will enable other products immediately. Before, I had to customize each image to fit very specific dimensions for a mug vs. a cell phone case. Now, I can just re-position things on their website.

Before proceeding with the barn quilts pattern, today I realized I should have listed the vintage stationery pattern over on #society6. So I logged into my poor neglected society6 account and started trying to get an idea for how things work now. I've had

Another thing that is pretty great is that since I first opened my society6 shop, they have gone from offering art prints, mugs and cell phone cases, to a huge variety of additional products like towels, rugs, shower curtains, zipper pouches and more. For the next several days I just worked on adjusting the existing 24 patterns I already offered and enabling more products on those, like this handspun yarn, which was the very first pattern I uploaded there and my most popular product so far. I’ve uploaded a few more patterns now and am still doing research. One thing that was shared with me, and was very insightful was a Free Skillshare class on passive income, by top Society6 seller CatCoq, (you just have to create an account and log in to watch). Incidentally, Cat was also interviewed by Julie (mentioned above) in her passive income artist’s interview series. So, that’s where I am now with my 100 Day Project. And if that wasn’t enough, I also committed to participating in the #30Letters30Days project as well.

Journal Sparks by Emily Neuburger

AND! Tomorrow (Thursday, the 20th) I am participating in a virtual book tour for Emily Neuburger‘s new book “Journal Sparks“. Check back here, and/or instagram and facebook for a peek into a project from the book and a chance to win your own copy.

Staying Busy and Very Happy

Gold, black and white mini bunting #robayre

It’s the holiday season and my shop and wholesale orders are keeping me busy, busy, busy. I always notice when I am super busy I am also very inspired and the most motivated. Not only do I have a lot of things I have to get done, but I want to start new project after new project.

#Thanks Working on packaging #robayre

Here are a couple of pictures I took that make me really happy. The top picture shows mini garlands that go in all outgoing orders. These particular garlands are gold, black & white themed. The bottom picture is an embossed stamp and part of some tweaking to my product packaging.

On a completely unrelated note, well maybe not completely unrelated (still dealing with being busy) my fitbit is telling me I have made over 15,000 steps. I broke a record and had over 8,000 steps before leaving work today. By the time I got home I was near 10,000 steps and thought “Great, I don’t have to walk on the treadmill) but after dinner I got kinda sad that I wouldn’t have my daily 30 minutes on the treadmill so I decided to do it anyway. Not only did I get on the treadmill for 35 minutes, but I jogged for almost 10 of those minutes. Woohoo!

It’s Business Time

4.1 29 Favorite Foods

Recently I met with a CPA for the very first time. He was willing to meet with me for free to help me decide the route I want to go with my business. I know, awesome, right? Despite doing plenty of research online over the years and taking a small business/entrepenuer seminar I have always felt very confused and in over my head about running a business. After the meeting I realized I had been getting so much conflicting information from different sources. It was a relief to find out that I am on the right path.  I had so many questions answered and so much self imposed pressure relieved. I still have work to do, but things are much clearer and I’m super excited for the future. For a long time I’ve had this dream of growing my business with my precious designs, handmade items and original artwork but this guilt and confusion has held me back. For once I actually feel like I am giving myself the internal permission to grow.  And boom like that I have a handful of projects and prospects that I am very excited about, wholesale projects and even a possible licensing opportunity that I am crossing my fingers about.

I’ve been finding such great inspiration from other artists that I really admire and figured I should share them here as well. I am so thankful that each of these artist are so open and willing to share their experiences.

I highly recommend listening to this After the Jump with artist Zoe Pawlak. I’ve actually listened to it a few times.

A video interview with artist Michelle Armas

An interview with Jihan Zencirli of Geronimo Balloons

An article by Ashley Goldberg about licensing artwork

This video of artist Katie Lombardo (Katie Daisy/ The Wheatfield) was featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. I don’t have cable so my mom TiVod it for me and we watched the whole episode. While I wanted to watch it for the part on Katie Daisy, the video above is the entire part about Katie, the rest of the episode was primarily an interview with Steven Pressfield about unlocking the creative genius within. It really reminded me of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, The Law of Attraction and Flow If you have an opportunity to see it, I highly recommend it.

Edit: I just had to stop back and add one more link. I just happened upon this video this morning and Tiffany Shlain (founder of the webby awards) gives some sound advice about pursuing your big dreams.


