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Inspirational Link Round Up

Just some links from the internetss

I love these glasses from Bee Kingdom Glass

-This post from Andrea of HulaSeventy about keeping a quick stash of confetti on you at all times. I need to add this to my bag, along with chalk.

-I’ve been on a StoryCorps binge, listening to the featured snippets on their website. I think everyone in this world (individuals as well as humanity as a whole) would benefit from listening to the featured Storycorps stories.

-It’s common knowledge that Robayre customers are the Bomb Diggity! I am regularly wowed by the glowing feedback and personal messages I get from satisfied customers, and occasional heartwarming stories that accompany them. Today I saw that Etsy wants to hear from you! Etsy is asking customers to share their memorable experience while shopping on Etsy. Read this article to find out more!

-I love this video, featured on Uppercase, about 29 Ways to Stay Creative.

-What would you save if your house was burning down?

-Swapdom, a website to organize clothing swaps. I think this could be really great if it catches on and the clothes being offered gets really fleshed out.

-Shutterbean’s weekly Friday lists

-aaaand TheDaintySquid’s Friday Favorites


It’s Business Time

4.1 29 Favorite Foods

Recently I met with a CPA for the very first time. He was willing to meet with me for free to help me decide the route I want to go with my business. I know, awesome, right? Despite doing plenty of research online over the years and taking a small business/entrepenuer seminar I have always felt very confused and in over my head about running a business. After the meeting I realized I had been getting so much conflicting information from different sources. It was a relief to find out that I am on the right path.  I had so many questions answered and so much self imposed pressure relieved. I still have work to do, but things are much clearer and I’m super excited for the future. For a long time I’ve had this dream of growing my business with my precious designs, handmade items and original artwork but this guilt and confusion has held me back. For once I actually feel like I am giving myself the internal permission to grow.  And boom like that I have a handful of projects and prospects that I am very excited about, wholesale projects and even a possible licensing opportunity that I am crossing my fingers about.

I’ve been finding such great inspiration from other artists that I really admire and figured I should share them here as well. I am so thankful that each of these artist are so open and willing to share their experiences.

I highly recommend listening to this After the Jump with artist Zoe Pawlak. I’ve actually listened to it a few times.

A video interview with artist Michelle Armas

An interview with Jihan Zencirli of Geronimo Balloons

An article by Ashley Goldberg about licensing artwork

This video of artist Katie Lombardo (Katie Daisy/ The Wheatfield) was featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. I don’t have cable so my mom TiVod it for me and we watched the whole episode. While I wanted to watch it for the part on Katie Daisy, the video above is the entire part about Katie, the rest of the episode was primarily an interview with Steven Pressfield about unlocking the creative genius within. It really reminded me of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, The Law of Attraction and Flow If you have an opportunity to see it, I highly recommend it.

Edit: I just had to stop back and add one more link. I just happened upon this video this morning and Tiffany Shlain (founder of the webby awards) gives some sound advice about pursuing your big dreams.


Inspirational Link Roundup

Please check out, and enjoy, these lovely links

After seeing this DIY arrow mobile by Rachel at Smile and Wave I immediately hopped on making my own and have had a handful of compliments on it. It hangs on the front of our house by our front door.

Here’s a heads up for those of you who loved and miss Picnik, photo editing. There is now a great replacement for jazzing up your photos and it’s called Picmonkey.  High Five to Smallest Forest for tipping me off on this.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, I love Heidi Kenney. Recently I scored one of these awesome gnome necklaces, pictured above.

I’ve been wanting to run a 5K for only about a bajillion years, okay, maybe only since 2007. Check out this video for the Color Run. It would have been such an amazing experience for a first run. I hope they decide to do it every year.

I HIGHLY recommend checking out the new podcast After the Jump, by Grace of Design Sponge. The first episode is an interview with Todd Oldham, and there have been 5 episodes so far.

I’ve really been enjoying everyone’s coverage of the National Stationery Show, but by far the most complete I’ve seen is with Oh So Beautiful Paper with 12 posts. If you follow this link it will take you to all of them.

Happy Weekend

Oh yeah, it’s the weekend! As a way to celebrate I’m sharing some fun links of things I’ve come across on the internets.

This message above was created using straight pins on paper, but can you imagine how impressive it would be straight onto a wall… HUGE?

I’m loving this trend where people are coupling old pictures with the new to juxtapose the difference over time. There are a lot of places out there to find collections, but here are a few one two three four

My sister sent me this link to a tutorial on the 3Rs. You can make your own, OR buy one in her Etsy shop. We’ve been shopping and looking around for something to replace the chandelier in our “dining room” area. I’d like a big statement piece. A year ago I was absolutely obsessed with the Ikea Maskros. See one in action at Heidi Kenney’s home here. But since then I feel like they are EVERYWHERE and Ikea even knows it because when you go in, they have them hanging EVERYWHERE as well. Now I worry that it is overdone and I want something a bit more unique.

