Gingerbread House Making Contest

Friday night I hosted my “First Annual Gingerbread House Making Contest”.

Although my lease says I am only allowed to have over 3 non-related guests in my apartment at a time, I packed the place with up to 12 people during the night, shhhh don’t tell anyone. It was a quiet type of party though, so no harm done.
Matt helped me considerably, running errands and making the frosting. We had Christmas decorations up and Christmas music playing. Erin brought card tables and chairs. Everyone brought bags and bags of candy, it was insane. We used everything from jellybeans, starlight mints, twizlers to pretzels, almond slivers and coffee beans, any kind of candy you can think of; it was there. There was coconut, sprinkles and even handmade Turkish delight. Everyone made their own house and at the end everyone voted for a winner. A gift certificate to Borders was presented to Jenny who built a haunted gingerbread house. A great time was had by all. I’m glad I did it, but I realized that I am not really the “hostessing” type. I was constantly worrying that people weren’t enjoying themselves, and couldn’t live up to my charismatic usual self  :D  Plus I suffer from stage fright while trying to create artwork, while others are around me, so my gingerbread house was a complete dud.
Note to self: next year I will be sure to ask people to bring ONLY 2 bags of their candies of choice. People arrived with grocery bags full of stuff, we still had bags and bags of stuff unopened after it was over. Fortunately many people left with bags of candy, as not to tempt me with leftovers and leave me in a sugar coma for the next month or two.

Please check out the flickr photoset for the Gingerbread House Making Contest of 2006.

Saturday my mom, sister and I went to Christmastime at the Fine Line. They had some really wonderful stuff, so if you have time go check it out, it runs till December 9th. I love the Fine Line!

Lastly, tonight my sister, erica, matt and I went to see Stomp. It was great of course and reminded me a lot of Blue Man Group, which I have seen a couple times. Apparently BMG is coming to the area.


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