Fuji Image Transfer

Tiffany Teske is a superstar and has been featured and published in several magazines. One of those publications is Cloth, Paper Scissors and in the Nov/Dec issues from last year she was featured sharing her processes for fuji image transfer. As I explained yesterday, I have long wanted to explore emulsion transfer lifts and signed up for one of her image transfer classes thinking that is what we would learn. Last minute I realize that it wasn’t emulsion transfer after all, but as fate was working on my side, the class ended up touching on emulsion lift (enough to figure it out and do on my own later) AS WELL AS learning an entirely new-to-me technique that I think is a bit more involved and interesting than emulsion transfer, so I really lucked out. BOTH techniques ended up being something that I could do at home on my own, and didn’t even know it before.
polaroid colorpack II land camera
The image transfer and emulsion transfer techniques were something that was originally done with Polaroid films. Not all Polaroid film can do this and that was what prevented me from trying it myself at home. Since Polaroid has stopped production on their instant films, Fuji (and The Impossible Project) have picked up where they left off and started producing many films that can fit in Polaroid cameras. When people think of Polaroid film nowadays, they mostly think of the point and shoot and pop out pictures that develop in your hands, shake it like a Polaroid picture! But these are, for the most part, not the types of film you would use for these techniques. Land Cameras like the one pictured above and below, that take pack peel apart film. Fuji now produces 100 film that will fit Polaroid Land cameras. This is the type of film we used for the class, and can be used for both image transfers as well as emulsion lifts.
It wasn’t until the class that I realized that this camera and the film I had been buying already, would work for the technique I’d been dying to try out. Sometimes when I feel really dumb I picture myself, walking down the sidewalk, whistling a happy tune, joy in my heart but not a brain in my head, when suddenly from out of no where a brick comes flying at me and hits me in the head, wherein a trip to the ground. Finding out that I could do emulsion transfers with a camera and film I already had on hand felt like that. Long ago, after reading up on the emulsion transfer lift process and realizing it was a camera and film I didn’t have access too, I just since imagined it was one of those really obscure things that probably also died with Polaroid.

I’ll quickly describe the techniques, but if you are interested to tack a crack at this yourself I’d encourage you to purchase a back copy of the Cloth, Paper Scissors where Tiffany shares her techniques, or just peruse the internets. There are fabulous tutorials and videos out there now. Yeah, if only I had thought to do that myself in the last 5 years, doh!

For the class we did not use cameras, but instead brought our own developed photographs and then Tiffany introduced this amazing machine called the Daylab Copy System Pro. It allows you to place any image on  a glass flatbed, load the pack film, and with mirrors and a flash, transfer your image onto the pack film. If you had a camera that loaded the pack film then you could do it straight from there. Normally, after an image is transferred to the film you would wait, then pull apart the film and negative/chemical side and find your photograph fully developed. In the image transfer technique you do not allow the film to develop to the photograph, and instead peel them apart immediately and place the negative/chemical side onto a porous surface where you want your image to transfer. For emulsion lift, you use the same exact film, let your pictures develop and soak them in VERY hot water until the “emulsion” with image separates from the backing paper. It is transparent and more plastic and durable as compared to polaroid which was more gel like and would rip and tear easily.
During the class I was able to do about 10 transfers and I would say it is definitely something that takes practice, but is fun. The transfer image is more rugged and rough, so if you are looking for a pristine image this might not be the technique for you. Also, depending on your timing, as well as paper quality and texture, etc., your image can turn up wildly different. I do like a weathered image, but I also realized I had a harder time trying to accept that my images didn’t resemble my original closer. I loved everyone else’s grit, but had a hard time accepting that my own was “good enough”. I think this was because I chose pictures that I had taken and that were somewhat already close to my heart. If I was working straight from a camera, I’d never really know what the original would have looked like. I have so many ideas I’d love to explore more, like double exposures and writing and drawing on the surface of the paper before transferring the image. I would also LOVE to get my own Daylab. I’ll have to keep my eye open on ebay as well as at the flea markets and garage sales. I’m sad to think I might have even passed one of these up recently because I didn’t know exactly what it was.

The above two photos are examples of image transfers that I did in class. The image on the right pages are the originals that I brought in, the bottom pictures on the left are the photos developed on the fuji 100 pack film (they should be fairly light because most of the chemistry should actually end up going into your image transfer) and then the top left images are my image transfers on watercolor paper.
So this happened today - fuji image transfers with Tiffany Teske
An instagram of the image transfers I did in class.

