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Drawing, sketching, doodling

Ever since I’ve worked in an office I’ve always had plenty of scratch paper around. Paper that would normally get recycled or thrown out I collect and then cut down into quarters for scratch paper. I have a thing for this paper. Even though I pretty much carry a sketchbook or cahier with me everywhere, I still find myself hoarding this scrap paper like it’s some hot commodity. On any given day you can probably find several of these pieces of paper randomly in my purse. I write notes to myself and compose to-do lists on scraps. I also like making little staple books and fill the pages with drawings, sketches and doodles and random quick artwork. I realized I haven’t done that in a while so a few weeks ago I figured if I drew one page every day I’d have a nice little book when it was done.

The little book is finally complete and so I thought it would be fun to create a little animated gif leafing through it.
P.S. I think this completes my goal for 5 animated gifs.


Below are some of the still frames so you can see more detail

Meanwhile, when I was doing a page everyday in my little staple book I started noticing other people sketching, doodles and drawing as well.

During August Anika (from aisforanika) started posting a doodle a day on instagram. This month she is doing a pattern everyday. Follower her on instagram (aisforanika)

While doodling I started thinking about Danny Gregory and how he advocates drawing every day. I hadn’t thought about it for a while, but there’s a long list of things to draw everyday, inspired by his book Everyday matters. You can see the list here, and #1 is to draw a shoe. Naturally one of the pages in my little scratchbook is my shoe.

Blair Stocker is participating in a group blog with her family where they upload their sketchbook pages everyday.

Summer Pierre decided to do one of her One Page Stories everyday for 100 days. Yes. ONE HUNDRED DAYS! She’s on day 11 and I’m enjoying them so much.

Then, inspired by Summer’s commitment and (I suspect) not to be shown up by Summer ;) dear friend Rosa Murillo is now doing a drawing everyday for 100 days as well! I’m in heaven.

Then earlier this week Silvia Chenault posted this BEAUTIFUL and COLORFUL drawing from her sketchbook using prisma markers. It was perfect because I too had just splurged and bought prisma markers in a variety of colors. I had been using the gray markers on the first few pages and then wanted to add color. I’m always inspired by Silvia.

Happy Fourth of July

While riding my bike home from work on a windy day I noticed this flag was standing straight up and took a whole bunch of pictures. I thought the flag waving would be great as an animated gif for the Fourth of July. The clouds moving was an unexpected perk. Now I want to make another with just clouds moving across the sky.

This can be added to my 2010 list, item #2, make 5 animated gifs

Happy Fourth of July to everyone celebrating.

What have I been up to lately?

Recently we went into the city. While killing time at Millennium Park I started spinning and unbeknownst to me my friend Nikki took these pictures of me on rapidfire. I put them together to make another animated gif. This is 3 of 5 on my 2010 list (no. 2).

I haven’t been spending much time in my studio this month. I haven’t been creating at all, which is really weird because it is normally a part of my daily life. I don’t know if it’s because of the messy state of my studio, the overwhelming list of things on my to-do list, the exhaustive nature of summer heat in northern Illinois, how social plans always seem to be in hyper drive over the summer, OR a combination of all of the above.

At any rate, I hope you are having a great summer! Hope I’ll return sooner, rather than later, to share some creative something-or-other.

I’m a nerd

Here is my second animated gif for number 2 on my to-do list. Here’s number one from earlier this year.  This time I made it bigger so you can actually see what’s going on.

Last week I was walking from my car to our house when I saw the brightest yellow finch. It’s been so long since I’ve seen one, I thought it was an escaped pet bird at first. The very next day I was at a BBQ birthday party and saw the boldest Indigo Bunting. It kept flying up to the bird feeder just a few feet away from us. THEN the very next day I was on a bike ride and a bright red Cardinal swooped right in front of me. I view brightly colored birds as a sign, and remembered this mail art piece I made and decided to list it for sale in my Etsy shop.

