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Over the holiday I suggested to my family that we get together for some pinterest crafting.

On my list of possible projects:
petite fours
pom pom garland
and using old sweaters to make mittens

We attempted the petitte fours, which were a complete bust.
Cute cat, pretty holiday decorations and an Instagram filter later and no one will even notice that the petit fours were a complete bust. #pinterestfail
The icing came out runny and translucent. We made several attempts and each time the same thing. Afterward we read the reviews and comments on a lot of the recipes online and it seemed like we weren’t alone. They didn’t come out like we hoped, but they still tasted fine and looked somewhat pretty and festive, right?

I also made some pom pom garlands on my own. I had the red and white hanging above the fireplace over the holidays and I made a off white and gold one (inspired by this pin) for Matt’s mom.

1.29 white and gold pom pom garland

The original pin had white poms alternating with giant metallic bells, but I thought hey, what if I made metallic pom poms. I bought some gold foil tissue paper, cut it into strips and voila! I may have liked it enough that I made a garland just like it for myself as well ;)

And then…

1.23 mittens

My sister and I bought some old sweaters from goodwill, salvation army and savers and hunkered down one evening to make ourselves some reclaimed sweater mittens. They came out so great that we did it again a week or so later with my mom and made all of the mittens below.

My mom, my sister and I made these mittens yesterday

It was so much fun that we want to make more and more and more. Don’t tell anyone but I may have 3 more bags of sweaters that I’ve picked up from thrift shopping since then.

AND let me tell you, with the fleece lining, they are the warmest mittens ever! I’ve been wearing the pair I made myself ever since and we’ve been having -15F temperatures this January, but my fingers have stayed warm. I’ve ALWAYS been a mitten girl, gloves are pointless, you gotta keep your fingers together for warmth.

We set up shop, 3 sewing machines, and piles of sweaters and fleece, all on top of the world’s largest ping pong table. We enjoyed it so much and people really seem to like them, so we are thinking of opening up an etsy shop for our mittens… but it’s gonna have a spin to it. I have had this idea for this unique shop for YEARS and YEARS, so I hope it really happens finally with these mittens. More to come on that later :D


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