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Autumn Chalkboard 2017

Chalkboard calendar fall 2017

Yikes, I’m really late sharing this! I haven’t even erased it either, to begin the winter one, so I’m gonna have to try and recall everything that might have happened since late December. Things of note from the fall:

We continued sleeping outside in our tent until mid October, (I think!) From August to October, almost entirely sleeping in the tent at night. We should just build a yurt in our backyard. Our neighbors probably think we are CRAZY. All the same, as Matt is trying to rush to spring, and I’m not there yet (I would still appreciate a couple more good snows), I realized the other night that I do have one thing to look forward to as it gets warmer, and that is sleeping out in our yard again.

I went to the Dr. for regular check ups, like a real grown up adult! This is huge for me, as I didn’t have regular Dr.s for the longest time because I’m a hypochondriac AND terrified of going to the Dr. I can’t stress how important this is for me, and how much peace of mind it brings.

Finally Finished my Art-0-mat series and ordered boxes to send them in. Right now I’m wrapping up photographing and documenting them. I’d like to make a little video to promote this series, like last time.

I had the best day! I finally got to do something I've wanted to do for SEVEN YEARS! Ever since #docrwells was a baby I wanted to get pictures taken with him in a real photobooth, but as they are a dying technology and fewer and farther between, I literal

I got to take my niece and nephews to a real photobooth for my birthday! This is something I had been wanting to do since my oldest nephew (turning 8 soon) was a toddler.

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Week 1 of August Break 2013

It’s one week into August and so here I am ready to share my contributions to August Break 2013

August 1st: Ever since we discovered that one of our local mexican restaurants offers a veggie chicken option on their menu, we find ourselves there quite often. I’m not vegetarian but even I prefer it to the meat options. And while we’re there we can’t help but partake in bebidas.

August 2nd: I’ll have to do a more extensive post on this, but my friend Sheila came to visit me and we had 4 GREAT days of adventures. This is the photobooth at quimby’s in chicago.

August 3rd: On Saturday we went to the Kane County Flea Market. I’ve been going to this flea market since I was a little, little girl. We were there the whole time (4 hours) and didn’t even make it through half of it, BUT, we did find some great scores, including a vintage Fisher Price Little People Castle. I’ve been trolling etsy and ebay for years to get one of these and they can go anywhere for around $80 for a dirty, broken and worn one to $300 for a complete set in box. I had one as a kid and want to have it for my nephew and niece to place with at my house. I was able to score a complete set IN THE BOX for only $40! This has to be my best flea market score ever. It’s an investment and immediate return on investment, ha, I’ll consider it part of my retirement fund.

August 4th: Sheila had never been to lollapalooza before so she got tickets for us on Sunday. This shot was of some random girl in front of me taking a stage picture while Cat Power was performing.

August 5th: Some people checking out some American Gothic at the Art Institute in Chicago.

August 6th: Back to the real world. Returning to work is made easier by bike AND by wearing brand new orange, fringed, and bow-tied, Minnetonkas that I swooped up at TJ Max at discount.

August 7th: This is why we can’t have nice things. I need a one armed man to come teach Bishop a lesson “And that’s why we don’t pee outside of the litter box!”

DIY Enlarged Photobooth Strip Print

Images above (left to right) Martha Stewart, Design Editor, and A Beautiful Mess

Well, another thing for the home, but I promise this is more of a designy-crafty-DIY type of a thing than home renovations. I’ve been seeing these large Debbie Carlos prints around for years, online and at renegade. I learned that blowing up your own pictures really big can make for some great artwork from all my years watching early Trading Spaces. A year or so ago people started posting about how you can get your own images blown up, in black and white, cheaply at copy stores, by just asking for blueprint or engineering copies. Brilliant!

Then a little bit ago I saw this great pin about making a life size photobooth strip from Today’s Creative Blog. I think that tutorial just pieced together 12×12 prints to look like they were all one strip, but I thought “why not take it a step further and just blow up a real photo booth strip?” I called up a local copy store and they said the largest size they print is 4’x3′ for only $5. The print is like a very large xerox and the paper is pretty similar weight to a nice copy machine paper. 4’x3′ is much wider than just one strip so I figured why not do a few strips side by side.

Working on a fun project idea. Some of my #photobooth strips from over the years.
just a few of my photo chemical photobooth pictures strips

While looking through my strips I realized I liked some pictures from a lot of the different strips and decided to piece together some of my favorites of Matt and I from over the years. I scanned 3 photobooth strips to get the background right, and then scanned all my strips for the individual pictures I wanted to place over the existing pictures. They are all real photobooth pictures, just not from the same strips. You could easily just scan complete strips and have them printed as is.

