Monday Morning Inspiration

After getting my Zutter (spiral notebook binder) I had the idea to create some original patterns to have printed and use as covers for a series of notebooks (staplebound as well as spiralbound). Here are the instagrammed patterns I’ve created so far.

Painting a pattern for a project I have in mind
Robyn Fun Fact: I paint (watercolor and acrylic) with a hair dryer nearby because I'm too impatient to let layers dry.
An idea I had in my head
Another pattern for my potential project #art #pattern #stripes #beautiful #wip #watercolors

I’d like to eventually make a whole bunch so that I have a collection from which to choose the best.  I would be remiss to make this post and not mention the inspiration I have been receiving on instagram with Anika’s #patternaday. I love all the patterns people are sharing.

2 Responses to “Monday Morning Inspiration”

  1. 1 Jeannine

    I am crazy for those rabbits! All of your patterns, and the others I’m seeing through this project make the quilter in me do cartwheels. I hope when you say printed you mean, like Spoonflower? I’d love to see (and buy) some of these in fat quarters/yardage (the rabbits!)

  2. 2 Claire

    wonderful designs! i think the starry night’s my favourite :o)

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