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More #PatternswithAnika

After #PatternJanuary, Anika continued on with 8 more weekly themes, and somehow I stuck to those as well.

Week One was Bouquet, which in reflection, was my absolute favorite finished pattern from the group. I took a lot of progress shots, so I’m devoting a whole post just to this pattern.

My #bouquet pattern for #patternswithanika. I keep playing around with it and making different versions that I also really like: repeating pattern, spots of color in the background, or the background elements all individually colored. This is the original

To say I loved the outcome of this pattern is an understatement. One of those situations where I question “that came out of me?!”

It was inspired by my contributions to the #tinyposie hashtag (looks like I need to do an update post with my whole collection so far).

Good morning! My second #tinyposie incorporating #goldenrod, #queenanneslace, #heatheraster and some weed things in the back.

I referenced my #tinyposie pictures for the flowers


and my hands for the rest

2.16 sketch

drew everything in pencil (I’ve probably said this here before) but there’s always this part of me that thinks pencil is not for “finished” pieces. I’m definitely getting over that and loving the quality more and more. It has to be the right pencil and the right surface.

Work in progress on my #patternswithanika #bouquet #pattern. If you haven't guessed, it's inspired by my the tiny poise hashtag, primarily #robayretinyposie and I can't wait to share the rest!

and then used watercolor to paint

Tiny Posie Bouquet more color

I pieced it all together in photoshop (top picture in this post) and then here is a variation which shows what it might look like in a more repeating style, and I added more color, digitally, to the background.

Little Bouquets and Tiny Posies

7.6.14 flowers and paintbrushes stripes

First there was my little bouquet post from earlier this summer when I found and fell in love with a picture of a bouquet and had to recreate it for myself (above). Since then I’ve realized that what I’m really drawn to is a small sized bouquet with wild and/or native flowers and plants, and not so much the store bought commercial bouquets. It comes back to my love of the tall grass prairie.

9.19 Poppy and Fern necklace

Then, Poppy and Fern was one of those booths at Renegade that we would visit each year and ooh and aaah over, but when it came down to it, I wasn’t finding a piece that said Robyn all over it. This year I noticed a floral piece that was perfect for my sister because it had an orange flower, her favorite color. The artist, Rachel, informed us that these pieces were inspired by real life bouquets that she or her friends had gathered. Next thing I know she whipped out her phone and was showing me pictures of the real life bouquets behind each piece. How cool is that? The bouquets she was showing me were just how I like them, small and filled with native or wild picked flowers. I really loved these larger bouquet necklaces, but they were all tall, up and down, like a bouquet, and I would like it more if it were more of a landscape orientation than the portrait. I asked if they could swap the orientation of a necklace around so that I too could have a necklace that I loved and they didn’t hesitate. I was sold! That is my necklace, pictured above.


Then most recently I came upon the artist Alex Falkiner on instagram (alfalky) and she shared several photos that were tagged #tinyposie. It got me curious so I went through a lot of the pictures and discovered the first one was posted by her and she started the hashtag project and invited others to share their own tiny posie bouquets! There’s also a tumblr. I’m obsessed! Why did I have to find this out just as fall approaches?!

9.19 #tinyposie

I thought I’d make my first attempt at contributing and went out and collected a bunch of little flowers. My tinyposie bouquet (above) is actually quite large compared to most, so I need to work on that. Also, it is not as easy at it looks. Do you realize how hard it is to keep these super tiny flowers positioned how you want them? I finally had to just accept that some were not going to face the way I wanted. And you have to work swiftly because flowers this small will wilt in a blink. Hopefully, this is just the first of many to come and I will get better, but in the meantime I will keep my eyes peeled on the hashtag and tumblr.

edit to add: I like the idea of making a tinyposie bouquet to commemorate certain events. Make one for your birthday, or make one on your vacation, etc., etc.

House Plants Tremble in my Presence

Ever since first owning pet cats I’ve had the worst luck with plants. Our house is set up so that the only south facing windows are on in the main living room where the cats have full access. I look at our families’ house plants, and decor pictures of homes online and think it is not too much to ask to have a plant in our house. BUT these cats are hell bent on killing anything we have out. Bishop’s taste for plants goes so far that he will even eat fake plants! We had a fake Christmas tree up for a month and good chances if you were looking for Bishop he’d be over pulling down branches to his mouth range and chomping away on them. We are always amazed at his spidey sense for any plant life that may enter the house. One time I carried a leaf into the house with some mail. The leaf got lost in the shuffle of mail and I forgot about it. A little bit later I watched as Bishop strategized for 5 minutes about how to get on the pillar speaker where I placed the mail. Finally after figuring out which piece of furniture to launch himself from he got there, and then piece by piece flipped each piece of mail off the speaker until he found that leaf. He’s like the Princess and Pea.

This of course means we have to be careful about what plants we have (if they are pet safe) and where we can keep them. The above gif was just a quick capture to show how I placed the plant out and less than 30 seconds later he was trying to devour it. I of course put it back in my studio immediately.

