Arm Knitting

Loop #scarf my sister made for me using the arm knitting technique that seems to be all the rage this winter. The yarn she used is fab because it looks like it #knit itself from a fine weight yarn, so pretty.

Before Christmas my sister made and gave me a loop scarf she made by “arm knitting”. I had never heard of arm knitting, but being an “expert” finger knitter I could imagine what it meant.

Then like that, BAM, I kept seeing everyone talking about arm knitting online. It must have been one of those things that just spread like wildfire for knitters on pinterst.


Fast forward a few weeks, my sister and I were at Hobby Lobby and I was drawn to this crazy, colorful, chunky yarn (Yarn Bee, whimsy bulky, westbrooke 120, $5.99/per). My sister said it reminded her of my kool aid dyed yarn. I wanted it, but really had no projects in mind so my sister suggested an arm knit scarf. I bought two skeins for an extra chunky scarf.

1.25 arm knitting

I just searched youtube for videos, watched a few and went to work. And just to show how arm knitting has taken off, my mom said she saw a promo for Target where they had their own arm knitting tutorial online. The technique is supposed to be VERY QUICK with suggested knit times of 20-30 minutes. Me? It took me 3 hours.

The arm knitting scarf in action. Some people were asking about the yarn, it is Yarn Bee, whimsy bulky, westbrooke 120. I bought two skeins and doubled it up.

I think I cast on no fewer than 3 times, I kept using the working lead yard, rather than the tail and I didn’t want to waste 4 feet of yarn. I was also really being very meticulous with keeping it all very tight. You can see that arm knitting is very loose already, and I didn’t want it to be even more so. As a spinner, I often will place a skein around my neck and wish I could just wear that as a scarf. Well, this knitting technique mimics that notion perfectly. If you want to attempt this, I highly suggest a very chunky and very textured or busy yarn, a yarn that you might not really be able to get away with on a typical knitting project. This project really showcases the yarn for itself.

And one little last sidenote. When we were looking at the yarn my sister was holding the skein and so I asked “what is it made of?” and she said “100.Percent. Acrylic.” and we both laughed remembering this radio hit from the early 90s.


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One thought on “Arm Knitting

  1. So, I was raving about the photograph of you wearing this nifty, colorful scarf to my boyfriend and do you know what he said to me!? “Oh!I meant to tell you that I saw a couple of scarves like that and I wanted to know if you knew how to make them. Apparently, it’s not that hard, just takes patience”

    Uh. First of all, never leave it up to a man to deliver craft news! LOL! So, I have made a little promise to myself to use some old yarn that I bought ages ago (to learn how to knit for real) and make me one. Yours is so great Robyn, I am so jealous!

    Also, I received your mail and I am going to post about it tomorrow. Those metallics really brightened my day. You are a bucket of sunshine girl!

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