3.28.13 photobooth prints

Once again, I’m not a home decor photographer, but COME ON! Look how I was able to get two adorable kitties in the shot AND both are looking at the camera! I may have missed my calling to be a pet photographer. It’s like a family portrait of sorts above. Matt and I in the print, and the cats below. I said “too bad I didn’t remove the laptop from next to the couch” and Matt said “well, that’s part of the family too!”

A few extra ideas I had while doing this project:

I scanned the photobooth strips in at resolution of 1200 so that when they were printed out that huge they would still look pretty crisp.

The print is just stuck to the wall using wall tacky, which I’m not crazy about for the long run. I doubt I’d just find any picture frame that large that is in range for a $5 print. I need to look online on sites like https://www.secretasianman.com/best-canvas-prints/ for some framing ideas.

Think about what else you could print large. What about a face, Chuck Close style?! You aren’t limited to enlarging photographs either. It would be really cool to scan an object (fern leaf, needlework, heirloom lace, seeds, sequins) or photograph a sentimental object (wedding rings, baseball, keys, handwriting) you have and then blow up those images really big to display in your home.

You could get an even bigger impact by dividing your image up into parts, getting each piece printed out on the largest size paper and then piecing all the prints together on the wall.

Many years ago I remember finding the site rasterbator.net, and this project reminded me of that. I was glad to see the site is still up. Rasterbator allows you to upload a picture and then set the specifications (image dimension, as well as paper size) and the site will create a multi page PDF with your image blown up in half-tone. You can then print the pages from home and piece them together.

Last minute addition. I love this idea that MyCakies shared where she blew up a print of the Eiffel Tower and then let her children go to town painting it with watercolors. Instant Art!


Promised Birthday Post

First, because inquiring minds want to know what happened with my craftastrophe… Half of the resin pieces were bad. The resin didn’t harden all the way and is just gooey. Fortunately my contact from the Book Shack is great and understanding (Aussies are always friendly, laid back folks, in my estimation) and I am going to try a few things and see if they can still be saved. I was afraid I was going to be so upset, but I’ve handled it as a learning experience and realize it’s not the end of the world.

It’s exactly one week later so I thought I better get on with my birthday post I promised earlier in the week. It’s a long one!

Celebrations actually began on Friday. My sister, Matt and I took the day off from work to take a trip into the city. Not having to work on Friday (a thing I dearly miss) was an excellent birthday present on its own. We had plans to drive into Chicago to go to the Shedd Aquarium and finally see the Jellies exhibit, something we attempted last winter, but arrived to a 2 hour long wait. outside. in the winter. in the rain. without umbrellas. And so we turned around and went all the way back home. But not this time. This time we bought tickets online beforehand.
Friday was 9.21, which is Nikki’s birthday, my friend who passed away in February of 2011. As usual I see the numbers 921 every where I go (hello, our new street address), but especially on September 21st. Of course it pops up on the clock twice a day, but of all the minutes of the day I always just happen to look right at that minute. Also, I was taking pictures and looked to see how many pictures were left on the card and it told me I could take 921 more. All of this is just to say that her birthday was one day before mine and sometimes we’d celebrate together, and that she is still with me, and naturally that I miss her.

We went got the Shedd and I naturally forgot my camera in the car, so pictures were taken with either my sister’s camera or my camera phone. We made due. AND I was even able to make this video from the Jelly exhibit.
It was really awesome and I had a great time, although I do have to share with those interested in going: beforehand I thought the exhibit would be much bigger. I had hoped the tanks would be huge and the jellyfish would be huge and that there would be benches where I could sit back and just watch them in their magnificence. In reality, the tanks were mostly no larger than 2 feet across, and if you go during a high traffic time, forget about being able to watch them up close. Fortunately we realized if we hold out until the water show (just outside the exhibit) is going on, there were much fewer people in there.

I took tons of video of the rest of the aquarium as well, but here are a couple highlights.

What’s up with these guys? They looked like cartoons and I couldn’t believe they were real. I betcha there’s a guy who’s job it is to sit under that tank and stick those guys up and down at random intervals.

And here is the Caribbean Reef, a long time favorite. I could just sit there all day and watch as the fish go by.

