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Beaded necklaces in the shop

It’s been a while since I have listed any new beaded necklaces, but it’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Feeling spread so thin with to-do lists a mile long and then today I wake up with a sore throat and feel achey all over. Please just let me make it through the week.  Just painting beads at midnight the evening before a big sale because that's how I roll

I went a little wild and made tons of beads. Now is the fun part of decorating them and assembling.

I finished 5 to take to a craft show last week, but the show got rained out, so now I have just listed 4 new beaded necklaces in my etsy shop robayre! These all have simple leather cords that are adjustable, so if you like to wear them long or short you can do either.

turquoise red orange

A turquoise and red/orange little ditty

green leaf gold

This was my first time making beads in representational shapes. Of course I had to make a leaf!


Pinks, wood, and black and white


And last but not least, a peach necklace.

There are more to come so keep an eye on the shop! Have a great weekend.

The Need for Green

I think, because this winter was sooooo harsh, our spring has been very, um, meh. Don’t blink because all of the magnolia blossoms have already fallen in a heartbeat. My forsythia had all of THREE yellow blossoms on it. Yes, three, and I’m not exaggerating. All the same, we’ve been taking lots of walks and the air everywhere just smells so AMAZING! Just because the forsythia and magnolias were a bust doesn’t mean other things haven’t been in blossom! BUT! if that winter wasn’t hard enough and we have tried to move past it, it snowed here yesterday (in Northern Illinois) for 3 hours! Yes, it is mid May, daffodils and tulips have already done their thing and it snowed.

While we are talking about that horrible winter, I think I’ve been very horrible and lax about sharing things on the blog lately, and realized I never posted about these buttons.

For those of you living elsewhere in the United States (instagramming your spring flowers and running around in sandals) The Chicagoland area is STILL suffering from the third snowiest winter in recorded history. @katielicht had the brilliant idea for us

My friend Katie (Who’s birthday it just happens to be today, happy birthday lady!) came up with this great idea to make some ribbon buttons (like I’ve made in the past as souvenirs for my gingerbread house making party) but to congratulate and honor all of us who have had to weather through (badum bum) the worst winter in the last 30 years or so. She came over one day and we made cutie pie buttons, examples as shown above.

My need for spring and green did not end there!

My friend Rosa posted a display picture of a ring she made and it made me think of my leaf rings, but instead of just using a solid green piece of paper, I should try to watercolor some paper first.  So, this (above) became this (below)

I'm working on some new leaf rings and necklaces, perfect for spring. Now if I could just fast forward past the resin stage, right @rmurillo ? #robayre

Which, became…

5.16 leaf jewelry

These! This is just a portion of the pieces, but I am starting to slowly add the finished leaf rings and necklaces to my etsy shop.

necklace with clasp

They came out beautifully! I'm trying to slowly add these new pieces (rings and necklaces) to my shop robayre.etsy.com

Speaking of green, tomorrow (Sunday, May 18th) I will be at Blumen Gardens selling my items alongside friends Ann (of A Beautiful Party) , and Michaela (of Naturally Mod). Some of these rings and necklaces will be available there too!

DIY quick, cheap and easy fresh floral necklace

6.17.13 flowers5

The other day I quickly whipped together some fresh floral necklaces. I was sitting in the backseat of a car, as some friends and I headed out for an evening. I posted a couple pictures on instagram and they seemed to be a hit, so I decided to make a real post for the blog.

Summer is here and I’ve been noticing that floral crowns are really popular. When I initially saw this DIY for a floral headband on Natalie Creates I was excited for a moment because, even though it is beautiful 1. I thought it was actually a necklace and 2. I thought it was using fresh flowers.

Wearing fresh flowers just really appeals to me. BUT, I’m not really a headband/crown type person. Plus, they’d be above your eyes and nose, so you can’t really benefit from it yourself.  When I think of wearing fresh flowers though, I think of a corsage or brooch, which conjures the image of teenagers at prom, or grandma’s being honored. When I did a quick search for fresh flower necklaces it seemed that it was only mentioned in reference to weddings, or little kids making daisy chains. Why not wear a floral necklace to work, or for a night out on the town?

