third attempt at this print pattern

When I started out the 31 Postcard project I had a vision in mind for a series of cards based on a screen print. I mentioned before how I couldn’t find my smallest frame (pictured here in 2007). So, I built a new one quickly from a small and cheap ikea frame I had on hand.
I couldn't find my smallest silk screen
I tried using the drawing fluid/screen filler method TWICE to get a good print and both times the screen filler was filling in the area that the drawing fluid should have blocked. I had to clean the screen so much that the filler started getting cleared out of other areas as well.

Yesterday I pulled a few prints from the second screen before I washed it out completely. It’s not what I had in mind, but it definitely has a kind of beauty in a corrosive and gritty way. Marissa mentioned that it reminded her of Colonial gravestones and I kind of like that. It’s a beautiful mistake, but believe me, if I was going for that look, I’d never in a million years be able to attain it.

This morning before beginning my third attempt I decided to look again for my smallest silk screen and wouldn’t ya know? I found it where I thought it was the whole time and where I apparently didn’t see it the first time I looked. So, I spent a good chunk of time today drawing out my pattern again and I’m going to let it dry over night, not rush it, and hope that it all works out tomorrow. I’ll just have to play catch up tomorrow, and hopefully if the prints work out that won’t be too hard to do.

I’ve done my third drawing (picture at the very top of this post). I’m going to let the drawing fluid sit and dry overnight and not rush it. If it still doesn’t work, I’m going to blame my drawing fluid and pitch it and buy new.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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