Sunday Morning

Geesh, it’s Sunday morning and I just woke up at 11 a.m. I slept for 10 hours, I never sleep that long. After so many nights of just getting 5 hours of sleep I really needed it.

wayne coyne spaceship

So, I’ve been super busy lately, last weekend my sister, matt and my friend elaina and I went to see the Flaming Lips at the Aragon. Great show as usual, they really know how to put on a show. This time they handed out laser pointers to everyone there, and then of course Wayne Coyne, the lead singer, arrives via space ship, gets into his giant blow up ball and climbs out into the audience. As my sister said, They truly are in the business of “entertainment”. If you might be more interested in what this band is about, check out this movie. You might know them from the songs “She Don’t Use Jelly” and “Do You Realize?”. Great music, Great people!

Friday was Nikki’s Benefit at Otto’s Nightclub and everyone has been preparing all week long. I think there were 7 bands and it seemed hundreds of people showed up. I think the night really was a success. We had a good time and got T-shirts that said “Cancer is Stupid”.Last night we went to go see Rilo Kiley at the Riviera and Matt wore his shirt. He got SO MANY compliments, which really got us thinking how wearing that shirt makes you realize how many people are really affected by cancer, whether it be someone surviving it, or a family or friend who is surviving or fought it.

The Rilo Kiley show was great. I had wanted to see them since way back in the day when they first started playing in the 90s. I had bought bought EP, directly from them and when it came in the mail, it actually had drawings on the envelope by Pierre. I would email them and ask, when are you coming to Chicago, and they never would, they just played hollywood and LA, etc. I used to get my name put on their guest list and tell friends living out there to go see them for free. When they finally started touring, I would miss them every time. So now I can say I finally saw them. Oh yeah, and it was funny because we kept seeing laser pointers at their show from people at last weeks flaming lips concert.

My sister and I also went to the Renegade craft show again this year, which was combined with the Division street festival so it was moved out onto the street. I don’t know if it was because of the move or what but it just seemed so much bigger (more booths) than in previous years. I got LOTS of good stuff. My friend elaina had a booth selling her purses under the name LALA Line.

The best booths there had to be between the two following:

Pictured above, there was this great booth that kind of reminded me of Artomat in an even more interactive way, it was “The Postcard Machine”. There was a woman in an enclosed booth and she had a little slit so that she could see out and a microphone so people could hear here and on the box were slots and dials so that you could buy a handmade postcard from her. I LOVED IT. She made clicking sounds when the dial was turned and my sister said “spin it real fast” and when I did her clicking sound sped up like a “BUUUUURRRRR” sound, it was so funny. She also said in a digital voice “the postcard machine has a message for you” and a slip of paper slid out and it said “”You’re not paranoid, the Postcard Machine is WATCHING YOU”. She didn’t have a website, but I will have to email her because I just thought it was such a fabulous idea.

The second booth I wanted to mention was Fernworks. Last year we dropped a wod of cash at her booth and this year was no different. Her artwork is made for me perfectly, being the grass image obsessed person that I am. She uses resin to encase materials such as grass, eggs, birds, etc. in her jewelry. There is ALWAYS a swarm of people in her booth with no room to move.


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