The other night I was watching the movie The Details on netflix streaming. It’s kinda good, (comparitively speaking to the rest of the streaming movies that I haven’t seen or heard of before that Netflix recommends to me) so yeah, go watch it. Anyway, Laura Linney plays this kookie, neighbor and she goes on this little mini rant and in it she mentions wearing a basil leaf pinned on her lapel to purify the air. We’ve all heard that keeping plants in the home helps to purify the air and it got me thinking that there might really be something more to wearing a necklace of fresh flowers. I always wondered if that “purify the air” thing was really just a myth based on the fact that plants “breathe” carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, while humans breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. But, apparently NASA spearheaded a study in the 80s and found it to be true. Plants actually remove poisonous contaminates from our air, other than just CO2.

Here are some different sites that offer different plants that help purify your air. 15 houseplants for improving indoor air quality, Breathe Easier: 12 Houseplants to Purify Indoor Air, and NASA Study House Plants Clean Air. Some of these plants are ones you can find in inexpensive floral bouquets from the store.

Now, this might all be for nothing because what I’m about to do with these plants and flowers is cut their heads off. We will all agree that flowers are pretty, and they smell great. Whether or not these blossoms continue to purify the air around you after they’ve been cut from the stem is beyond me, but I think you will still continue to enjoy their fragrance and appearance all the same.

Bought a bunch of flowers and made some fresh flower necklaces for myself and some lady friends.  Easy as cutting the stem off, threading florist wire through the base and then wrapping the two ends together, wide enough to fit over your head. #diy #flowe

It can really be as easy as this:


For $10 or less I went to the grocery store and picked out a bouquet with a wide variety of flowers. Some of the plants mentioned in the above articles include daisies and chrysanthemums, which may or may not purify the air around you while wearing this necklace.

For $2 at Michael’s I bought a little bit of florist wire.

With these 2 items you could probably end up making a dozen necklaces.

6.17.13 flowers

Cut off the heads of the flowers where the stem meets the base. Once you have all the blossoms you can organize and decide what flowers you want and in what order you want them on your necklace.

Using a pair of craft scissors cut a length of wire about 3 feet in length. This will allow for extra length to be trimmed away later.

6.17.13 flowers2

The end of the wire will be stiff enough (like a needle) to feed through the base of the flower.
6.17.13 flowers3

You can just thread them on, or loop the wire around like pictured above. I looped the wire and was able to play around with the placement a bit more than if the flowers were just threaded on.

fresh flower necklace

You can create extra loops to create rows and give the piece some depth. The wires on the back can be messy, no one will see it.

6.17.13 flowers7

Once the arrangement is complete you may decide to loop the wire around to make it into a necklace, or maybe you’d like to attach a ribbon to wear around your neck.

I wore my necklace out for an evening and it looked beautiful and smelled great all night long. If you end up making any fresh flower necklaces, I’d love to see your arrangement.

Read more tutorials on Inspiration Junkie

Week two of shop updates

I’m still on track with listing a new item everyday. I did miss a day during the week, but I’ve made it up and have 5 new items in the shop to share with you today.

First off is this pretty lady, a yellow themed pinwheel painting.


Two new rings, made from paintings. This pink one is from abstract mixed media pieces and the purple one is watercolored ombre.

I listed 4 of these fun spiralbound ephemera notebooks. They have a variety of papers including vintage maps, patterned scrapbook paper, music paper, graph paper and more.

And last but not least…

I have listed this red, orange and gray chunky beaded necklace.

I hope you are having a relaxed and happy weekend.

A Necklace Display

9.17 necklace display

While living in rental units and before buying our home I had a dream list of things I wanted to do once I OWNED MY OWN HOME. There were things on that list like hanging a nice, full length mirror on the wall (as opposed to the cheap mirror that is stuck to the back of most apartment bathroom doors), having my very own hammock to swing in while enjoying my very own back yard and HELLO chalkboard paint wall. One of those list items was to have a nice and permanent display for all of my necklaces.

my favorite necklaces
(some of my favorite necklaces)

I consider most of my jewelry as wearable art, rather than just jewelry, and most pieces are not small or something that could easily be put away in a jewelry box. I’d like to have the pieces out and hanging in my bedroom. This way the pieces could be displayed as the artwork that they are, but also easily seen so I can decide which piece to wear each day.