AND, what they don’t eat, I skillfully and promptly kill myself. I suspect that our house is VERY DRY. This has been a very hard and cold winter. I’ve been running a table top humidifier around the clock and yet everything I touch shocks me. I’m guessing that is a sign that our aprilaire system attached to our furnace is long dead.

My new air plant. I don't think of myself as someone who kills plants but for the life of me, I can't keep an #airplant alive. This is my second. The first one I had in a window, the second one I had away from the window. The first one I watered rarely, the second one I wa

I’ve managed to kill 2 air plants. After the first one, I made sure to do plenty of research and yet the second airplant was dead within 3 months as well.

Craving some greenery, I just bought this little lemon button fern for my studio.

Last week after CRAVING some greenery (read: cabin fever) I went to Lowe’s and searched for a plant I might be able to keep in my studio. I was kind of hoping for a string of pearls, but they didn’t have any so I walked away with this lemon button fern. I’m telling you! From one weekend to the next, more than half of it’s leaves are already dried up and dead! It says “medium” for water so I’ve watered it once and spritzed it with spray a few times. I know some plants have a hard time trying to transition from the perfect “atmosphere and climate” of a greenhouse to real life. Maybe some of the weaker leaves are dying and will give strength the other branches?

I just want a plant that lives.


Meanwhile my mom had THREE orchids that are blooming away!

DIY quick, cheap and easy fresh floral necklace

6.17.13 flowers5

The other day I quickly whipped together some fresh floral necklaces. I was sitting in the backseat of a car, as some friends and I headed out for an evening. I posted a couple pictures on instagram and they seemed to be a hit, so I decided to make a real post for the blog.

Summer is here and I’ve been noticing that floral crowns are really popular. When I initially saw this DIY for a floral headband on Natalie Creates I was excited for a moment because, even though it is beautiful 1. I thought it was actually a necklace and 2. I thought it was using fresh flowers.

Wearing fresh flowers just really appeals to me. BUT, I’m not really a headband/crown type person. Plus, they’d be above your eyes and nose, so you can’t really benefit from it yourself.  When I think of wearing fresh flowers though, I think of a corsage or brooch, which conjures the image of teenagers at prom, or grandma’s being honored. When I did a quick search for fresh flower necklaces it seemed that it was only mentioned in reference to weddings, or little kids making daisy chains. Why not wear a floral necklace to work, or for a night out on the town?

The other night I was watching the movie The Details on netflix streaming. It’s kinda good, (comparitively speaking to the rest of the streaming movies that I haven’t seen or heard of before that Netflix recommends to me) so yeah, go watch it. Anyway, Laura Linney plays this kookie, neighbor and she goes on this little mini rant and in it she mentions wearing a basil leaf pinned on her lapel to purify the air. We’ve all heard that keeping plants in the home helps to purify the air and it got me thinking that there might really be something more to wearing a necklace of fresh flowers. I always wondered if that “purify the air” thing was really just a myth based on the fact that plants “breathe” carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, while humans breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. But, apparently NASA spearheaded a study in the 80s and found it to be true. Plants actually remove poisonous contaminates from our air, other than just CO2.

Here are some different sites that offer different plants that help purify your air. 15 houseplants for improving indoor air quality, Breathe Easier: 12 Houseplants to Purify Indoor Air, and NASA Study House Plants Clean Air. Some of these plants are ones you can find in inexpensive floral bouquets from the store.

Now, this might all be for nothing because what I’m about to do with these plants and flowers is cut their heads off. We will all agree that flowers are pretty, and they smell great. Whether or not these blossoms continue to purify the air around you after they’ve been cut from the stem is beyond me, but I think you will still continue to enjoy their fragrance and appearance all the same.

Bought a bunch of flowers and made some fresh flower necklaces for myself and some lady friends.  Easy as cutting the stem off, threading florist wire through the base and then wrapping the two ends together, wide enough to fit over your head. #diy #flowe

It can really be as easy as this:


For $10 or less I went to the grocery store and picked out a bouquet with a wide variety of flowers. Some of the plants mentioned in the above articles include daisies and chrysanthemums, which may or may not purify the air around you while wearing this necklace.

For $2 at Michael’s I bought a little bit of florist wire.

With these 2 items you could probably end up making a dozen necklaces.

6.17.13 flowers

Cut off the heads of the flowers where the stem meets the base. Once you have all the blossoms you can organize and decide what flowers you want and in what order you want them on your necklace.

Using a pair of craft scissors cut a length of wire about 3 feet in length. This will allow for extra length to be trimmed away later.

6.17.13 flowers2

The end of the wire will be stiff enough (like a needle) to feed through the base of the flower.
6.17.13 flowers3

You can just thread them on, or loop the wire around like pictured above. I looped the wire and was able to play around with the placement a bit more than if the flowers were just threaded on.

fresh flower necklace

You can create extra loops to create rows and give the piece some depth. The wires on the back can be messy, no one will see it.

6.17.13 flowers7

Once the arrangement is complete you may decide to loop the wire around to make it into a necklace, or maybe you’d like to attach a ribbon to wear around your neck.

I wore my necklace out for an evening and it looked beautiful and smelled great all night long. If you end up making any fresh flower necklaces, I’d love to see your arrangement.

