Day Two – mini books

For Day Two I made a small handful of mini books. I’ve been wanting to make books like these for a very-very long time.  I always carry around those mini moleskine cahiers, and these are my answer, or should I say version, of the moleskine cahier. Each book is 4.5×5″ roughly.

At work we get our printing plates in big boxes, and each box always has many large sheets of this flat cardboard strictly for packaging and serve no other purpose. I often pick up a stack to use for various things and one of the projects I’ve been wanting to do for a long time was to use it for book covers. Each book is staple bound with an industrial commercial stapler (using metal wire, rather than precut staples).

For the inside pages I gathered a variety of papers from my personal collection, similar to my handbound journals. They might have watercolor paper, graph paper, lined paper, linen paper, marbled paper, even paper doilies. I am in serious love with these books right now. If I could, I would make a living constructing and selling these books and I don’t think I would ever get tired. All the different papers, all the different alterations to the covers, all the whimsical additions. Once again, similar to my grass journals, I think it comes down to my obsession with school supplies and the ultimate design in notebooks, back from when I was a kid.

Each book is entirely unique with different individual special touches. Each book also has its very own rubber-band to keep it shut tight. I think these books would be perfect for the creative type who loves to draw, sketch, doodle, write, journal, scrap, etc. And I will be adding them to my etsy shop later today, so keep your eye out.


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