September is here

Drive in movie, Indiana Dunes, birthday and ice cream cake, BBQ for a friend, stir fry, home decor, chalkboard paint, and sidewalk chalk, fall leaves, Sandwich Fair, new couch, settling in, open house, thrifting, Jonamac and a big chair photograph, sweaters, mailart, meeting goals, Last Fling, Renegade, walking in Illinois Prairie, road trip to enjoy the fall scenery

2 Responses to “September is here”

  1. 1 katie

    YES to all this. chalkboard paint and a new couch for us too! and when do you think you’re going to renegade? I’ve been thinking about going first thing saturday morning, but I think I remember you said it was a little crazy then last year?

  2. 2 Mim

    Sounds like a wonderful September! I was wondering how the home set-up was going.

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