Read more tutorials on Inspiration Junkie

Better but still not great

10.8 screen print

Hooray, the screen cleaned out, but the edges are super fuzzy as you can see. So, better, but still not great. I’m blaming the drawing fluid and will buy some new. I think the drawing fluid was too old, too thin, or a combination of both. I was able to pull a bunch of prints that I will use for my 31 Postcards in 31 Days project. Since each postcard will be different but based on the same print I’m not going to post each one individually, but share them all together in one post closer to the end of the week. I plan on doing some with watercolor, some colored pencil and some chine colle, and who know what else.
lily of the valley pattern
The print was based on this pattern I drew in my little staple scrap book. I was originally trying to come up with a floral pattern that was different than your typical floral pattern. I still really like the pattern and after this week might play around with it on the computer some, using the Heather Ross Prints book I recently got. Funny sidenote, I drew my pattern first before getting the book, but when going through Heather Ross Prints, she too has a lily of the valley print, but it looks very different (below).
Heather Ross Prints

Day 14 – Paper Cut

It’s 11 p.m. CST, which is where I reside. I’m am posting my daily piece just in time.

When I got home from work today and went into my studio I said “uh-uh, no way”. Last weekend I didn’t tidy up after last weeks daily pieces and this week it has just continued to pile up. There is literally a square foot of empty space in which to work.  But, did I begin to tidy up? No, of course not. I went to check my email, twitter some, facebook, finish a movie, check my email again.

Today’s piece has a bit of a story. I got the idea to do a paper cut piece while at work. On my work computer I have a  wallpaper I created using all flickr favorites. It makes me happy to glimpse between open files and programs and catch an image that inspires me.

So, mid-day I spied a paper cut piece by Elsa Mora and thought “I want to try that for tonight’s piece!” I used to be quite handy with a pen knife. Back in my newspaper days, they didn’t call me the Paste-Up Queen for nothin’.  When I finally sat down to start working I couldn’t think of anything to do. I even changed my mind at one point and decided to do a completely different piece, but I needed to print something out and my printer is out of ink. Back to the drawing, or rather cutting board.

I started pacing around my studio and my eyes fell on a card that my friend Jenny sent me years and years ago. It has the above image by Masha D’Yans and I just love, love, love it. I suddenly had my inspiration. Vines with leaves and flowers.  BTW, I just looked up Masha’s site to post the link here and I AM IN LOVE. She is my art idol. I love her watercolors, they’re so wet and loose, bright and wild,  there’s a touch of the dark and yet innocence at the same time, plus her work is often very earthy, leaves and grass and trees, just up my alley.

So, this is what I came up with. The picture isn’t that great for right now because I had to take it in a dark room with artificial lighting. I’ll switch it out tomorrow.

I like how it came out. It was very time consuming. I can’t imagine when Elsa is doing her paper cuts she is cutting 140 pound watercolor paper.  Each cut was more like 3 cuts back and forth again to get through it. I went through about 6 blades in the process, but it was worth it, don’tcha think?

In my shop!


So, my dad made it through surgery, thank you for anyone who thought positive thoughts and/or prayed for him. Now onto recovery and 6 months of physical therapy. The above picture is a quicky collage of photos I put together of everyone waiting in the hospital room while my dad was in surgery. (L-R) My sister is lying on the hospital bed and dacia and my brother were sitting behind, my mom is lying down in the lounge chair/bed and matt is looking my way.

It has been a very stressful week because there have been several hang ups along the way, including blips that showed up on EKG concerning Dr.s about his heart, heart stress tests, a 4 hour surgery and now he has been running a fever and has lost feeling in his right foot. He has diabetes, so it all adds up to complications in the healing process.

I think he checked into the hospital on Wednesday, surgery was finally okayed on Thursday and performed that night. He seems to be in good spirits considering that he has just had a huge surgery performed, been poked and prodded for days, and constantly surrounded by family and staff all in a hospital room. The hospital was just built and so the rooms are VERY large, modern and comfortable, but still, nothing is going to be as comfortable as your own home. Well, maybe a room at the hilton :) as I discovered last summer.

Yesterday morning I ran over to my parents’ house to pick up some essentials for them at the hospital. When I got there I saw this flower in bloom. It was beautiful and full and a wonderful thing to see after several very stressful days.

Here is another plant flowering at their house currently and it has a funny story. I got this plant from my old boss’ on my 17th birthday and it has never bloomed ever before and I am 30 years old now. My mom or sister saw it flowering and looked it up. Apparently it is called a Mother-in-law Tongue or Plant, because when it does flower there is a liquid that drips from the blossoms. This liquid could then be placed into a tea and served to your mother in law and it will silence her as it paralyzes her vocal chords. Yikes! Funny thing is, as long as I’ve had it I’ve thought it was some sort of aloe plant and I’ve always thought aloe plants were so cool because you can use them for medicinal purposes. Who knows what would have happened if I had ever tried to use it in that manor.

I just had a call from my mom and he sounds like he is doing really well. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of positive thinking and prayer. I would just like to thank anyone who kept him in their thoughts and would appreciate your continued support and prayers.