Mailart dump

These are mailart pieces 76-82, more little books.

I’m kicking myself because I forgot to take pictures of these books opened flat before I sealed them shut. So, for now I just have these front and back shots. I haven’t dropped them in the mail yet, so maybe I’ll take the pictures and reseal them all closed.

5.20 Mailart books backs

I’m actually more excited and in love with the pieces below. They are on empty envelopes that I sealed shut. The addresses are written on the reverse, which is the side that seals, the opposite of the side that is usually addressed. I coated them with gesso, then applied dry pastel, watercolor pencil, watercolors, acrylic paint and colored pencil. I love, love how they came out.
5.6 mailart83
5.6 mailart84
5.6 mailart85
5.6 mailart86
5.6 mailart87
5.6 mailart88
5.6 mailart89

6.2 work table shot

The mess I made while making those envelope pieces.

And now, after this post, I am only one week behind in my mailart 365. I promise, I am not defeated yet. I hope to return in a couple days and post the pieces that should have been posted this last friday AND a load of the awesome mailart I’ve been receiving in response. I tell ya, I’ve had a PO box for a couple years now (I think) it’s never been so active.

“And, in the end, the love mailart you take is equal to the love mailart you make”


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