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My instagram obsession continues on. For a while I was getting kind of annoyed with all the filtered photos posted online, wondering what happened to real (as in undoctored) photography. Sure, I’d contributed with my hipstamatic uploads, but it seemed like every.single.picture in my flickr contacts was uploaded straight from some app. I think the turning point was when I took this picture of the car. Everyone has cameras in their phones nowadays and this allows us to document our lives more regularly. Our memories get filtered through our emotions and these photo apps allow us to play up those emotions quickly and easily. And as much as I love taking pictures, editing them and sharing them on instagram, I equally love the social aspect. I really enjoy looking at every one else’s contributions and comments.

Earlier this month I realized I was about to hit 100 pictures on instagram so I took the above picture to celebrate. Since around the time of the car picture, mentioned above, I think I’ve posted at least one picture to instagram every day. I’m making no commitments, because, well, we all know how I am about that, but I hope to keep it up as long as I am inspired.


Have you seen where you can design photo albums online specific to instagram and get them printed? How cool is that? I might want to do that, but then again, I could easily print them myself and assemble a book of my own. We will see.

old photographs, ephemera and mailart 97-103/365

While we were at the flea market a couple of weekends ago, I was looking through one vendor’s collection of old photographs. The vendor was selling each picture for .50 and while I started to go through them and collect my favorites, my sisters were tapping their watches, ready to move on. I couldn’t walk away though because there were so many good ones and I was afraid that if I stopped going through the rest I’d end up missing some amazing pictures. There were pictures in there from probably the beginning of the 20th century up until the 80s or 90s. The vendor told me they belonged to the estate of an artist/art professor and he was also selling this artist’s huge paintings as well. There were some quirky photographs, but the majority of them were just group shots and pictures that belonged to his ancestors before him. Long story short, I ended up asking him the price for the whole carton of photographs and bought them all, filling up a big grocery bag.

My family has lots of old pictures from generations and generations back. They hold so much history, including all the family stories we grew up hearing. I love looking through them but would never cut them apart or use them in my own artwork. BUT, when I see old pictures like this I want to snap them up so that I can finally play. It kind of kills my sister, who is our family tree keeper. She says it’s wrong and someone should try to track down the current ancestors and give them their pictures back. I understand that, and so I just try to tell myself there are no ancestors, it was the end of their family line, no more children. And it could possibly be true. In Any of the pictures of the artist, or pictures from his generation, there weren’t any children shown, only from previous generations.
All of this is to say a few things:
0709111615.jpg 7.12.11
I came up with an idea for a week’s worth of mailart, using my new/old photographs. Here are some sneak peeks above.


(picture via ransom riggs, here)

Mim shared a “trailer” for the book Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Ever since seeing this, and the old photographs used in it, I can’t keep it out of my head. I keep showing it to people. This weekend I had the idea to ask my mom if she’d allow to me buy and download the book to her Nook. I’ve never used an eReader, so I thought it would be fun. Turns out she had already downloaded it earlier that same day. Great minds think a like. She hadn’t seen the trailer yet, so of course I had to show it to her.

Today I showed the trailer to my coworker and he got intrigued enough to look up the author Ransom Riggs. Turns out he isn’t just an author, but a movie maker as well! As if I wasn’t excited enough about Miss Peregrine, guess how thrilled I was to find his page about his work “Talking Pictures” where he shares his collection of old photographs and the accompanying text scribbled on the back. Check it out here. Really, check it out, it is very cool. BTW, very few of the pictures I bought from the flea market have text on the back, sadly.

Looking at those old pictures and notes reminded me of Found Magazine, to which I used to subscribe. If you like old photographs, as well as found personal notes written on napkins, grocery lists and ephemera, you will LOVE this magazine. The magazine is filled with all of these things and more, submitted by it’s readers. The website showcases a daily “found item”. The co-creater, Davy Rothbart is an amazing story teller and has been featured on This American Life many times.

Okay, and then because I just can’t stop myself from going from one thing to the next, to the next, to the next. This reminds me of when my sister and I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. One of my very favorite things was a room which has original lyrics for famous songs written out by the artists as they were composing the songs. Many of them were scribbled on hotel notepads and stationery.

Okay, now to fullfill my daily requirement of mailart catch-up for the week, I present cards 97-103. I tried to stick primarily with ball point pen on cardboard for these. Many of them also have a gold shimmer ink.