I took the above picture while enjoying a tidepools exhibit that was open from the top. There was a sign that said “do not touch” which led me to say “but I wanna pet a starfish”. A few minutes later we went down a set of stairs and right there was an exhibit where you could pet starfish. Yes, I pet a huge giant starfish and it was slimy and rough at the same time.

A week before our trip my sister suggested we attempt going to Superdawg. Since we were going other places I thought I should check out locations for photobooths. I remember someone telling me about a photobooth just outside of the city. Looking down the locator list I found the first one outside of Chicago, in Lincolnwood at a golf and games place and just by chance it looked like it was nearby Superdawg. Perfect.
9.21 at photobooth photo.JPG
The photobooth was perfect. It was a cold and rainy last day of summer and it appeared that the place was closed, but as luck would have it the booth is just outside. 9.21 photobooth

The pictures are black and white and last frame was over exposed at the bottom, but that’s the kind of thing I love. I was pretty excited about this booth and wish there was one just like it near me. I think this also crosses off another item on one of my yearly lists about visiting different photo booths.
9.21 Superdawg
Next on to Superdawg. I have been wanting to go to this place ever since seeing it on Hot Dog Paradise on the Travel Network. Robyn Fun Fact #29: I hate cooking/food shows in general, but I LOVE restaurant/food shows on the travel network or where they visit and eat extreme/novelty foods (hello, Man Vs. Food). I think it’s based on my love for roadtrips and stopping at quirky roadside attractions (see, giant ball of twine).

Like kismet, Superdawg was literally right off the same street as the photobooth!  We weren’t sure what to expect. We arrived right around 5:30 which could have been a disaster, but again as luck would have it, it was a super rainy and cold day so there were only a couple of other cars when we arrived.
9.21 Superdawg drive-in 9.21 Superdawg

We pulled in, ordered our dawgs and enjoyed! My sister said the dawg was even better than Portillo’s. Even Matt who is vegetarian enjoyed his meal of grill cheese, delicious fries, and sides of fried onions and veggies. In true Matt style he put the fried onions on his sandwich.

From here we went home and I was utterly happy after crossing off several things I’ve been wanting to do for a long-long time.

Saturday, my actual birthday, I woke up and immediately went to get my hair chopped. Also, I made myself a crown, as you can see. Inspired by artist Alyn Carlson‘s beautiful paper hats, I have started making crowns for people on their birthdays, so why not one for myself?

My family usually goes out to dinner for birthdays and they asked me where I wanted to go. The place I wanted to go didn’t open until dinner time so we waited and a half an hour before they opened we called to make reservations. Turns out it was homecoming weekend in all the surrounding towns and they were fully booked for larger parties. I had no desire to go anywhere else, and figured I’d rather just have people over to our house. My mom picked up a party sized chop salad from portillo’s at my request and we ordered pizza and played games. Also between what Matt and my mom bought, I had something like 4 birthday cakes. My nephew helped me blow the candles out.

I was also showered with a generous amount of birthday presents. For time sakes I’ll just note a couple.
9.21 new handmade bag

My sister made me this amazing bag. She helped me pick out the fabrics. The lining is more of the floral pattern. I’ve already had compliments on it. She made the bag using  this pattern from Erin Erickson.

Also, I got a macro lens for my iphone.Which allowed me to take pictures like the flower above (which were also a birthday gift) and the close up of my paper spiral jewelry below.

Then, after almost everyone left, my sister and I walked over to a nearby park and let go of a paper sky lantern. I’d bought three of them from Think Geek, but we just did the one. It really is a 3 person job. 2 people to hold it, light it and balance it while it fills and another to photograph/film/document it, so my pictures and video were very lacking. It was just the last thing to finish off a perfect birthday.

365 project update – And Robayre around the Internet

I’m 50 days into my Lazy Man’s 365 project. This means it’s time to present my second mosaic. (1st set)

Last week was pretty cool. I was excited to be featured several places.


First there were a couple green/spring themed treasuries on Etsy.

Then I was featured in this gorgeous spot at The Craft Begins. I love Bri’s Friday Favorites, so it was an honor to be included.

Then I got a message that my grass journal was featured on Ruby’s Playground.

And lastly, I was VERY EXCITED to be able to contribute to one of my favorite sites, photobooth.net. I always keep my eyes peeled for photobooth/strip sightings in movies and tv and when no one else had submitted the sighting on Lost, I jumped all over it. So, read my lovely description, then check out the rest of the site and track down a photobooth near you. Don’t forget to bring props :D