The class was great. I had fun experimenting, and learned way more than I expected… such as… did you know that the Impossible Project purchased the Polaroid factory that they work from, but not the chemistry, or instructions to create Polaroid film. They’ve had to hire their own chemists and have to figure things out for themselves. This is why Impossible Project film has to be protected from daylight when first developing, just like early on Polaroid film did. This is because they are working out the kinks on their own, just as Polaroid did when they first started out. Impossible Project film is not Polaroid film, but their own unique formulas. I find that fascinating.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Confetti balloons, idea from the wonderful @mandycrandell

Happy New Year! 2012, I think we are going to be great friends. I want to spend more time in my studio and less time on netflix. I want to eat better and move more. I want to drink more water. I want to track my to-do and daily lists more consistently. I want to be happier in my day to day, but doesn’t everyone?

Last night we went to my brother and sister in law’s house for New Year’s Eve festivities. Shortly before midnight we went to the park across the street and popped stuff in celebration. My sister bought party poppers and I blew up confetti balloons, pictured above. The idea came from here. Funny, when I was remembering her post I thought she used clear balloons and colorful square confetti. I thought I came up with the white balloons and silver stars myself, doh. While we were preparing for the evening, Matt started blowing one of the balloons up at home and it got away from him, spewing stars all over our living room. Tiny, miniature, shiny stars. Everywhere. I imagine we will be finding them for quite some time. We’ve picked up tons, but the light catches from a different direction and new ones are revealed. I most recently found one in our bedroom.

Another pretty awesome thing from last night was that my sister and I made Cornish Pasties. My sister snapped the picture above of our uncooked pasties. We made it simple, using store bought pie crust. They were so quick to make and everyone loved them. I can’t stop thinking about them. I think I am going to try and make them again tomorrow. Sorry, Madison, you might be seeing less of me.
Happy 2012!
Happy New Year!

Future Robyn

Yesterday was a great day! I usually take my birthday off so I don’t have to worry about people making a fuss at work. But this year, with having already taken off plenty days for the move, I decided to go in and use my day off later. I went to work and hoped that it would be a day like any other day in the office. Everything was going great and no one said anything. I’m sitting in my office in the afternoon when I hear “So this is where you work?” I turn around to see who is speaking, and realize it is my best friend Erica and she has this HUGE thing of birthday balloons. Oi. Talk about being embarrassed. Then naturally, the rest of the day everyone is coming in and wishing me happy birthday and asking about the balloons. It’s not that I don’t like my birthday, it’s just that we don’t “do birthdays” at my current employer, which then makes any to do seem kind of awkward. At my previous long term job it was a different story. Birthdays were huge and they went all out and bought cake, ice cream, balloons, a live plant as a gift, and they ALWAYS “tricked” you into coming into a room where everyone would be and they’d sing to you.

It's the anniversary of the crash of oceanic flight 815 AND my birthday! thank you #crabica for the balloons!

Here is a picture I took with all the balloons.

The balloons were wonderful and best friends know just how to make a gal feel loved. After work we had over friends and family. We ordered out pizza and my sister brought pie from Baker’s Square, which I ordered specifically because I haven’t had any in years and have been wanting it for a long time. Afterwards we played the Game of Things which everyone always enjoy and which always ends up being a source of hilarious catch phrases later. After everyone left, Matt and I put on the original Tron movie with Rifftrax. In one scene there was a screen capture that said “sept 22” which was the date we were watching it, AND my birth date.

What are the chances? I made Matt pause it so I could take this picture. And while we are speaking of September 22nd, and if you are a Lost fan, you might remember that it is the anniversary of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

Earlier this week I read about a writing exercise on Elise’s blog The Argyle Wale, where you imagine yourself in your ideal future and list out the circumstances or qualities that you would have. I thought that this practice would be perfect for someone who just turned one year older. So here it goes:

This is how I’d like to envision my future self.

Robyn has a business license, making Robayre super duper official with all green lights set to go.
Robyn has updated her whole website and touches is up quarterly, each year.
Robyn has a schedule and updates her blog regularly.
Robyn’s artwork is licensed, produced and available commercially.
Robyn has no qualms about approaching stores to carry her items.
Robyn’s original pieces are sold in a select group of galleries and gift shops.
Robyn makes what she wants and what she wants to make is in demand.
Robyn’s etsy shop can’t stay stocked and the items that are listed sell out in a short amount of time.
Robyn is approached to sell and feature her artwork on websites, galleries and in stores.
Robyn started a monthly art/craft group with workshops and classes.
Robyn is surrounded by other like minded (art/design/craft) entrepreneurs.
Robyn eats a nutritionally balanced diet and has the energy to get things done.
Robyn is physically fit and carries herself with confidence.
Robyn has a wardrobe she is proud of and reflects her personal style.
Robyn’s home a creative reflection of Matt’s and Robyn styles.
Robyn rearranges and changes out the furniture and artwork in their home quarterly.
Robyn has a smart phone that doesn’t break the bank ;) ha, ha, yeah right
Robyn has time to do all the things she wants to do and doesn’t feel stressed about it.
Robyn goes on fun adventures with her friends and family.
Robyn keeps journals and scrapbooks to remember said adventures.

