Color Week and Feedly update

This isn’t really a techy type blog, so I apologize for all the google reader posts if it didn’t even apply to you in the first place. If you don’t care about rss subscribers you can just skip the paragraph below and enjoy the “unicorn chaser” (well, rainbowish anyway) pictures below that I contributed to Poppytalk’s color week last week.

Just a micro update about feedly. I’ve just been noticing in the last couple of days that when I’d read a post, marked it as read, and then visit feedly later some of these same posts were showing up as unread again. Somehow I missed an update from feedly where they moved to the cloud. My sister shared the info with me, and I thought in case others are having the same issue I’d share it here. Apparently when I was reading on one device and then going to the next it wasn’t keeping everything updated in one location, but if you go to this link Switch Feedly To The Cloud, follow the steps and then restart your browsers on all devices, everything should remain cohesive from one device to the next.

After that logging in your account, giving permission to the feedly cloud when you visit feedly it automatically directs you to the cloud, which you should see in your address bar.
Hope that makes helps for anyone that might have been experiencing the same thing I was.

Okay, onto my instagram submissions for Poppytalk’s Summer of Color challenge.






and then just because it happened:

Double Rainbow all the way across the sky, only was able to catch half of it though


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