In the past I’ve just hung all my necklaces from various random hooks, knobs and random nails that seem to be abundant in most rentals. I dreamed of a time when I’d have them all hanging on the wall, equally displayed. At first I pictured a straight line of nails, right into the wall. I think after renting for so many years I couldn’t even dream past the point of just owning my own walls that I could NAIL HOLES INTO IF I WANTED. It wasn’t until moving into our house that I started thinking beyond that and came up with this idea for a necklace display.

9.17 necklace display materials

Last weekend I finally finished it and thought it might be something other people would be interested in recreating for their own necklaces. It was really simple and other than some assistance from my dad and sister (mostly because I needed their expertise, support and assurance) it could have been done in a day or two.

9.17 necklace display materials2

I went to the hardware/lumber store and bought a 2x10x8 and had them cut it down to 4 feet long and bought an a additional length of quarter-round, as seen above.

9.17 necklace display materials7

Lightly sand the wood, stain it and then treat it.

9.17 necklace display materials4

Using wood glue, glue the quarter round onto the edge and tape it into place and leave it to dry.

Mark the walls where the studs are and measure the height where the piece is to hang.
9.17 necklace display materials8

Put screws into the studs at the correct height, leaving them to stick out about .5″-.75″.

9.17 necklace display materials6

Place the piece up against the wall, directly under the screws and mark on the wood where the screws are located.
9.17 necklace display materials5

Drill holes into the back, slightly larger than the screw heads in the wall, that match the location of the screws in the wall.
9.17 necklace display materials3

Run two pieces of tape across the piece, horizontally, at 1″ and 4″ down. Then mark the tape every .75″, alternating on the 1 and 4 inch tapes.
With a hammer, nail penny nails into the board at the marked spots at a slight angle upward.

Voila, the piece is done. Match the holes in the back of the piece to the screws in the wall and it hangs beautifully.

9.17 room1 9.17 room
(Before and after, necklace display)

The purpose of the quarter round was to create a small ledge where I can place artwork and inspirational images.

I also chose to use penny nails. You might opt for hooks or decorative nails. I specifically wanted the penny nails because the necklaces can easily be pulled off, and they are less distracting from the necklaces.

If you click on any of the images in this post it should take you to the flickr image. If you go to to this picture of the close up, and hover over the picture I have given credit to all the different artists who’s work can be seen in this display.

Renegade 2012

9.10 renegade

This last weekend was the 10th annual Renegade craft fair in Chicago. I think my sister and I went to their second year and have gone to every one after that. We’ve seen it all, from rain, crazy winds, to intense heat, but I think I can safely say the weather this weekend was PERFECT. There were clear skies, and it was in the comfortable 70s.

Now, onto my loot.

1. My favorite piece I purchased has to be this terrarium necklace by Heron & Lamb.
2. Floppy disc notebook, and slide notebooks (I’ve purchased these before in previous years) by Reuse First
3. Vintage cancellation stamp pinback buttons by Letter Writing Alliance
4. White, black and yellow disc rings by Cat Eats Coyote Jewelry
5. Peanut knife necklace (I’ve been wanting one of these forever) by Little Pancakes
6. Roundy pinback button by Laura Berger
7. Lasercut globe keychain (which I think I will turn into a necklace) by Neogranny
8. Playing card notebooks by Kelso Doesn’t Dance
9. Porcelain envelope by Red Raven
10. Molar town stickers by Skelecore
11. Vintage flashcards and photobooth friend card by The Found

Here’s an instagram of my terrarium necklace. It isn’t a real terrarium and just contains hobby moss, but it’s still beautiful.  The comments on instagram reminded me of when I was a freshman in college I bought some miniature bottles from American Science Surplus and I had an aquarium that was being taken over by snails. I had the brilliant idea to fill a little bottle with aquarium water and a tiny baby snail and wear the bottle on a necklace. By the time I got to school the snail seemed to have died from the heat of my body, and by the time I got home for the day the water was murky and gross. I had unintentionally cooked that little guy :(

DIY Paper Clay Bead Necklaces

display necklaces
Hello friends, I started a little craft project recently and made these colorful, chunky beaded necklaces. They were really fun, easy and inexpensive to make, so I thought I’d share a little tutorial on how you can make your own paper clay bead necklaces. If you do end up making some, I’d love to see how they come out.