Even before seeing this tutorial I decided that I was going to build something of my own and have already constructed a drum base shape to cover. I thought this fortune teller technique would be cool to cover the drum. Every year Matt and I create a kusudama paper folded Christmas ornament, so I figured we’d have fun creating a light shade together. While looking at that etsy shop I found she already had the same idea, check it out here.

Airmail tape, ‘nough said.

For my birthday my sister bought me the Paige bag from Fabric and Handle.  I can’t wait for it to arrive. You see the snaps on the handles? They allow you to lengthen or shorten the handle according to your needs.

One last image to hopefully inspire you.  How lovely is this sidewalk chalk art by camila.leon on flickr?

Have a great weekend!

just wanted to share

I’m just popping in to share some links.

You might have seen this already, it’s been sweeping the art/craft blogosphere by storm. I’d like to share it especially after sharing my inspiration cycle post the other day.
steal like an artist via Angie from Pangea Handmade. It’s a must read.

I also have to share this link to a video that Katie Licht shared on her blog the other day.
Just Keep Going, You Got Nothing To Lose
I think the reason I really liked it was the same reason that I mentioned the other day wanting to write real content on the backs of all my postcards, as well as why I do my “interview a stranger” articles in my mini zines. It pushes me outside of my shyness comfort zone, and forces me to really live and make real connections, rather than live in a little isolated box. I’d love to see a whole series of these, different questions, different trains, different people. Heck, I’d watch a weekly show where they did this regularly. Especially if they continue to back it with lovely music like this one from the soundtrack to Amelie.

Last but not least, I wanted to share this abundant collection of Ahh-Mazing craft tutorials. Craftgawker’s favorite tutorials, via stumbleupon. Check it out, there are 256 pages of tutorials.

Cool Link Round-up

I’m back to share some links I’ve collected.

This music video via Booooooom will help you kick of a new work week.

Design is Mine shared this beautiful thumbnail of the artwork of Michelle Armas and I’m transported.

How about these envelopes?  I love mail art. By artist Anja Mulder

Here is a collection of autobiographical comic artists next to drawings of themselves.

Have you heard about the site flattr? Check out this post by Leethal all about it. I’ve already signed up!

I’d really love a coffee table like this one featured on Design Sponge. Actually I think every flat surface in my house could really use a paper cutter crank in it.

Cool link round-up

There are many things I really enjoy about Google Reader and one of them is being able to bookmark posts by “liking” and “sharing” them. I’m posting today to share a few things I’ve collected over time in my google reader. I’d love to turn this into a weekly post, but I’m not going to promise, since regular posts on my blog never end up being very regular. Pre-twitter these are things I would have shared here, but now I post them on twitter and forget about posting them here as well, and I miss that.

This cartoon is sweet and a pretty common theme to my life since becoming an adult.

I discovered this project (Ring A Day 2010) earlier this year when I was participating in 2010 Thing A Day. I love rings, but only creative and artistic pieces, meaning I basically loathe your typical jewelry store jewelry, ugh. It’s been a long time since I’ve been serious about metalwork, but a project like this makes me miss that time when I had more focus on just one area of art at a time.

Speaking of awesome rings, here is one that looks like a tree stump (scroll down below ads to see it).

I love this post on art zines at Doodlers Anonymous.

Here is an awesome project, as I’m obsessed with all types of vending machines. It’s a Doodle vending machine, also from Doodlers Anonymous. It reminds me of the postcard machine from Renegade that I wrote about years back.

And wait, while we are talking about my obsession with vending machines I might as well mention how I’ve long wanted to buy my very own coin machine. I think it stems from my obsession as a child to get things from gumball machines. Heck, it was the only reason I’d go with my mom to the store, so that I could beg for a quarter. For years I’ve had a machine bookmarked to buy. I promise myself it’s one of the items I’ll buy when I have my credit card paid off, which will be very soon, wooot! Anyway, earlier this year I discovered the Itty Bitty Art Committee (which just about blew my mind because I am also obsessed with little art). I read how they bought a little coin slot machine to vend tiny lucky origami paper cranes. This reminded me of a vending machine I saw at the Renegade one year where an artist was vending mini silk screen (or were they relief) prints from a gumball machine. And naturally, there is Artomat, which I occasionally contribute to, which vends original artwork through old revamped cigarette machines.

okay, one last link:

Crustless Quiche in a Cup! Yum, I love quiche.

Okay, that’s all for now, but I have tons more to share, so hopefully I’ll be back next week with more.

Inspiration Junkie Post

(today’s 365 screen cap)

Oh Gosh. March has stormed in with a gust of inspiration. I have two pages of my full sized sketchbook just filled with ideas for things I want to do. It’s one of those time periods where the days are just not long enough

I love twitter, don’t get me wrong, but in the last couple of years since I’ve been using it I’m sad to realize that I post most of my cool link finds there, instead of sharing them here, like I used to do. Today I want to post a few things here that have caught my eye lately. If you follow my twitter, they might not all be new to you. Hopefully, I’ll do more inspiration posts occasionally.

Through my google alerts I found this tumblr that reposted a piece of mailart I created and sent to Germany years ago. Thanks to that, I discovered the Good Mail Day tumblr that posts beautiful mail images. I love me some snail mail so I had to subscribe to that right away.

