Day Fourteen – Bunting Flag Stationery Set

On Friday I got a message from someone through Etsy inquiring if I could make my bunting notepads larger. She wanted to use them as stationery actually, so I didn’t need to pad them. Then she asked me if I had envelopes as well. It was funny because it had not even occurred to me to even make such a thing, even though one of my best selling items is my recycled stationery sets. I’m so excited about making this custom set that I plan on offering them as another regular item in my shop. They will listed for a few dollars more than the recycled sets because the paper used for these envelopes aren’t recycled, but will probably be made up of mostly art, scrapbooking and high quality patterned papers (think: Paper-source).

I think I’ll also list some larger pads (5.5×8.5″) just because I’m having fun padding :)


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One thought on “Day Fourteen – Bunting Flag Stationery Set

  1. I love interesting stationery!

    I really want to get some padding compound, because the idea of making pads is just thrilling for some reason. :) So far, I haven’t made the investment, though. (OK, I know it’s not that expensive, but it’s not cheap either.)

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