A few years back I was at an Old Navy store and they had some necklaces that caught my eye. They were bright and colorful, big, plastic, chunky beads and I was tempted to buy one, but something stopped me. I can’t remember if it was because they were all monochromatic color schemes, or all the beads were the same shape, or what, but I thought to myself “I could make a necklace like that for myself, but even more AWESOME.” I envisioned a statement piece of jewelry, with a variety of big chunky beads in different color schemes, that were candy like. Occasionally I would remember the necklace idea and would check out the craft stores for some big, colorful beads, but every time, there were no BIG beads, let alone any with a variety of BRIGHT colors and shapes. The closest I could find were some wood beads for little kids to learn to count on and string for fine motor skills. Fast forward to earlier this year and I remembered some paper clay I bought from my expedition into scary doll making and decided to take a crack at making my own necklace.
Alyssa and Dacia
Here are the necklaces I made being modeled on my lovely sister in law, Dacia on the right, and her lovely sister Alyssa on the left, to show how long I chose to make my necklaces.

Paper Clay
Mark Making Tools for clay (pencil, mesh, string)
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Colored Pencils (optional)
Cardboard Box
Florist Wire
Drill or needle/thin knitting needle
Clear Glaze Spray
Jewelry making supplies as needed for your taste
The idea to use Paper Clay came to me because it is easily malleable, light and air dries. You can buy it fairly inexpensively at craft stores for around $9 for a pack. Just make sure that you keep it sealed after you open it. However, even if it does dry out, just put it in a ziplock bag with a little bit of water and kneed it back into shape.

I wanted to make my beads big and chunky so I just rolled them out to size. Some beads I rolled out to be round, some beads were more cylindrical, some were more flat. I used various items, such as a pencil and some old pottery tools, as well as mesh, to give my beads unique texture. Be creative! You can do whatever comes to mind. The instructions said to let the paper clay dry for 24 to 48 hours. Since my beads were rather thick I actually waited 4 days. The clay goes from being light gray to almost white when dry. Don’t worry about the beads being perfect, you can sand and file them once they are dry.
Once my beads were dry I used my dad’s drill press to drill the bead holes. If you don’t have access to that, you could use a handheld drill, a dremel, or even poke a hole while the bead is still drying. If you decide to poke a hole through, I’d recommend letting the bead dry for a few hours first so that you don’t misshape the piece while pushing a needle through it. You need to think a little ahead at this point, when choosing a drill bit, or needle size. Think about how you want to thread your beads. At first I was thinking I would simply string them on a ribbon so I chose a fairly thick drill bit. After everything was said and done, I actually changed my mind and decided to use eye pins to give each bead a more finished look. My holes were then a bit too large for the eye pins so I had to widen the end ring a touch.
DSC_0939 DSC_0941

Here’s a little trick I learned taking metal and jewelry classes – when you drill a hole you’ll often get a bit of a rough edge on the back. Take a larger drill bit than the one are using and gently twist the tip into the hole as shown above. It will smooth away that edge and finish the piece.
From here I sanded my beads to give them a more smooth surface. I also used the sand paper to give some flat edges, and a file to groove edges on others for added texture and character.
When painting the beads I used a tool I had on hand to hold the bead so that I could paint the whole bead evenly. You could also use a pin/needle or thin knitting needle, etc. The paper clay is a very dry, porous clay and will take whatever you put on it very easily. Paint them solid or patterned. You could use acrylic paint, or let the translucent quality of watercolor work in your favor. Draw on the beads with colored pencils, sharpies, etc. You could even leave them plain for all white beads. The possibilities are endless.

