Lace Little Books

Earlier this summer I was contacted through Etsy by a customer that saw this notebook and wondered if I would be able to make 22 more of them for her wedding day.  The lace I had used on that particular piece was something I only had a small amount of but I was able to work with the customer to find something that she liked even better.

Last weekend was her wedding day and I sent her a message letting her know I had been thinking of her on her special day. She messaged back and let me know she loved the books and how they used the books. They set one on each of the tables at the reception and asked their guests to write letters to them that would be opened up on the anniversary that corresponded to their table number.  Now these books will be part of, not just their special day, but their marriage for quite a long time to come!

Congratulations again Brynne!

6 Responses to “Lace Little Books”

  1. 1 katie

    oh my!! that is SO AWESOME. what a treat to be part of someone’s big day… plus that’s a great wedding idea!

  2. 2 iHanna

    What a fun idea, and the notebooks… super sweet!

  3. 3 Chris

    What a cool idea! I love it!!

  4. 4 Roni

    Just wanted to say that the coolest part of this post is that little baby tiny teeny pencil stub of a love. Please sell those. =P

  5. 5 Elma Csuhta

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