Speaking of… I found a snail mail themed Etsy treasury featuring my stationery sets.

(image by littletjane)

I remember when I first started Etsy there was (and probably still is) a lot of talk about how the most successful shops specialize in one kind of item and offer that single thing in a variety of colors or styles. I was given advice that I might want to start up more than one shop for my variety of items. I really struggled with that, and worried that my shop wasn’t cohesive and I think that lack of confidence then created a lack of togetherness. I love so many different areas, and I didn’t want to have to split things apart, or only focus on one single area forever. It wasn’t until I became comfortable and recognized my style that I realized my shop was perfect the way it was, with a large variety of items. Yes, I carry paper products, fine art, handspun yarns, home decorations and jewelry all in one shop and I’m proud of it! When I come across other Etsy sellers who are also Jack-of-all-trades, I feel a kinship. One of these sellers is littletjane. I just had to add littletjane’s blog to my “current crush” list (see sidebar). I’ve been following her blog for a while, but more and more I’ve realized how awesome she is. I love all the things she shares on her blog, but also the things she creates and has in her shop. Check her out at her website, twitter and etsy shop.

and last but not least I have to share this cool video by Jenni Rope that I saw on the craft blog. It was one of those things pieces that creates jealousy in my heart because I wish I had created it. Beautiful!

Cool stuff and thanks

I’ve received so many things lately and I wanted to post a long overdue public thanks and share some of these wicked cool items.

I was sent a copy of The Happy Book by Meg Leder and Rachel Kempster. I’m all about Happy so I was glad to receive it. Imagine if the Listography Journal and Wreck this Journal had a teenage daughter. I think it might be The Happy Book. It’s one of those books that encourages you to carry it around and fill it up and the more you use it the less it will look like what it did when you brought it home. The Happy Book is filled with almost 200 pages of prompts for you to fill up, paste-in, list and draw all the happy and positive things in life. One of the rewarding things about this book, and others similar to it, is that you can pull it out later when you might be feeling down in the dumps and it will hopefully fill you with joy again. The manifesto of the book is “Thinking about what makes you happy, makes you happy. Writing about what makes you happy, makes you happy. Reading about what makes you happy, makes you happy.” I had an idea when I was first reading the introduction that I’d like to keep the book in a somewhat public place (car, coffee table or carry it with me in my bag) and encourage my friends, family and acquaintances to also fill out pages in my book. That way when I opened it up it wasn’t just my happy thoughts, images and experiences, but other’s as well, and I would be able to draw fresh inspiration by other’s happy things.

It has been years now and I am still so grateful that Rosa Murillo saw my website and sent me an email introducing herself. We have become friends and I treasure that. She calls me, I don’t answer (hehehe), but we’ve skyped a couple times and I am always thrilled to see a new blog post on her site. She is such a creative inspiration to me (although she’d probably cringe at my liberal and frequent use of that “i” word). She sent me a wonderful package before Christmas and it contained the ring above. I don’t see anymore in her shop right now, but she’s made a bunch here. I commented on one and low and behold she sent it to me. I love it! Of all jewelry I love rings the most. But not just any ring. Believe it or not, I’d put my nose up to a tiffany diamond ring, but I can’t say no to a piece of artwork adorned on my fingers. Thank you again for the lovely ring, Rosa! I’m compiling a package for you and hope to send it soon, but really, what is soon? You know me, and that might not be until summer, wah wah wah.

This ring came from my new penpal (through the penpal party) Angie of PangeaStore. I have a special place in my heart for lockets. It probably stems from watching the movie Annie too many times as a child. At any rate I admired the rings from Angie’s Etsy shop that have eensie teensie little lockets on them. When her next letter arrived it had one in it! oh my goodness. It’s a ring, it has a locket and it’s miniature! I know, I know, I almost fainted. I’ve been thinking about what I need to put inside of it. I was going to just print out tiny pictures, but then this week I saw this post on the Black Apple about lockets with tiny drawings in them.

And finally this week I stopped by the P.O. Box and was delighted to find this scarf from Trisha at Made During Sleepytime. I had entered her giveaway for this super cozy and stylish scarf and WON IT!  I wore it all today and love it so much that I think I will need to follow her tutorial and make myself a couple more. Honestly though, Trish, you should sell these. I’d probably save myself the aggravation of sewing it and just buy more from you :) Love it!

day 5 – The Argosy

Today’s piece is nautical themed and in the shop! Week one is under my belt.

Today I want to share with you some cool links.

This is a new to me blog called wildflowers:pretty. It came to me via Bri’s blog. Anna Allen’s blog is not only beautiful to look at, but she loves a lot of historical things and seems to share my passion for living a slower paced life. She also has a flickr here.

I found this clothing site today, Boden, via inspire co, and have fallen in love with this skirt. However, I have not fallen in love with it’s cost, so I might just try and replicate something similarly styled.

These “feel good cards” make me smile, via the serendipity factory.

Oh, and have you seen these adorable bumper stickers for your shoes, via We Love You So?

Have a inspiration filled weekend everyone!