P1010172  P1010183
After each bead was decorated, I put them in this make-shift box as seen above. I cut slits in the side of the cardboard and fed the wire through so all the beads would be evenly spaced. Then I sprayed the beads with the clear glaze spray. I used Krylon, triple-thick crystal clear glaze and I can’t recommend this stuff enough. No matter how thick I sprayed it on, it would dry clear and fairly quickly, in 10-20 minutes. Make sure you do this outdoors or a place with plenty of air circulation and ventilation because the spray’s fumes are very strong. After I sprayed the beads I had to rotate them and spray them again, doing this about 4 or 5 times to get an even, high gloss.

Once the beads are sealed with the spray they are good to go. You can assemble them however you like. Put them on a ribbon, a wire, or chain. Add different beads you have purchased. Have them close to the neck or hang low. Use your creativity. I’ve been wearing my necklaces now for a few weeks and they have held up against the test of Robyn Demolition, where in a I destroy most things I come in contact with. These were fun to make and I hope to see how you apply your own creativity to this project!

check out other diy/tutorials on Inspiration Junkie

Middle of June

Building up to the Barn Sale in May I was so busy building inventory for the show. I started keeping a list of the all the things I couldn’t wait to do once the show was over. Immediately following the show and before I had time to finish unpacking from the show, Bishop disappeared. We are like a pair of deflated balloons, Matt and I. When we aren’t at work, or searching for him, we are drained and numbing ourselves. Me on the couch watching netflix and snacking and Matt at his computer playing video games. Needless to say, I feel like nothing has been accomplished since he’s been gone. Remember all the inventory I said I’d add to my etsy shop? Yeah, right. I feel like I’ve done absolutely nothing, I know it’s not true but it feels that way. I try to stay positive and not let myself go there, but it’s harder and harder after 3.5 weeks.

To prove to myself that I’m not a complete slug I’m listing some of the things that I HAVE done recently:
6.13 yarn bomb
I realized too late that June 9th was International Yarn Bombing day. I’ve been wanting to create a tree cozy for a while so I just worked on it earlier this week. Better late than never. I still need to figure out where to put it. There is a fine line of the type of folks who would appreciate or tolerate something like this. I don’t want my work to be cut down immediately.
-The wifi on my iphone (glorified ipod touch, because it doesn’t have service) died, so I had no way to post to instagram. Gasp! I know! Fortunately after multiple trips to the nearest Apple Store, and one trip to the AT&T store I was finally able to get a replacement and continue with my 365 instagram project.

My sisters and I planted our garden
6.3 pillowcases
-I FINALLY made the pillow cases I promised Tom years ago.
-I had a handful of meetings that pushed me out of my comfort zone (I’m such a shy/anxious/nervous type person) one of the meetings was with a repeat customer to drop off an order.

-I’ve been working on a large order for a customer that will be selling my jewelry in her store in Australia. How exciting is that?
-I got to speak with and meet with some good friends that I hadn’t spoken with for a while (Bethany, and also Jenny and Gail)
-I had a mini “vacation” with 3 days off of work (not nearly enough!)
wells family reunion tree1 wells family reunion tree
-Went to Flora, IL for the Wells Family Reunion. My sister was helping organize the reunion and saw the idea for a family tree on pinterest. I helped her by painting the tree, and then you can see the finished product next to it. Everyone at  the reunion left a leaf, using their thumbprint, and then signed their name over it.
wells family reunion
-Another idea that my sister and I had for the reunion was a photobooth. My sister found the company and for every picture, there were two prints, one for an album, and one to take home. Everyone had a good time taking pictures with their family members and going back for silly pictures with props.

We bought a hammock for our backyard. This is a fitting puzzle piece in the image of what home ownership means to me. Yep, lazily rocking in a hammock in my own back yard.

Oh yeah, and the lovely Rosa Murillo sent me one of these Robyn Necklaces that she named after me!

A Pretty Collection: Chevron


Clockwise from top left,  Rug on Overstock, Vintage Chevron Necklace by seahagandwalrus, Chevron flat notecards by mrYen, Chevron button or magnet set by yours truly