Developing Polaroid Video

Matt’s mom picked up a couple of Polaroid cameras for me at a Goodwill to add to my collection. One of them had film still left inside. I didn’t really have too much hope for it so I was quite surprised when it actually turned out. Afterward I was kind of kicking myself that I didn’t take more time trying to find a better subject or composition. Oh well, at least I caught this little film. This is something people won’t get to do much longer… developing instant pictures in daylight, as Impossible Film must be developed in the dark.

I made this video in Vine, but it kept giving me a “failed upload” message. I kept it there for days trying over and over before it finally just disappeared on it’s own. I read this post where apparently I’m not the only one to complain about this issue. I hope that can resolve this issue and have been keeping my eyes peeled for an update. At least, like the coloring book/zine upload, it was saved to my photo album and not lost entirely.

sidenote: I need to look into why flickr is adding a black box at the top and bottom of my vine videos, making the video out of scale. My vine videos are square formatted, the videos are uploaded are square, but when they are published to flickr the black boxes appear and the scale is all wonky. I ended up just posting the video to Vimeo and sharing that version instead.


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  1. Cool! It’s been so long since I’ve had polaroid film. I miss it. I’m having the same issue with Vine. It’s no fun to put work into a cool video and not even get to share it. I hope they work it out soon, because it’s a great concept.

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