I just released my very first vinyl sticker sheet!

I have been making these little watercolor and handcarved rainbow stamps for years. They are VERY handmade.

Rainbow stickers

Not only is each one unique with my artwork, but I use packing tape to protect the top, and hand cut out each stamp. I often put them in with outgoing orders, and I loved them so much that they inspired their own whole stationery set. Each envelope and letter writing sheet comes with one of my handmade stickers. The problem is that they are not weatherproof. I’ve pasted them graffiti style out in the wild, and it doesn’t take long for them to start fading and peeling away. In some ways that can be nice too, but when a friend put one on her water bottle I immediately felt guilty that it would all off immediately when the bottle was being washed.

Last week I made an instagram reel of my handmade stickers.

But, back to the sticker sheets. I have wanted to recreate them digitally for a loooooong time. I taught myself how to make brushes in illustrator from my own watercolor marks, but it still wasn’t right. I want them to look as unique and handmade as the original ones. Finally, I got my new ipad and some watercolor brushes from Max Packs. When I bought the brushes, I hadn’t even thought about it in terms of making the stickers, but rather to extend my skills and be able to make digital work that is similar to a lot of my watercolor illustrations. One day I thought about making a rainbow and in a flash hours had passed and I had made a complete sticker sheet. I ordered just a few at first to see how they would turn out and they were GREAT! I immediately ordered more for my shop and have been so amped about them. A dream some true, years in the making.

Rainbow stickers by robayre

It’s all I can do to not stick them up everywhere. I love that this one is next to the ghost of one of my handmade mixtape stickers.

Rainbow stickers by robayre

On the back of my work computer, along with another handmade sticker from my balloonhead stamp

Rainbow stickers by robayre

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing where other people stick their rainbow stickers. Hannah took no time pasting a bunch on her sketchbook, and Anna shared hers with her niece. They have a special club called Rainbow Supreme.

You can get your own rainbow sticker sheets (15 stickers) in my shop now.


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