Goodbye Google Reader, part 2

So Long, Farewell

Here’s the promised follow up to post for Google Reader’s departure. For now I’m going with Feedly. I’ve been reading my blogs there the last week and I’m still learning how to maneuver through the options and customize my settings. I will say one thing I learned and that is mighty beneficial to Feedly is that since it was Google Reader powered, it took over all my starred posts (bookmarked posts). I won’t lose them after all! They can now all be found under “saved for later”. Overall, with few learning hurdles, it seems to be the most like google reader.


Comparing it to Bloglines and Bloglovin, I feel like it is a more solid site and program.

My only slight fear is that since it was originally powered through Google Reader that that once the 1st hits, all my subscriptions will be gone. They’ve promised that it will continue to work fine after Reader is gone, but as I said before, I’m not putting all my eggs into one basket.

Just to be safe, I have backed up my subscriptions and you you may want to do the same. Follow these steps and you will export your subscription file to use later. Visit
Across the top where it says “Take out” click “choose services” a window will pop up and you want to click on Reader. Wait until it is 100% complete then select “create archive” at the bottom. Once again, wait until it is done “building”. It may take a while, depending on how many subscriptions you have. It was so long that I just walked away from the computer for a half hour and when I came back it had the file complete. Click download and you will get a zip file that you can import into other sites later, if you need to.

Whatever subscriber you decide to go with, let’s stay connected, so please add me there. My RSS is
If you decide to use bloglovin, here is my profile page


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