Day 4 – Drawing THIS LOVE

Day 4 - Drawing THIS LOVE

Day 4 Thing-a-Day – I finished my contributing piece for the “Drawing THIS LOVE” project. I found out about this opportunity through Artist Catherine Campbell’s blog post here. Her friends are making a music video and they are releasing each frame as a drawing for someone to color in and send back. Once all the pieces are complete they will put them all together to release the video. AND GUESS WHAT! You can participate too. Just go to their website and sign up. The only rules are that you have the make the background blue and it can’t be altered or colored in on the computer. The website has the video to watch, so you can see the animation and hear the song. They’ve also started adding some of the frames into the video and if you are quick enough with the pause button you can see some still frames. It’s very cool.

I hope my piece is acceptable because it seems that most pieces have all been colored with colored pencil, and my background is collaged. I didn’t see anywhere that it indicated you had to use coloring pencil, just that you can’t color it in on the computer. I used old maps and painted them blue, then I tore the maps up into little pieces and glued them back down all jumbled up. Some of them were kind of green, even after painting them blue because the map page was originally yellow, so after everything was glued down, I went back over it with blue pastels. For the face I used watercolors and just kept it very loose.

edit: I just did another. Forgot to mention that you can keep coming back and getting a new frame, once you upload the previous one. The number I just got today was frame 596 and there are over 2000 frames total, so there are plenty of opportunities to participate left.
2.4 Drawing THIS LOVE2

For this piece I colored the background in blue boxes in crayons, and then went over it in a dark blue. The head was done in dry pastel and colored pencils. I enjoy doing the background better because I have a hard time on the face trying to figure out what is what. Is this still part of his nose? Is his mouth open? Are those teeth or his top lip? Etc.


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  1. We are having three preteen girls over for a sleepover this weekend. You have provided a perfect craft for them with this project. I think they will love the idea of having their coloring being a part of the video. Thank you!

  2. WOW! These are amazing! Thanks so much for participating in our video project. We would love to use a couple of these images on the DTL website as examples of how different people are approaching the project (especially the photos of the works in progress), if you would be happy for us to do this please send them through via my email. Cheers, Nick BK.

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