New Abstract Painting Based Paper Stratum pieces

I’m just popping in real quick to share another new design that will be debuting at the Na-Da Farm Sale this Friday and Saturday.

5.14 paintings

On a whim (and isn’t that the best way ideas play out, as opposed to thinking about it forever before you have a chance to act) I just made a mess, and painted randomly with watercolors, gouache and inks and then came back in with pencil and pen and drew in details. Some of those papers are shown above. Then, even though I was slightly in love with the color and mess, I cut the papers up into strips to use in my Paper Stratum jewelry.

I am absolutely in love with the resulting pieces. Here is a quick sneak peek.

Paper stratum jewelry Paper stratum jewelry

These, as well as a handful more (rings and necklaces) will be available at the show on Friday. Leftovers will be added to my etsy shop, but even if I were to sell out (haha, fingers crossed) I know I will be making more of these. I kind of only want to make more and more of these at this point.

Don’t forget, there’s still time to enter the giveaway on the post from last Friday. You can win a piece of jewelry (of your choosing) as well tickets into the show AND cupcakes!


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