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There are many things I really enjoy about Google Reader and one of them is being able to bookmark posts by “liking” and “sharing” them. I’m posting today to share a few things I’ve collected over time in my google reader. I’d love to turn this into a weekly post, but I’m not going to promise, since regular posts on my blog never end up being very regular. Pre-twitter these are things I would have shared here, but now I post them on twitter and forget about posting them here as well, and I miss that.

This cartoon is sweet and a pretty common theme to my life since becoming an adult.

I discovered this project (Ring A Day 2010) earlier this year when I was participating in 2010 Thing A Day. I love rings, but only creative and artistic pieces, meaning I basically loathe your typical jewelry store jewelry, ugh. It’s been a long time since I’ve been serious about metalwork, but a project like this makes me miss that time when I had more focus on just one area of art at a time.

Speaking of awesome rings, here is one that looks like a tree stump (scroll down below ads to see it).

I love this post on art zines at Doodlers Anonymous.

Here is an awesome project, as I’m obsessed with all types of vending machines. It’s a Doodle vending machine, also from Doodlers Anonymous. It reminds me of the postcard machine from Renegade that I wrote about years back.

And wait, while we are talking about my obsession with vending machines I might as well mention how I’ve long wanted to buy my very own coin machine. I think it stems from my obsession as a child to get things from gumball machines. Heck, it was the only reason I’d go with my mom to the store, so that I could beg for a quarter. For years I’ve had a machine bookmarked to buy. I promise myself it’s one of the items I’ll buy when I have my credit card paid off, which will be very soon, wooot! Anyway, earlier this year I discovered the Itty Bitty Art Committee (which just about blew my mind because I am also obsessed with little art). I read how they bought a little coin slot machine to vend tiny lucky origami paper cranes. This reminded me of a vending machine I saw at the Renegade one year where an artist was vending mini silk screen (or were they relief) prints from a gumball machine. And naturally, there is Artomat, which I occasionally contribute to, which vends original artwork through old revamped cigarette machines.

okay, one last link:

Crustless Quiche in a Cup! Yum, I love quiche.

Okay, that’s all for now, but I have tons more to share, so hopefully I’ll be back next week with more.


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