Okay, I could go on and on forever, but I think I’ll stop now otherwise this post will never be published. Maybe I’ll come back and update it if I think of things that definitely should be added to the list.

September is here

Drive in movie, Indiana Dunes, birthday and ice cream cake, BBQ for a friend, stir fry, home decor, chalkboard paint, and sidewalk chalk, fall leaves, Sandwich Fair, new couch, settling in, open house, thrifting, Jonamac and a big chair photograph, sweaters, mailart, meeting goals, Last Fling, Renegade, walking in Illinois Prairie, road trip to enjoy the fall scenery

Daily Challenge for August

In the wee hours of this morning, Rosa updated her twitter to invite others to create something every day for the month of August. In an email she reminded me of my challenge from last year where I also invited others to create something everyday. Last year during August I created a new piece of mixed media artwork on a 9×9″ piece of watercolor paper everyday (M-F) and had quite a bit of fun in the process. Talking to my best friend on the phone earlier today, she inquired if I was up to the task, and reminded me that I did some nice work last year. I decided, yes, I would try to create something each day in August (M-F). But, this year I think I will do a variety of things. I have a list going of all sorts of things I want to do.

Last month (July) I barely stepped foot into my studio. If you look above at the before you probably can sympathize as to why I couldn’t cross any of my things off my list last month. So, to start the month fresh, with a nice new work space, I’ve cleaned up my drawing table, so I could actually work at it, imagine that! Hopefully with the challenge and the more organized work space I can get the ball rolling again.

Once again, I encourage everyone else to try to create something new every day for the month and share it on your blogs/flickr/twitter/facebook/etc. It need not be a large daily commitment. I’m sure there will be some days in there when I make a pin-back button and call it a day. You might just jot down a quick sketch everyday, or perhaps you have a larger project going and you can share your progress daily. If you decide to participate, please comment and let me know and I’ll share your link.

Thanks for the challenge, Rosa! Here we go!

A special day

Last week was my sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday Chris! I hope you had a great birthday and will have an AMAZING year ahead! She has always been a supporter of my artwork and is ALWAYS there for me when I need help, or an opinion and guidance.

For her birthday she wanted to go to the Museum of Science and Industry. It was an awesome day. I haven’t been there since I was in elementary school and could have spent a couple days there before reaching everything they have to offer.

Unexpectedly, I was also able to (semi) cross off two items on my To-Do-List for 2010. At the MSI now, your tickets to get in become a “sci-pass” where you can record the activities you participate in and then access them online later. They had a sound booth that was similar to the storycorp idea, where you could go in and interview other people. I went in and recorded a short interview with my sister, which was one part of number 23 on my list.

Number 12 on my to-do list was to get an old-timey picture done. In my mind, that meant REAL old photograph techniques, like daguerreotypes, as mentioned in a few posts ago, rather than some quick digital pics that have been converted to grayscale or sepia tone. That being said…  MSI had a photo studio set up where you can take quick digital old-timey pics in an old car, so we played.

I’m the one in the back with the straw hat on, my sister is next to me and my brother in front of me, and his friend Chad next to him. The portrait woman was cracking up at Chad’s leg sticking out.

I have some art to share, as usual. This was the fourth grass painting in the series. I know I always say it, but it has to be said again. I LOVED this painting. It has a watercolor look to it, but it’s acrylic on canvas. It went to my sister for her birthday. I also made her the brooch in the above picture (orange and aqua at the top right).

I also made her a ring, and then made this one for myself. I used this tutorial  from Makeitdo, that I found through the craft blog.

Three Awesome Things

1. Maybe you saw this already, maybe not. I love it and I wish for all adults to have the same positivity.

2. This soul version of a Wilco song.

3. I purchased my first glass marble to start off my collection

I bought it from Lithomancy Glassworks on Etsy and it’s absolutely beautiful. Now, I can cross #1 off my yearly list.