I recently discovered the coolest (new-to-me) artist through flickr. Alyn Carlson is a very talented artist, graphic designer and actress. She makes the most wonderful art hats, and they can be found in her Etsy shop here. I love how she posts often about colors, often in a Pantone theme, which really speaks to the graphic designer in me too. Well, lo and behold, this week she featured a photograph I took of my tootsie in grass, on this post. And then today, she shared my silver cast and handspun yarn Grass Ring. A woman who also loves grass is a woman after my own heart.

Day Three – Animated gif

This is my third entry into the Thing-A-Day blog, cross posted here.

I’ve been working on this way longer than I should have, and the result is not quite the image I had envisioned, but I am still pretty proud of myself.

I have been spinning some very fine/thin wool to make a sock yarn which I will knit up to make a pair of socks. I thought it would be pretty cool to make an animated gif of myself spinning yarn. I borrowed Matt’s camera which has a program on it that allows you to set increments of pictures taken for a given duration. I started with a picture every second but that was way too much, so I set it for every 5 seconds. I spun for over 300 pictures and then using photoshop and imageready I put the images together for the result below. I ended up only using the first 75 pictures because it was taking so long and our “TAD”s shouldn’t become a chore. I also made it only 100 pixels wide, but I wish it had been a bit larger.

I have only made a couple basic animated banner ad gifs in the past. I don’t know a ton and have taught myself how to do this, so, no help from the computer geek boyfriend :)

Oh, this also counts for one of my animated gifs for my 2010 to-do list.

2010 Yearly List

It’s the last day of January and I think I’ve finally finished my 2010 to-do list. Of course, as soon as I hit publish I’m sure I’ll remember more things I wanted on the list. Here is last year’s list.

1. Buy a marble and start my glass marble collection  (received May 17, 2010)
2. Make 5 simple animated gifs to post on my blog one two three four Five and an extra
3. Buy a vintage globe and a huge map for the bedroom Globe Matt bought me this map for my birthday in 2011
4. Leave 100% tip at a restaurant
5. Leave change in coin machine 5 times one, two, three, four, five
6. Send a care package to a soldier overseas
7. Build a storytelling shadowbox diorama
8. Upload a youtube video with my face and voice
9. Participate in wardrobe remix photography 4 times
10. Visit a drive in movie theater (completed June 8, 2011)
11. Visit two photobooths one two
12. Old timey picture (kind of did this at MS&I)
13. Document a tree changing colors, start sept. 1st (Completed finally after so many attempts started)
14. Purchase wool and spin yarn and make vest
15. Buy tall boots complete
16. Eat falaful Completed 5.5.12
17. Visit the museum in sycamore went winter of 2018/2019 with Chris and kids
18. Fit into a size __ or reach __ lbs.
19. Create a paper moon photo set up to take portraits in
20. Publish second zine completed November
21. Go to teddywedgers for pasties Completed on March 27th
22. Go to the kane county flea market (completed July 2nd, 2011)
23. Record “storycorp” style interviews with family/friends (interviewed my sister at MS&I)
24. Rearrange furniture twice (1st time in July, second time in Nov)
25. Work in small scrapbook art/journal
26. Go to lothson’s chicken done 8.4.10
27. Pay off debt
28. Have a bonfire at the lagoon
29. Eat at two (new to me) truck stop diners (one completed on trip to KY 2014, where I got coin from gumball machine)
30. Organize a glue book week (revised idea, completed here 2014)
31. Go camping this summer completed in July 2010 (we went camping/floating with tom and nikki)
32. Finish my mom’s challenge book

Leftovers from 2009 list

1. Found Art balloon idea
2. Visit one  more photobooth 9.21.2012
3. Hot air balloon ride (already paid for) completed 10.9.10
4. Release art themed geocache
5. Complete C25K and run 5K
6. Work on and send in sketchbook for group project   Posted to my blog here
7. Go to a Hockey game (11.2.10)
8. redesign website (done February 2013)