Better but still not great

10.8 screen print

Hooray, the screen cleaned out, but the edges are super fuzzy as you can see. So, better, but still not great. I’m blaming the drawing fluid and will buy some new. I think the drawing fluid was too old, too thin, or a combination of both. I was able to pull a bunch of prints that I will use for my 31 Postcards in 31 Days project. Since each postcard will be different but based on the same print I’m not going to post each one individually, but share them all together in one post closer to the end of the week. I plan on doing some with watercolor, some colored pencil and some chine colle, and who know what else.
lily of the valley pattern
The print was based on this pattern I drew in my little staple scrap book. I was originally trying to come up with a floral pattern that was different than your typical floral pattern. I still really like the pattern and after this week might play around with it on the computer some, using the Heather Ross Prints book I recently got. Funny sidenote, I drew my pattern first before getting the book, but when going through Heather Ross Prints, she too has a lily of the valley print, but it looks very different (below).
Heather Ross Prints


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  1. i really love that original drawing of the lilies in your little book. and it’s been interesting to hear about your experiments with screen printing. i have some drawing fluid but it makes me a little nervous. I’ve never used it before, only done stencil method; I know i need to get over my nervousness and just give it a try!

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