Found Art Tuesday

I’m very excited to announce that the project, “Found Art Tuesday” is now on Facebook. Don’t forget Rosa’s font of Found Art Tuesday information, as well as the flickr group, but please, please, please join and support us in Found Art Tuesday on Facebook. You aren’t required to participate, but really, who doesn’t “like” finding free art? Give it a thumbs up, will ya?

It’s been a long time since I participated in Found Art Tuesday, but here I am with Blades of Grass No. 1. It’s a 6×6 inch acrylic on canvas piece. This is the first piece in the series. See this earlier post for the second piece. This series is still so new and very much close to my heart, perhaps that will explain my anxieties below.

I wanted to leave it at the lagoon in town and I asked Matt to join me in this covert operation. Once we got there and saw all the families with little kids throwing bread for the ducks I immediately had hesitations. This was my same fear when I left the painting at the riverwalk in Naperville. Sadly, I never found what came of that piece. I’m afraid that a child will see it first and the parent will see the bright colors and think it’s geared toward children, and let them keep it as a “toy”, and while most of my art is suitable for children, they are not toys. I guess I ask myself, “can a child really respect and appreciate a piece of artwork as I think it deserves to be treated?” I had this vision enter my head where a kid finds it and thinks it would be hilarious to just toss into the water. We continued to walk until I remembered a geocache at the kissing bench. The kissing bench is a perfect location, a little bit hidden, yet still pretty central to campus.

I left it protected in plastic, visible and hopefully secure, but still I worried about its outcome. Would it get blown down into the branches? Would it be rained on overnight? I don’t know why I get so worried and protective. It’s similar to my mail art pieces. I send a little piece of myself out into the world, hoping-hoping-hoping that it brings a little bit of happiness to someone out there and when it never gets registered I worry that it got lost, stolen or destroyed in the post. Should I mourn for a piece that never fulfilled its only purpose?

For this piece I wouldn’t need to wonder long. I just visited the Found Art Tuesday Facebook page to get the links and I’m ECSTATIC! The recipient already posted on the Found Art Tuesday page stating the title and saying “it’s lovely”. Thank you, Addison, for stopping by facebook! I’m so glad you liked the piece :D

Now, I implore you all, spread the love and beauty. Make something and leave it out to brighten someone else’s day. Join the facebook group in support of the project. It’s a beautiful world.

ahem, facebook, cough. My work here is done!


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