7.12 card 97
card 97/365
7.12 card 98
card 98/365
7.12 card 99
card 99/365
7.12 card 100
card 100/365
7.12 card 101
card 101/365
7.12 card 102
card 102/365
7.12 card 103
card 103/365

my life in pictures

I just realized I have a bunch of pictures on my itouch that are worth sharing here. Pictures are in no particular order of importance.
self portrait in stripes for Decor8

Here is a self portrait I took for Holly Becker of Decor8. She asked her readers to take self portraits of themselves in striped shirts and then she would post them to her “Stripe Mania” pinterest board.

a gifted ring from Rosa

You know you’ve made it in the world when people send you jewelry in your likeness, lol. Today I was beside myself thrilled to find this unexpected present, a ring in my mailbox from my friend Rosa. How awesome is Rosa? It has a painting of me over, wait for it, wait for it… black and white stripes. She knows me so well.

How I'd like to spend my days

The other day while I was getting ready for work, grumbling about what I’d rather be doing, I was inspired to write out this list on the refrigerator’s dry erase board. Also of note, the peek of the list to the right. It’s my long term wishlist and has things on it like gumball machine, compact printer and XM Radio. Then some clever person (looking in Matt’s general direction) started adding their own wishes to it, things like a jaguar, a mansion, a teleporter, time machine and trillion dollars. Those are good things to wish for too.

hand picked strawberries

Tonight my SIL and I started making fruit leather. Started… because it won’t be complete until tomorrow. I’ve been wanting to make fruit leather ever since they used to have those food dehydrator infomercials in the 90s. Dacia actually picked these strawberries from her grandma’s garden.

watching matt play hockey

Sunday night my friend Tom and I watched Matt play hockey…

matt watching softball

and then Monday night Matt and I watched Tom play softball.

macarons from Erica

My best friend Erica recently went on a vacation to Las Vegas. While she was researching things to do there she found that she could buy one of the world’s best macarons. She was so kind as to bring me back a bag that she babied all the way home, so as not to get crushed. Once I ate them I realized what a challenging feat this truly was.


I can’t believe that I haven’t posted about the garden. My sister, SIL and I started a garden at my parent’s house. We (well Dacia’s dad) tilled the grass and we cleaned it all out, and then we built the fence and planted our vegetable garden. This picture was from the first day the garden was complete. It looks much different now with all the plants growing.

cat in box

Our cat Bishop loves his boxes, and I couldn’t resist waking him up from inside this one to take the picture. He has a very sleepy look on his face.

I want, I want

And here’s my nephew Doc. He’s at this stage now where he uses sign language that his parents taught him, but then modifies them to  suit his own needs. It started out with the sign for “more” at the dinner table, and has evolved into shaking his hands at the wrist for anything he wants. Right here it looks like he just has his arms up, but since it’s not video you can’t tell he was shaking his hands. He wanted me to pick him up. Why? Because I was holding my ipod and he is tech obsessed :)

new polaroid pogo series

I’m finally getting around to share my latest Polaroid Pogo series. As you can see I’ve been working on it since the magnolia was in bloom.

At the beginning of spring when nature’s fleeting blossoms were all around, I was so inspired to start this series. After shooting some of my favorites like the forsythia I realized that just the golden flowers weren’t enough. I remembered the Found Art Tuesday “time to grow” piece and my last Polaroid pogo images, and wished there was some way to use my box of pin letters. I finally got the idea of using a branch to attach the letters, but I still was stuck on what words to use. I was so inspired by spring, and how everything is green and new and like that it came to me… fresh, everything is fresh. But fresh also has another connotation, in modern slang and terminology, Fresh is “COOL”. Aha! My next series would be beautiful images from nature juxtaposed by modern culture and design! Matt keeps singing Outkast’s So Fresh and so Clean, and I have to admit it was in my head when I made the magnolia piece.

I really love this series.

Currently I have four images in this series. The words So Fresh over magnolia blossoms, shown above.

The word awesome over new growth grass. Everyone knows how much I love grass and this picture was taken before the lawn was mowed for the first time this spring. It was so lush and green, ahhhh!

The word tight over a well manicured bush. The sky was perfect for this shot with one single little cloud.

and lastly, the word Sweet over damp earth and luscious green moss.

These petite and affordable prints are all currently available in my etsy shop. Click on any of the above images to find out more about them.